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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Eye Black MLB 2k PACK Contains 4 .dds Files: -Smeared War Paint Football «Eye Black».dds -Warrior Face Paint «Eye Black».dds -The Show «Eye Black».dds -Trinchera Paint «Eye Black».dds How to install: -Replace the texture 03830730 of their file global.iff with the MLB 2K12 Texture Editor for the Eye Black that you want. *remember to make a copy of your files before putting these.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Finished the first pack for the 2018 post trade deadline portraits. Listed below are all the players added, some are from trades others were called up. If I missed someone please message and let me know. Rest of the teams are being done as we speak. How to install attached below. LAA: - Jose Briceno - Francisco Arcia - Hansel Robles - Blake Wood HOU: - Roberto Osuna - Ryan Pressly OAK: - Ramon Laureano - Jeurys Familia - Brett Anderson - Trevor Cahill -
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Title says it all, really! 2K17 version of the Sound Mod, this time we covered the MLB Network too! (thanks to the help of @Bostonnico !) For better results during games, I suggest you use these volumes in the options menu: Commentary 100 Crowd 95/100 PA Announcer 70 I decided not to upload each version of this mod separately, but to put them into one big folder instead. You will still be able to download the version you prefer without having to download them all. HOW TO INSTALL: Download the file you want. Open it and extract the included files to the game's
  4. I've been looking for a good torrent of MLB 2k12 for the PC for a while and can't seem to find one. I tried using the one from ovagames but it didn't work. The game would freeze after the loading screen. So if any of you guys have a good MLB 2K12 torrent, or know how to fix the problem with the torrent I have right now I would love to know. Thanks for the help
  5. Ive made cyber faces for some of the Tigers. IDs Boesch 0024 Jackson 0140 Young 6485 Porcello 2826 Fister 2975 Peralta 1942 Cabrera 1856 Avila 3031 http://www.mvpmods.c...s&showfile=6583
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