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Found 6 results

  1. Hopefully this little tutorial will be of use to some of the new people who join our website. It covers the basics on what to do. One thing I want to point out is that not every mod here has a readme file and that is probably for one of two reasons. Either the modder didn't think that the mod needed one to begin with or that he forgot to put it in. Some of the readme's for the mods are in the file description page where you download the mod. I grabbed this mod from BallFour for a reason. He included the readme in the file description page and in the mod itself. Ok, let's get the mod and install it in our game. The mod I used for this example was BallFour's Utica Blue Sox Custom Uniforms. And this is what you'll find in the mod. Before you do anything else you must download the TiT program. This will install the mod for you in your game. You can download the Total Installer Thingy right here. Place the TiT program AND the mod (do not uncompress it) in the Mvp 2005 directory and run TiT. You now have BallFour's Utica Blue Sox uniforms in your game. Remember this is a minor league uniform and you will not see it in any major league team slot. Take your time and enjoy the mods.
  2. I would like to get help with the installer of the total installer thingy 4 2k10, since the installer is not available on this site ... do I need help?
  3. Anyone have any ideas about this? I recently updated to the most recent roster in the downloads section, also the most recent portraits, and for some reason the stats are wrong. For example, Mike Leake was 4-5 with a 3.21 era and 76ks and I just started up that franchise and it says he has 0 stats. Or, I call a guy up from the minors and he suddenly has 14 hrs. Even more so, when I play a game, most players have .000 batting averages in the game, but once I finish playing it does add it to their stats. Any help would be appreciated, especially from anyone who enjoys Dave's Date Changer :). Thanks!
  4. Dear Sirs, I am a complete novice to this, I need your help to convert my game to win 10. I thought if I up grade to win 10 this would enhance the game and I could add more files. Can someone show me how to do this either step by step( you may have to dummy it down for a 64 year old) or post it on youtube.....Please! Quick should I upgrade Direx9? Thank YOU dcstadium
  5. Just curious if anyone has made the attempt to run MVP on Windows 8 Pro....????
  6. Hi guys, been following MVP mods for quite some time . . . LOVE the work you guys do. I love the MVP 12 mod . . . I go back to it all the time. Unfortunately, it won't run anymore. A clean install of MVP 05 (legit copy, I promise you) will run just fine, but the MVP mod will no longer work. Here's what happens: ANY game I attempt to play will crash before the loading screen reaches 100%. I have menus, I can run sims, but I can't actually PLAY any game. If nobody has time or knowledge to help me out, I totally understand that I'm just asking for a free favor. At the same time, if someone could help me figure this out, I would be very grateful.
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