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Found 12 results

  1. if some on want to learn pm me
  2. texrangers

    Editing Staff attributes

    The manager for the Rangers (Jeff Banister) in my roster file has a black skin tone when he should be white. The 3rd base coach is white when he should be black. Is there a way I can edit this?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    So my print screen wasnt working but here is a fictional alternate jersey I made. It is based off of the 2001 all star uniforms, with a "Ready, Aim, Fernando" patch i put on as a joke. i just used the 3d file on the game and tweaked it. All credit goes to google for the logos and such.
  4. pattyb


    Can somebody make a turn ahead the clock night uniform set? that would be really cool (maybe a kingdome mod to go with it)
  5. DaSteelerz

    DaSteelerz Stadium Updates 2.0

    Hey everyone, I decided to scrap the old thread for the archiving and start fresh with a new one. A lot is going on and changing in my life at the time with a new job and baby. Mod wise, it's break time after a really great end to the season for the sport! I plan to work on some new stadiums and fixes over the winter and releasing a stadium pack with stadiums that have focus on the environment in the park. (Could always use help with ads from someone with a very keen eye!) But I guess what I'm saying is that there may just be a few photos here and there being uploaded instead of stadiums. It will be better like that, I think. We have a lot of content that can be compressed into a 2K17 mod potentially as well so if you're bored and stuck inside this winter, or wherever you are - let's get modding some stuff! Make Opening Day Great Again?
  6. hansmenz


    Hello, how can you Schedule in the Franchise to change in 2017 ? (MLB2k12)
  7. Wiggin

    Legends In Franchise ?

    Hi, My question is, is it possible to fantasy draft in franchise mode with the members of the Legends teams in the draft pool ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wiggin
  8. curious if anyone ever make rosters for the 1986 world series Mets/red sox for mlb2k12 series that could be downloaded? no luck so far
  9. pena1

    MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    ----TOTAL MOD MLB 2k17 ---- We are in this process of working on a Total mod for 2k17!! There is a lot of work to be done but we are hoping to release sometime this season! 2k17 MOD will include: 2017 complete roster (at the very least 40 man will be set and hopefully more!) 2017 MiLB Affiliates updated (team names, colors, uniforms) ALL uniforms updated 2k17 Overlays HD Stadiums New Cyberfaces Updated Accessories Pack I could always use some help doing legwork for the roster, please msg me directly if you are able to gather information or test the roster. This well help speed up the process! Play 2k with the COMPLETE 2017 schedule in franchise mode without crashes! 2k17 Overlays are done! Corey seager should be on the splash screen imo but Odor is my placeholder for now: MLB 2k17 TEAM @DaSteelerz @raidersbball20 @Kccitystar @scottybilly @aceshigh @MLB™ @Bostonnico
  10. stickyf1ngers

    Census 2016: What are your Slider settings?

    I've been playing this game again for a few months now, and I still find myself tweaking certain sliders every now and then, even after about 100 games played with pretty realistic stat totals overall. In my quest for the "perfect" slider setting (i.e. one that purely allows for a realistic MLB experience both statistically and aesthetically), my question to you guys is, what are your specific Slider settings? I'd especially like to pose this questions to the mods and modders of this game/site, as I've always been curious what settings you guys have been using after all these years. Obviously you guys play the game a whole lot more and have experienced every little nuance of it, which is my main reason for aiming this question toward the higher-ups. So, on to the debate, if anyone dares. We can also avoid droning on about power sliders and pitch speed, since they seem to be more about preference and user skill than anything else. Who's in?
  11. Kccitystar

    2016 New York Yankees

    Version 1.0.1


    Included are the 2016 Home and Away set of all associated uniforms, as well as team logos for the New York Yankees, a crowd file and a colorlist that corresponds to team color changes for these uniforms. It is recommended that you back up all your changes as well as exporting your original colors for all of the Yankees uniform slots using Ty's Roster Editor for MLB 2K12. INSTRUCTIONS: 1) In this mod series are 8 files that can be MANUALLY EXTRACTED TO YOUR MLB 2K12 FOLDER. They will overwrite the following: Your MLB 2K12 directory can be (if you have an x64 version of Windows) either in: ***VERY IMPORTANT*** 2) There is also a Yankees_colorlist.txt file that you should IMPORT TO YOUR ROSTER using the MLB 2K12 Roster Editor (Roster Editor is included with this mod) HOW TO IMPORT THE COLORLIST.TXT FILE: 1) Load up your roster/franchise/career mode using Ty's Roster Editor for MLB 2K12 2) Go to Uniforms, click Import and select the text file. 3) It will notify you when the changes have imported successfully. Once all of these procedures are done, you can run MLB 2K12 and begin playing.
  12. pena1

    Mlb 2K12 Modding Notes...

    The tools made over at modding way (cant thank Ariel enough for them) work for the latest mlb game. Seems like you will need to this de-compressor before your run iffs through the modtool though. Modtool works almost the same, exporting 3d Player head models for blender still intact Stadium.iff file structures are nearly identical to 2k11. The modtool now loads the frame models of the stadium though I was unable to extract anything visible into blender.. Team colors should still be in the ROS files (and fra, cmg, etc) PA music and Jukebox audio are really compressed again..no luck using old sample rate from 2k10.. A couple things I will be tackling over the next week or so.. An onfield display mod - huge white circles are back.. Accessories Pack - This will take a little longer as now there are 6 different batting glove styles and 5 shoes that the user can choose from (so anyone have any request ha?). 2k changed the way the dds files are put together, some channels have shuffled around and these textures are no longer 3 files, but now 2. I will have a separate post about this later. MLB 2k12 FAQ thread - much like this post last year. Will include the full layout of global, gamedata, uniform etc IFFS