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Found 10 results

  1. canatve


    Any idea where I can get the 2019 mod when it becomes available?
  2. if some on want to learn pm me
  3. andygev35


    Version 1.2.1


    This mod replaces EVERY 2k12 logo/texture that I could find within the game, including all advertising within every stadium. The only stadium I couldn't get it to work on was Suntrust Park (Atlanta) since I can't edit textures in @DaSteelerz custom stadium using open source tools. It's a moot point however, since he's used real-world advertising in his stadiums anyway. If you see any I may have missed, please feel free to comment and I'll see about finding and replacing it. As with any mod, remember to back up your files prior to installation
  4. Yankee4Life

    Total Classics 1998 Patch

    Version 1.0.0


    I uploaded this file to the site because the link was broken. This is the patch for the 1998 mod that Andy82 made many years ago. All credit goes to him. The 1998 mod must be installed first before using this patch.
  5. Storm2GG

    2017 Red Sox Portraits

    Anybody have a set of just the 2017 Red Sox portraits? In particular I need Sandy Leon, Carson Smith, Craig Kimbrel and David Price. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yankee4Life

    Total Classics 1939 Icon

    Version 1.0.0


    This is an icon (256x256x32 in size) that you can use with the new Total Classics 1939 mod. All you have to do is unzip this file and the icon is ready to use. My thanks go out to everyone who worked on this wonderful mod.
  7. aceshigh

    MLB 2K17 Sound mod - All in one

    Version 1.0.0


    Title says it all, really! 2K17 version of the Sound Mod, this time we covered the MLB Network too! (thanks to the help of @Bostonnico !) For better results during games, I suggest you use these volumes in the options menu: Commentary 100 Crowd 95/100 PA Announcer 70 I decided not to upload each version of this mod separately, but to put them into one big folder instead. You will still be able to download the version you prefer without having to download them all. HOW TO INSTALL: Download the file you want. Open it and extract the included files to the game's main folder, overwriting the pre-existing ones. Done. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES so you can go back to them, in case you don't like these ones! I really hope you guys enjoy it. Please rate it, leave a comment of any kind or a review. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
  8. Many in the community are wondering if the mod will finally come out, it's been almost 6 months since it was announced and many of us have read the problems they've had. It would be very helpful, that this topic works to clear doubts. We hope that the creators of the mod will answer these simple questions: Even the mod will be released? The mod is still in process, what is the percentage of work completed? How much time is still missing?
  9. I am a big fan, and my friends , cousins, still enjoy this game very much. We love the PC version and even with it's flaws we have come accustom to it. The great thing about this game is it really doesnt die out at all. It's like those nintendo games you can pop in still to this day and play it like its current. So this is what I am offering to do. For those great modders that have always worked on it... Im going to one, create a website dedicated to the modding , that has updates donations, just a nice site people can visit that is dedicated to this game and its modding. 2nd I will donate 50$ to 100$ in total for modders. I will also have donations on the site as low as 50 cents and up to 50$ I am encouraging the modders to come aboard this train... Also maybe the modders can create some sort of cool extra stuff for donaters that give in a certain amount. Like an extra stadium pack or something that can only be downloaded from people that have contributed. I want to keep this alive because its still great game If any modders are still here, please contact me. What does everybody think?
  10. jordy

    Aaron Judge 2K17 Ico

    Version 1.0.0


    Hola Quiero que le guste