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Found 15 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This download updates the 2019 Major League Schedule. It does not affect minor league schedules. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Instructions 1. Backup your original schedule.big file in Program Files/MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder. 2. In your team.dat file, insure Houston Astros' line reads as follows: 00b87f3f1,0 Hou,1 Houston,2 Astros,3 HOU,4 0,5 0,6 22,7 0,8 1,9 0,10 0,11 0,12 1,13 0,14 0,15 0,16 0,17 0,18 0,19 0,20 1,21 0,22 0,23 0,24 0,25 0,26 0,27 0,28 2,29 2,30 0,31 2,32 2,33 2,34 1,35 0,36 0,37 1,38 0,39 0,40 0,41 2,42 1,43 2,44 2,45 1,46 1,47 2,48 2,49 1,50 2,51 1,52 2,53 1,54 0,; (Just follow the directions here: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=54548&#entry637425) 3. Copy the schedule.big file you just downloaded to your MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder. 4. Confirm replace. 5. The 2019 MLB Schedule should be loaded into MVP. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Instructions If you have tywiggins' Schedule Updater/Year Changer, you can change the year to 2019, rather than the default 2005. 1. When you get to the team select screen, ALT-TAB out of MVP. 2. Load Schedule Updater. 3. Select option 1 and change the year to 2019, and choose if you want players' ages to change. 4. The 2019 season starts on March 20. Follow the utility's instructions to move the date to March 20. 5. ALT-TAB back into MVP and continue as usual. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like previous years, there are instances of game times still being "TBA." I just estimated, hope that's OK. Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Logos 2018 for MVP Baseball, includes some letters of the logos of MVP Baseball 2018 by MVP Caribe TEAM OFFICIAL LOGOS OF MVP Estrellas 2018. Has the 30 teams, All Star Teams and "Heroes & Legends" Install with TIT, EA Graph, Big GUI, etc. Thanks, by dennmou
  3. Hello. I signed up today after trying to get MVP 05 to work on my pc. I found the forum saying that it is impossible to run on my windows 10 machine. I was very disappointed but tried it on my laptop afterwards. I thought I had windows 8 on my laptop but I was wrong and I can confirm that I was able to get the game to work by following the steps below. Unfortunately, when I tried to reproduce these steps on my desktop (my preferred computer) it loaded up the games load screen (runner's foot on a base) and then errored out. So I have not been able to reproduce my results. I hope someone figures out what my magic sauce was so that I can make it work on my other computer. I have made Blellow and I don't know how. Steps: I installed the game discs. I downloaded the all 5 patches from this forum. I installed all 5 patches in order. Replaced the exe with the no cd shortcut one. I ran a compatibility test (right click on EXE in directory folder for MVP) The test ran the game on the first try. However I'll add that it only works inside the folder. No shortcuts have allowed it to run. I checked the game properties to see what it is doing in compatibility. Windows 8 is checked as is Override DPI scaling. \\\ EDIT: I have uninstalled and tried again on the same computer and it was successful the second time as well. The game plays normally as far as I can tell. The only performance problem I see is the ball ghosts when thrown in the field. A slight annoyance but does not effect the game.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Arizona Diamondbacks - UPDATE 37 portraits 2018 0207 Troy Scribner 0320 Yoshihisa Hirano 1042 T.J. McFarland 1624 Jorge De La Rosa 2192 Steven Souza Jr. 2285 Zack Greinke 2360 Jeff Mathis 3373 Socrates Brito 4041 Matt Koch 4141 David Peralta 4149 Braden Shipley 4156 Christian Walker 4382 Ketel Marte 4389 Jack Reinheimer 4424 Jimmie Sherfy 4533 Zack Godley 4771 Yasmany Tomas 5217 Brad Boxberger 5268 Jake Barrett 5483 Jake Lamb 5796 Deven Marrero 6535 Alex Avila 6674 Jarrod Dyson 7576 Paul Goldschmidt 8479 Nick Ahmed 8556 Taijuan Walker 8632 Daniel Descalso 8636 Shelby Miller 8762 Chris Owings 8997 Andy Chafin 9229 Archie Bradley 9287 John Ryan Murphy 9428 Randall Delgado 9770 Fernando Salas 9982 Patrick Corbin 9983 A.J. Pollock 9896 Robbie Ray by Dennmou
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Philladelphia Phillies - UPDATE 34 portraits 2018 0077 Scott Kingery 0078 Rhys Hoskins 1400 Mark Leiter 3536 Dylan Cozens 3747 Edubray Ramos 3748 Andrew Knapp 3984 Nick Pivetta 3985 Yacksel Rios 4200 Vince Velazquez 4259 Aaron Nola 4264 J.P. Crawford 4267 Roman Quinn 4268 Jesmuel Valentin 4269 Victor Arano 4311 Jorge Alfaro 4313 Nick Williams 4568 Ben Lively 4899 Zack Eflin 5157 Jerad Eickhoff 5290 Luis Garcia 5323 Aaron Altherr 5327 Hoby Milner 5662 Maikel Franco 5730 Jake Thompson 6129 Jake Arrieta 6198 Pedro Florimon 6296 Drew Hutchison 6727 Pat Neshek 7226 Tommy Hunter 8192 Carlos Santana 8456 Cesar Hernandez 6814 Odubel Herrera 9828 Adam Morgan 9840 Hector Neris by Dennmou
