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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! So I'm rather new to this and a total stat nerd. I want to be able to keep a record of stats that the game tracks for each season in a separate file that I can mess with and explore (particularly when it comes to the sabermetric stats that the game doesn't track) but I don't want to have to keep track of everything manually. Also, things like awards and such. So I'm wondering if there's a tool or something that would allow me to extract that information from a dynasty file? I know there are box score extractors, but I don't want to have to do that for every game (also, I would like to get all the different leagues and such). If anyone could help, that'd be great. Thanks
  2. I recently downloaded the MVP Baseball 2016 Conversion mod and I'm able to view the rosters and go around in the menus but when I try to start a game, it loads to about halfway and then the game crashes. How do I fix this?
  3. Here is a schedule for MVP 2005 mods for the 2016 season
  4. Recently I installed PCSX2 and and iso of MVP Baseball 2005, and after getting it to finally boot up, everything worked fine except for certain uniforms and textures being very corrupted/ glitchy looking, and the game has a fluctuating lag. Almost like Missigno for the pokemon games. Players and all other 3D models are fine but not the stuff on them, I'll let the video speak for itself. I've reinstalled the emulator, downloaded new iso's and made one from my own disk but all have the same problem. Any idea about the cause/ solution of this? Video of the problem: https://youtu.be/spe9hrjFOLA
  5. I downloaded the BaseUp Rosters 3.54 by DaFlyBoys from the downloads section. It appears to be the most current rosters. I began to edit the rosters first by simply going team by team and insuring that every player is on the team. I am doing MLB "Active Rosters" first. ( I am editing in alphabetical order by team; and I am editing the .mbe with MVP Edit.) After doing Arizona and Atlanta I realized there are a lot of players not there yet. No big deal. That is why I am updating!!! However here is an example of the people missing from the active roster and not in the game at all. Most of which are rookies (understandable) but a few like Stephen Drew for example that surprised me. Arizona Diamondbacks Position Player P Trevor Bauer P Charles Brewer P Patrick Corbin 1B Matt Davidson SS Stephen Drew P Brett Lorin P Evan Marshall P Kevin Munson P Yonata Ortega SS Chris Owings CF A.J. Pollock P Saito Takashi P Tyler Skaggs ATLANTA BRAVES Position Player P Luis Avilan C Christian Bethancourt CF Todd Cunningham C Evan Gattis P Sean Gilmartin SS Andrelton Simmons P Zeke Spruill 1B Joe Terdoslavich C Jose Yepez I guess my biggest question in editing the .mbe or in adding these guys is that when I do so I want to make sure I assign the right audio/photo ID so that later when and if more photo packs or cyberfaces are done they will correspond. So I know that there is a list somewhere and I found it once in the forums, but for the life of me cannot find it anymore. Any help???
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