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Found 10 results

  1. Kccitystar

    MLB Gameday Thread

    It's DAY 1 of the MLB season, gang. We've got a handful of games today, and I wanted to make a thread where we can talk baseball all season long with play by play: Here's a guide to Opening Day: https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-2018-opening-day-games-and-schedule-guide/c-269482334 First and foremost if you are a new fan, or you're getting back into the swing of things (pun intended) after the offseason, you must remember the golden rule: you don't really need to watch every game. Many football fans, and even some basketball and hockey fans, find this to be a challenge. They're used to setting aside a few nights a week to watch their team, and they can watch all the games. Baseball isn't like that. For the next six months, your team will only have 21 days where they won't be playing a game. And some of the games they play will start as early as 11am, others will end after 1am. If you miss a game it's okay, odds are there's another one tomorrow. If you miss a week, no big deal, hell if you get busy for a few months and aren't able to watch your team, that's not an issue, because you can still follow your team. Which reminds me. Baseball is a game to be followed. In the old days, probably with your dad, it meant picking up the morning paper and checking the box scores. Now it means being able to have a final score texted/tweeted/messaged/emailed/what-evered to you the minute the game ends, or rolling over in bed when you can't sleep and grabbing your phone to check the West Coast scores. It means being able to check ESPN in the morning to see any breaking news from across the league, or catch a story you missed. We live in a time where you can go to MLB.com and get a recap of every game from last night in less than 10 minutes. Honestly, baseball was made to be consumed, and the technology age makes it easier than ever, whether you want to spend hours every day pouring over stats and analysis, or 15 seconds to see how your team and their playoff rivals did today. There's lots of good stories and matchups today to start the season. That said, let's PLAY BALL!
  2. kike2005

    Mod Mvp Baseball 2018

    hi guys how are you! I come here to see if anyone is interested in making an mvp mod, it would be 2018, with whom do I tell?
  3. I did not have a chance to do this today so I'll do it now. Very easy, just your opinion. There's no right or wrong answer. I have three questions for you and to make it easy you can cut and paste the questions in your own response. 1. What American League team do you want to see lose most of all if your team does not make it? 2. What National League team do you want to see lose most of all if your team does not make it? 3. What team are you pulling for to win this year's World Series? Ok, here are my answers. 1. What American League team do you want to see lose most of all if your team does not make it? The Boston Red Sox. Tell me you didn't see that coming. 2. What National League team do you want to see lose most of all if your team does not make it? The Washington Nationals 3. What team are you pulling for to win this year's World Series? The New York Yankees.
  4. I am not a historical expert in baseball and I don't pretend to be so let me put that assumption to rest. The people that work down in Cooperstown are the real pros here. All I know is what I have read in books and what I have read there I have retained because I have a very good memory. I've read a lot of baseball books in my life and I especially like the ones that deal with the history of the game. Since I was a kid and right up until this day I have made a habit of reading many baseball books over the winter. That was the best way I knew how to make the winter months go by until opening day. The following is what I learned from those books concerning KC's post in the chatbox that he wrote last night. Babe Ruth was in a sense blackballed from a managerial job because of two reasons. First, because of how he conducted himself as a player. The complaint was how could Ruth be expected to manage a ballclub when he could not even manage himself? Secondly and just as important it was because of the interference of his wife Claire, who was from all accounts that I have read an overbearing and controlling person. Ruth was given the opportunity to manage the Yankees top minor league farm team in Newark, New Jersey but his wife talked him out of it saying that "Babe Ruth does not ride busses" and that Ty Cobb never had to manage in the minor leagues so why should he? I came to the conclusion in all the things that I read that they were more worried about Ruth's wife and the trouble she'd bring than Ruth himself since they've been dealing with Ruth and his exploits since he came up in 1914. Ruth's name was mentioned in a few big-league manager spots but nothing really came of it. His best chance however came in Philadelphia where Connie Mack was considering stepping down as the Athletics manager. Right here was the closest Ruth got to a manager's job in the big leagues but in the end Mack decided not to hire him because he felt Ruth's wife would interfere too much. Before the 1935 season Ruth was sold to the Boston Braves and he was told that he would be the team's vice president and assistant manager to Bill McKetchnie along with being a player. Ruth quickly realized that he was a vice president and assistant manager in name only and by the end of May of that year the situation was so bad for him that he voluntarily retired. His final chance wearing a big-league uniform was in 1938 when Larry McPhail hired him to coach first base for the Dodgers. McPhail at least was honest with Ruth when he informed him that he wasn't going to be considered for the manager's spot if current manager Burleigh Grimes retired. (Grimes did just that and Leo Durocher was named manager for 1939 and remained the Brooklyn manager until 1948.) Ruth's job was to coach first, take batting practice, hit some home runs and wave to the fans. Durocher, after being named manager, did not retain Ruth's services as a coach and after 1938 he was out of baseball for good. This is what I know about Ruth being blackballed. Now how he felt about black players was in all accounts positive. Back in those days after the season was completed the players would go on barnstorming tours to make extra money. Many times Ruth would play against some of the best black ballplayers of the day and he constantly said they were just as good as the white players. Ruth used to be teased by opposing players who accused him of having some black roots in him. When the book Tarzan of the Apes came out he was called that by the opposition. First he thought it was a compliment until someone took him aside and clued him in. Pretty soon around the league that stopped. He was also called "Nigg** Lips" because of the size of his lips. That was another reason why the other bench jockeys from the other seven teams in the league swore he was part black, a fact that Ruth himself denied repeatedly. That being said I have never read that he did not get a manager's job because baseball was afraid that he would recruit them to be on his team. I am not saying this never happened, but what I am saying is that this was not what baseball owners were worried about concerning Ruth. Why? Because of three words. Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Landis did not want black players in baseball. Not under his watch. Bill Veeck (former Indians, Browns, White Sox and then later on White Sox again owner) learned that the hard way. A few years before Landis died the Phillies were for sale and Veeck almost bought them. He had the money in place and an unwritten agreement in place to buy the team. Here is where Veeck made his mistake. He informed Landis that once he became owner of the team he was going to load his roster with Negro League players. Before Veeck arrived in Philadelphia to finalize things however he learned that while on his way there the National League took over the team (similar to what MLB did to the Expos during their final years) until a new owner could be found. It was not until four year later that Veeck became an owner when he purchased the Cleveland Indians in 1946. The very next year he signed Larry Doby as the first black player in the American League. He was able to do this since Landis died in 1944. I hope this clears some things up. It's obvious Ruth wasn't given much of a chance after his playing days were done.
  5. Yankee4Life