  6. I need help, Necesito ayuda, mi inglés es malo, así que sí es español perfecto. Quisiera saber qué archivo debo reemplazar, o dónde encontrar el archivo que lleva la "barra de fuerza" o "barra de poder" de lanzar. Ya que algunos mod's tienen la barra que dificulta un poco el control que es mínimo, espero sacarme bien, aquí dejaré fotos para que lo visualicen. Barra de lanzar o barra de fuerza, ¿En dónde la encuentro? o ¿Como la reemplazo? I need help, my English is bad, so yes it is perfect Spanish. I would like to know which file I should replace, or where to find the file that carries the "force bar" or "power bar" to launch. Since some mod's have the bar that makes control a little bit more difficult, I hope to get it right, here I'll leave photos to visualize it. Launch bar or power bar, where do I find it? or How to replace it?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER!!! This roster incorporates changes/edits made at the end of last season. Additionally, fielders speed edits are now better integrated thanks to MLB stats being tabulated for baserunning speed. Some players had to be adjusted accordingly (e.g., Altuve). Not all new players have been created as of yet as they are uncertain for the start of the season. Moves include up to today (Lucas Duda to KC). This will be the only Spring Training roster. Once again, there will be NO creation or organization for the minor leagues as it is just too time consuming. So when you leave feedback, leave it wisely. If you leave feedback about why the minor leagues are not accurate, I will promptly show up at your door and smackeral you Monty Python style!
  8. hi guys how are you! I come here to see if anyone is interested in making an mvp mod, it would be 2018, with whom do I tell?
  9. The lawnmowers in the "batting practice" minigame are invisible. You can hit them but it's all blind luck. Does anyone else know how to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this issue? It's minor but annoying.
  10. Hello Guys, I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and I already have DirectX 12 installed in my computer, but I sill get message that says "MVP Baseball 2005 requires DirectX 9 and hardware graphics acceleration"; what do you guys think I should do?
  11. Hello, I'm once again stunned by the modders here and all their knowledge about everything. The slightest problem you have can be solved if you dig deep enough in the forums, and that's amazing. But now I've stumbled upon a problem that I can't find the answer to. I recently got MVP baseball 15 up and running, after hours of work, but I wasn't satisfied with the overlay, pitching meter and mechanics but I really loved the roster. So I tried to download several 2015 rosters with no success... I deleted my old .dat files and replaced them with the new ones. I tried using TiT to extract the files. After that I start the game, the rosters are correct, even though everyone's missing their picture, but after loading the game it crashes halfway. I've upgraded the mvp file to 4 GB, tried every admin/compatibility mode checked and unchecked read only but I can't get it to work. I figured it might have something to do with cyberfaces but I tried to use someone's cyberface for 2015 but that didn't make any difference and no photos were shown anyway. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I can play the original 2005, the TC 2015 and the TC 1974 mod with no problems at all. My specs are: Win 10 (which shouldn't be the problem since all the other versions work), gtx 1080, Intel i7-6700 4Ghx, 16 ram, 64 bit. If you need more info just ask. Thanks again for the help!
  12. I recently downloaded the MVP Baseball 2016 Conversion mod and I'm able to view the rosters and go around in the menus but when I try to start a game, it loads to about halfway and then the game crashes. How do I fix this?
  13. Version 1.0


    The #1 MLB Prospect, Yoan Moncada. Player ID # 3360. Install with TiT.
  14. That such companions MvpMods,I happen Creating uniforms Arizona Diamondbacks this year, but I realized that the style of numbers on uniforms is not the same as last year and I need to know if anyone knows the type of photoshop source are those numbers
  15. Just curious if anyone has made the attempt to run MVP on Windows 8 Pro....????
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