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  1. I live in phoenix and all I can say is yall are some BADDDDDDD MENNNNN workin on these park updates. They all look 10x better than they did to start....
  2. open the start menu, then type in the search bar %appdata% then press enter. open up the only folder which is named roaming. From there go to 2k sports, then mlb 2k12, then saves. You're in your saves folder now.
  3. Aright, he's there, I just saw that he was recently(after your roster) upped to blue wahoos, my bad bro! Still you gonna do a minor update when the trade deadline hits and all the dust settles? Would be a good time to move him up to AA....
  4. Will you be updating these after the trade deadline? http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?pos=SS&sid=t4124&t=p_pbp&pid=571740(just had an in the park home run and has 104 steals this season in minors. not on your roster, billy hamilton pensacola blue wahoos...
  5. just dled, let me play a couple games in the bigs and I'll see if theres anything that needs touching up. Thanks for posting/creating these!
  6. This is outrageously awesome. Like Im playing as a starting pitcher in the cubs minor league AA Tennessee smokies, and the jacksonville generals come to play. I dont know anything about minor league baseball and barely anything about baseball, but I know this roster kicks ***. I like the fact that Im playing on rookie and getting a challenge from players that should be able to hit off me. This plus the super global plus all the uniforms and stadiums equals one of the best games Ive played in a while...
  7. byron yatch

    al eastl

    great unis, thanks for making them
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