    Look at the faces!

    I still try to get hi-res photos for my albums but it has been harder to do since they really can not be found anymore. But the other day when I was looking for some I ran across this one and it cracked me up. A home run was hit into the Camden Yards bleachers and the faces that these fans made when the ball came near them are priceless. Look at the guy wearing the orange Orioles shirt for example. Enjoy!
  6. willybaez

    MVP Baseball for Surface Pro 4

    Hello Guys, I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and I already have DirectX 12 installed in my computer, but I sill get message that says "MVP Baseball 2005 requires DirectX 9 and hardware graphics acceleration"; what do you guys think I should do?
  7. leftover_high

    Playing MVP Baseball 2005 with 2015 rosters

    Hello, I'm once again stunned by the modders here and all their knowledge about everything. The slightest problem you have can be solved if you dig deep enough in the forums, and that's amazing. But now I've stumbled upon a problem that I can't find the answer to. I recently got MVP baseball 15 up and running, after hours of work, but I wasn't satisfied with the overlay, pitching meter and mechanics but I really loved the roster. So I tried to download several 2015 rosters with no success... I deleted my old .dat files and replaced them with the new ones. I tried using TiT to extract the files. After that I start the game, the rosters are correct, even though everyone's missing their picture, but after loading the game it crashes halfway. I've upgraded the mvp file to 4 GB, tried every admin/compatibility mode checked and unchecked read only but I can't get it to work. I figured it might have something to do with cyberfaces but I tried to use someone's cyberface for 2015 but that didn't make any difference and no photos were shown anyway. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I can play the original 2005, the TC 2015 and the TC 1974 mod with no problems at all. My specs are: Win 10 (which shouldn't be the problem since all the other versions work), gtx 1080, Intel i7-6700 4Ghx, 16 ram, 64 bit. If you need more info just ask. Thanks again for the help!
  8. houston34


    Full complete details over at http://www.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-show-rosters/906557-mlb-fox-2017-opening-day-rosters.html
  9. I'm looking for classic retro Uniforms for MLB 2k11. Especially San Diego Padres 1991 pinstripes jerseys and Baltimore Orioles 1979 Orange jerseys. Thanks to anyone who can help out!
  10. Yankee4Life

    Photo finished?

    I was looking through some old baseball photo galleries that I made just a few years back and 99% of them I never posted anywhere. In August of 2011 I got 2, 094 alone! I was lucky because I got them from a website that posted them every day but now they don't and the result is I don't get any more photos. ESPN does post photos after every major league game but you can not resize a lot of them to make them look presentable. Here is a random one from the Philadelphia game tonight. It's a small size but when you try to make it a little bigger it looks awful. It is a photo I would not even consider saving. Here it is just a little bit bigger. Now do you see what I mean? Here is an example of the photos I used to be able to get on a daily basis. The quality is so much better. If anyone knows where to find good photos of today's MLB let me know. Thanks.