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Found 4 results

  1. We've been talking the last few days about the High Heat baseball game (s) and along with the mods uploaded by Playball there has been a lot of renewed interest in these games. Now I won't try and pretend that I know all there is to know about High Heat. All I can say is that I have High Heat 2002, '03 and '04 and I was around when they came out and were played regularly. Personally I liked all three games and I still have them installed on my XP laptop where they still get a lot of use. So I made this thread to help answer some questions about High Heat baseball for those of you who are getting back into it or for those of you who want to try it for the first time. These games are very cheap to buy and are on Amazon. Question What is the difference or differences between High Heat 2002 and 2003? Answer Personally you are not going to find a lot of changes. One I remember is a complaint about the '02 version. On the old High Heat board some people swore up and down that there was a "comeback code." When you'd get a big lead the CPU would always come back and it didn't seem to matter what you did. 2002 was also modded a lot more because some of the people that bought 2003 were a little upset because it did not seem to be much of an upgrade except for the roster changes. To this day I still believe that the lack of changes from 2002 to 2003 helped pave the way for 3DO to go bankrupt because when High Heat 2004 came out they made some extreme changes in the game. The whole look of the game was different. Player models were conclusively different from the previous two years. That was a big change but one you could get used to over time. The one change that everyone universally agreed on was the total lack of mouse support in the game. Users raised such a fuss when this happened that there was no way that 3DO could explain it away and (personal opinion again here) they ended up realizing that they made a huge error here. Sales were down for this game and that was the last game these guys made for baseball. How about Triple Play baseball? Answer I owned this series too. You guys got to understand this. During those years we had both High Heat and Triple Play coming out every spring with their game. For me it wasn't even a matter of choice. I bought them both and played the hell out of them. Both of them were baseball games but they were so different. High Heat had the strategy and everything that went along with that. Triple Play was less of that and more of an arcade game. I dislike describing it like that because I don't want to sound like I am putting Triple Play down. I'm not. I loved playing it. It has been brought up before and it is worth mentioning again but our very own Kccitystar had his very own website for Triple Play baseball. And there were two TP sites on the net many years ago. He can tell you so much more about the Triple Play series than I can ever hope to. Any other games? Answer Well, yes. Before High Heat and Triple Play there was Hardball by Accolade and Tony Larussa by SSI. I bought these two and I can still play them via DOSBOX on my computer. Here is what I have: Hardball 3. Al Michaels is the announcer. Very dated game. The announcing is choppy and the graphics were not good even when it came out. No mods for it. Hardball 4. Improved game from the previous version. No mods for it. Hardball 5. Probably the best one of the lot. Some oldtime teams like the '27 Yankees and '29 Athletics to choose from. No mods for it. Tony 2. A game ahead of it's time. This game had a save feature but Mvp '05 did not. Season mods available for this. Tony 3. Another example of a company trying to do too much from one version to the next. Good game but I was a Tony 2 fan and still am. Season mods available for this. Oldtime Baseball. Built on the same engine as Tony 3 this mod which was released on DOS had every year 1871 to 1981, 12,000 players in all. So if you want to play with the 1924 Dodgers vs the 1924 Giants, this game was for you. My question is why can't this same idea be done today? I have all these games. The question is can I post them? Any more questions I will try to answer them or someone else could too.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    File description. djredick's Stadium Logo mod Released August 24th, 2002 =========================== This is something I threw together because I got tired of looking at all the wire-framed versions of the stadiums, and wanted something more representative of the real things. So here they are. Installation ============ This is a self-extracting EXE file with the path C:\Program Files\HH2003\Art\Shell\StadiumLogos as the default. If you have not installed HH2003 into that path, simply change it to match yours. Although it will overwrite 3DO's files, if for any reason you want to revert back to them, simply copy them back from the program CD.
  3. Version 3.0.0


    This is Paulw's version of Classic Yankee stadium for High Heat 2003. The readme for this mod is as follows: CLASSIC YANKEE STADIUM Version 3.0 by PaulW New features include "real" grass, much improved left field background, more realistic crowd and many new signs. Enjoy. Notes: Paulw, for those of you who do not know, was probably the best stadium maker around when this website first started. And that's saying something because we've had many good ones. You may not know his name but if you have played Ebbets Field in Total Classics for example you will have already been familiar with his work. It's one of the most beautiful stadiums ever made for Mvp '05 and it is all thanks to him and his modding skills. This stadium here for High Heat 2003 shows his earlier work before he got into Mvp baseball. If you still have this game you will enjoy playing in it. Absolutely no credit for this mod goes to me unless you want to tell me thank you just for saving it to disk all those years ago.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a mod for the All-Star Game/ Homerun Derby in 2003, played at U.S. Cellular Field, home of the White Sox. Included are uniforms, font files, and uni select screens for both leagues. Please note that this mod will add one additional uni slot to both teams. To install, simply use TiT. Always remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
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