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Found 9 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    Just a pdf of my tutorial on editing music to sound like it's coming from the PA system in a stadium. I was recommended to upload it here so it wouldn't be lost.
  2. I downloaded the MLB 2K19 mod recently, and the creator (who's done a marvelous job, by the way) has custom songs in the menu and over the PA system. I wasn't a fan of the style of music, so I made my own jukeboxmusic.bin. However, I noticed that the music in-game was still the modder's soundtrack! I found in a thread that the sounds came from pamusic.bin and replaced the new with the original. However, I noticed something - in the original, all the music was edited to sound like it was coming from the speakers in the stadium, but the modder's version didn't have that at all. I did a little searching and some trial and error, and came up with an... okay-ish way to make custom audio tracks that sound like they're coming from the speakers, so I can mod in my own music. Unfortunately, it's not perfect. I'm a complete beginner at sound design and have never done ANYTHING like this before, but I did some web searching and learned enough to make a PASSABLE version. I think the original has some sort of grain filter or something to give it a more tinny sound, but I just don't have the tools for it. I'm using Audacity, the current version 2.4.2. It's free, so don't expect any studio-quality audio, but it gets the job done. First, you (obviously) want to upload your song into Audacity. Once you have it loaded, you'll select your entire song, easily done by clicking anywhere in the little rectangle to the left hand side (with the Mute|Solo buttons) that doesn't have any writing on it. From here, things get a bit messy. First, you'll go into Effect > Filter Curve. This brings up an Equalizer view. Click above 1000Hz roughly at 3dB, and click above 10000Hz at roughly -3 dB, as pictured above. I know, not exactly specific, but it gets the job done. Next, Effect > High Pass Filter. Set Frequency to 100.0 Hz and keep Roll-off at 12 dB. Go to Effect > Amplify. Change Amplification to -3 dB. Mine didn't like -3 at first, so I made it -3.1. Just keep it near there. Effect > Reverb is next. I have no idea what I'm doing here so I just set some values and hoped for the best. Try to copy these values. I've got Room Size at 60%, Pre-delay at 25ms, Reverberance at 94%, Damping at 58%, Tone Low at 73%, Tone High at 81%, Wet Gain at -1 dB, Dry Gain at 0 dB, and Stereo Width at 100%. Someone with more know-how that I could probably tell you what these mean and how to make it sound better, but I am absolutely not an expert haha. We're almost done. We're gonna Amplify again to -5 dB this time. And lastly, we're gonna add even more reverb. Now, I don't know if doing these in this order particularly matters, or if I could save some steps. This is just what I did to make things sound... Okay. Ish. Most of the settings are the same, but I changed Room Size to 100%, and Pre-delay to 69 ms. Once this is done, your audio file should sound... Somewhat more muted? And more reverb-y? I don't know if anyone wants to go through this effort like I did, especially 8 years after the game was released, but I thought I'd throw myself into it all the same. I hope this helps you all at least a little bit! Now, I'm gonna go stick some Lo-Fi Hip Hop video game soundtrack covers into my MLB game from 2012.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Title says it all, really! 2K17 version of the Sound Mod, this time we covered the MLB Network too! (thanks to the help of @Bostonnico !) For better results during games, I suggest you use these volumes in the options menu: Commentary 100 Crowd 95/100 PA Announcer 70 I decided not to upload each version of this mod separately, but to put them into one big folder instead. You will still be able to download the version you prefer without having to download them all. HOW TO INSTALL: Download the file you want. Open it and extract the included files to the game's main folder, overwriting the pre-existing ones. Done. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES so you can go back to them, in case you don't like these ones! I really hope you guys enjoy it. Please rate it, leave a comment of any kind or a review. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
  4. Luigui10

    Audios luti57 7

    Version 1.0.0


    Alex Bregman Hou Anthony DeSclafani CIN Brad Boxberger TB Brandon Finnegan CIN Chase Headley NYY Dae-Ho Lee SEA Delino DeShields Jr TEX Gary Sanchez NYY James McCann DET Jumbo Diaz CIN Michael Fulmer DET Ronald Torreyes NYY Tim Beckham TB
  5. Luigui10

    Audios luti57 6

    Version 1.0.0


    Aaron Sanchez TOR Danny Santana TWN Domingo Santana BRW Eugenio Suarez CIN Mejorado Jarabi Blash SD Jefry Marte LAA Jose Centeno TWN Jose Peraza CIN Junior Guerra BRW ID 8367 Marcus Stroman TOR Michael Fulmer DET Mike Aviles ATL Orlando Arcia BRW Oswaldo Arcia TB Rafael Ortega LAA Ryon Healy OAK Scott Schebler CIN Silvino Bracho ARI Travis Jankowski SD
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Another 2k12 (mainly) rap playlist Goes as follows: 0 No Days Off - Fetty Wap 1 Big Rings - Drake 2 Flex - Rich Homie Quan 3 Say It - Tory Lorenz 4 679 - Fetty Wap 5 Alright - Kendrick Lamar 6 Pay For It - Jay Rock 7 Super Lowkey - Jgivens 8 Focused - Kaleb Mitchell 9 Take Care Remix - Tapes 10 Ignorintro - Jgivens 11 Grow Up Remix - Shades 12 Am Pm - John Givez
  7. Luigui10

    Nomar Mazara

    Version 1.0.0


    Nomar Mazara ID 4402
  8. Luigui10

    Audios luti57 4

    Version 1.0.0


    Ben Poulsen COL Brandon Drury ARI Brock Holt BOS Carlos Rodon CWS Chase Anderson MIL Cristian Adames COL Domingo Santana MIL Hyun-Soo Kim BAL Jarret Cosart CIN Jonathan Villar MIL Jordy Mercer PIT Ken Giles MIN Kenta Maeda LAD Ketel Marte SEA Ramon Flores MIL Salvador Perez KAN Sandy Leon BOS Sean Doolittle OAK Steven Matz NYM Whit Merrifield KAN Wiliam Perez ATL
  9. I downloaded the BaseUp Rosters 3.54 by DaFlyBoys from the downloads section. It appears to be the most current rosters. I began to edit the rosters first by simply going team by team and insuring that every player is on the team. I am doing MLB "Active Rosters" first. ( I am editing in alphabetical order by team; and I am editing the .mbe with MVP Edit.) After doing Arizona and Atlanta I realized there are a lot of players not there yet. No big deal. That is why I am updating!!! However here is an example of the people missing from the active roster and not in the game at all. Most of which are rookies (understandable) but a few like Stephen Drew for example that surprised me. Arizona Diamondbacks Position Player P Trevor Bauer P Charles Brewer P Patrick Corbin 1B Matt Davidson SS Stephen Drew P Brett Lorin P Evan Marshall P Kevin Munson P Yonata Ortega SS Chris Owings CF A.J. Pollock P Saito Takashi P Tyler Skaggs ATLANTA BRAVES Position Player P Luis Avilan C Christian Bethancourt CF Todd Cunningham C Evan Gattis P Sean Gilmartin SS Andrelton Simmons P Zeke Spruill 1B Joe Terdoslavich C Jose Yepez I guess my biggest question in editing the .mbe or in adding these guys is that when I do so I want to make sure I assign the right audio/photo ID so that later when and if more photo packs or cyberfaces are done they will correspond. So I know that there is a list somewhere and I found it once in the forums, but for the life of me cannot find it anymore. Any help???
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