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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, So I'm slowly beginning work on a new roster for MLB 2k12, and while there's plenty of transactionally correct ones out there, I wanted to make one that had accurate ratings as well. I messed around with some old MLB The Show rating calculators to try and find a good formula that would work for 2K12 and I'm beginning to get some good results. That being said, I'm hoping to get some input from the community on whether these initial batter ratings seem fair, inaccurate, too volatile, etc. and any other criticisms you may have. Please keep in mind these were calculated from the batters split stats from the 2017 season (I have not gotten to pitching just yet) and an updated 2018 roster will be released if these ratings seem to work. Also, please try to keep team biases out of it so we can create a fair and usable roster for the whole community. - Cheers Ratings: 95 OVR – Mike Trout 95 OVR – Jose Altuve 93 OVR – Bryce Harper 92 OVR – J.D. Martinez 91 OVR – Giancarlo Stanton 91 OVR – Paul Goldschmidt 90 OVR – Nolan Arenado 90 OVR – Charlie Blackmon 90 OVR – Freddie Freeman 89 OVR – Mookie Betts 89 OVR – Manny Machado 89 OVR – Carlos Correa 88 OVR – Jose Ramirez 87 OVR – Kris Bryant 87 OVR – Aaron Judge 87 OVR – Anthony Rizzo 87 OVR – Francisco Lindor 87 OVR – Daniel Murphy 86 OVR – Corey Seager 86 OVR – Josh Donaldson 86 OVR – Marcell Ozuna 86 OVR – Buster Posey 86 OVR – Justin Upton 86 OVR – Eric Hosmer 85 OVR – Edwin Encarnacion 85 OVR – Robinson Cano 85 OVR – Gary Sanchez 85 OVR – Andrew McCutchen 85 OVR – Zach Cozart 85 OVR – Yoenis Cespedes 84 OVR – Nelson Cruz 84 OVR – Adrian Beltre 84 OVR – Ryan Braun 83 OVR – Didi Gregorious 83 OVR – DJ LeMahieu 83 OVR – Hanley Ramirez 82 OVR – Matt Carpenter 81 OVR – Michael Brantley 80 OVR – Aaron Hicks 80 OVR – Miguel Cabrera 80 OVR – Albert Pujols
  2. Version 2.0.0


  3. Hi, i need a license to REDitor II and RED MC, how can i get it? Tks
  4. Hello, I just finished my first full season in My Player and completed the 2013 spring training. However, everytime I use the "play next appearance" option to advance to the regular season the game crashes. Mods: 2k15 total mod Other info: -Pitcher -Steam Version -Crashes 5/5 times -First issue I've had since modding over a week ago Is it possible the 2k15 Total mod's roster.ros file is causing this? If it is, how would I fix it? I would appreciate any help in fixing this issue.
  5. Hey everyone, So I just installed MLB 2k12 onto my Windows 10 machine and it will not run. It appears to load all the info, game boards, user profile, saves etc,, and gets stuck on the screen right before the game actually loads. I have to reboot my computer to get out of it. I'm running Windows 10 64bit. 8 core processor, 4.42 ghz, 16 gigs and Display is AMD Radeon R9 200 Series. When I check the what framework I'm running I see different ones up to 4.0. I do not believe I have Java installed, if that's required? Thanks everyone!
  6. I've been playing the Major League Baseball 2K12 game for a couple years now (mostly in modded form), so I really haven't thought about this question, because I really didn't mind the few quirks my current gamepad (Logitech Gamepad F310) had, but I'm just curious, OTHER than the recommended XBox 360 & Logitech Rumble Pad 2 (in the included small/"quick" manual) is there ANY other gamepads/controllers that any of you would recommend or are playing with? Like For instance, how would the Logitech Gamepad F710 compare with or be for a possibility? Are there are common, or should I say, hot inside tip suggestions that any of you colleagues would have? Thank you in advance for any of your helpful suggestions. Sincerely, Joe W. <vbprogjoe>
  7. MLB 2K12. Season 2012 Friends, today begins a project that will be a long time coming, long in the making. The evening will start regular season Major League Baseball 2K12 . The tournament consists of the distance in 52 games for each team, as well as the playoffs with the actual number of games. Each game will consist of five inings. The sliders are configured so that the team showed aggressive baseball: more hits, more runs. The average duration of each match is 40-45 minutes. Of course, not all matches will be played will be a lot of simulations, but I'll try to make it so that each team played in the regular season at least 20 percent of the games (rest of simulation). The matches will be held in the format of "CPUvsCPU". You can check them out will be like in the recording and live during the stream on my Youtube channel. I invite you to browse. Unfortunately, I was never able to solve the problem of empty slot in one of the divisions, and the absence of one team in the table. Long thought, decided to restart the season and start with a roster 2012. At least all the teams on the spot. Of course, it is a pity that the compositions of 2012, not 2016, but I can't help it. I restart the season and the third time will not do it. Yotube channel Division American League (AL) National League (NL) East Baltimore Orioles Atlanta Braves Boston Red Sox Miami Marlins New York Yankees New York Mets Tampa Bay Rays Philadelphia Phillies Toronto Blue Jays Washington Nationals Central Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians Cincinnati Reds Detroit Tigers Milwaukee Brewers Kansas City Royals Pittsburgh Pirates Minnesota Twins St. Louis Cardinals Houston Astros West Texas Rangers Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Angels Colorado Rockies Oakland Athletics Los Angeles Dodgers Seattle Mariners San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  8. I was wondering if anyone had Brian Mccanns original player head file? I have backed a few of original head files just incase but forgot about Mccanns.
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