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  1. Wbc Caribe 2013

    Thanks for uploading this! You guys should check out your website if you're not aware, no one was able to sign up to download it there.
  2. Wbc Caribe 2013... Soon!

    I wish I knew. Seems to be an server error on their side, so we really can't do anything. The Kotaku article about the mod even points to their website, but you need to be logged in to download something, and you can't create accounts. Hopefully they're aware and working on it, and I'd imagine if HFLR comes back and reads this thread, they will surely know about it then.
  3. Wbc Caribe 2013... Soon!

    Well if you say that I'm being impatient, and then you say impatient people don't look good, then it's pretty clear to me what you're saying. But I think phrases like "you had better learn" and "doesn't make you look too good" stand for themselves, so I'm not going to beat a dead horse. Hope to see it soon, if that doesn't overstep any boundaries.
  4. Wbc Caribe 2013... Soon!

    Did I say he was a bad guy? Did I attack him? Absolutely not. I have nothing but respect for modders of a game from 8+ years ago, or any modder of any game. Nowhere did I do anything to the contrary. I did say that I hope that the file will be available soon, which if anything is an implicit statement of my respect for the team and an outright desire for their work. I also mentioned that the website was broken (I haven't checked today so I'm not sure), which I personally believe is a legitimate cause for frustration and concern. I did not ask when it was going to be working, nor did I pester the creators or anyone else about getting it working. It is important to make these things known, lest they go unsolved. Also I never said it wouldn't be here. That's ridiculous. I get the feeling that this website, like any other site related to user created content, has a big problem with people harassing the creators of the files about releasing them. "Is it done yet?" "How much longer?" "Work faster!" etc. I understand. Don't lump every account with one post who happens to post in the thread of an unfinished (in this case finished but unavailable) mod into the same group however. I really don't appreciate the harsh rhetoric.
  5. Wbc Caribe 2013... Soon!

    Not only was this never posted, but the mvp caribe site registration (required to download the file) is completely broken. Hopefully it gets uploaded soon.