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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, So I've been primarily working through REDitor to edit rosters and I wanted to share all of my findings according to what I've messed around with on REDitor. This isn't so much a project or a mod, but a guide to show you how to best prepare a roster if you wish to work on one: I'll keep evolving this specific thread with things I find useful or important to mod the rosters in the game moving forward. Players Tab: 2K reserves specific Global IDs and slots for Created players and guys assigned to Created teams . These Global IDs don't have portraits assigned to them on purpose as the game populates the data with user generated values. It's absolutely important that these global IDs remain untouched or assigned to other players otherwise you will experience unintended behavior. Every roster requires that these slots are included as they are necessary for the game to function in all long term play modes (Franchise mode, Create A Team/Player, etc.) and to ensure stability. There are 97 PLType 0 slots. Not sure if they've got in-game use yet because I haven't seen them. I am not sure if 3 slots are missing or if the missing slots were intentional by the developers. There are 50 PLType 1 slots. REDitor's manual says they're for created players, so I'll trust the manual on this one. There are 200 PLType 2 slots. I am assuming that these are meant for the game's Create-A-Team mode as it should allow you to create 4 teams of 25 guys. The IsFA and TeamID values coordinate with each other in this tab. If a person is a free agent, then they're not assigned to a team, so the value for TeamID should be -1, and the IsFA value should be 1. Every player can have up to 30 years worth of stats (this can be populated and referenced in the Stats tab) Ambitions influence the trade logic/player movement in the game. These are values that affect the happiness of a player on the team. There are 4 types of ambitions a player can have in the game, starting from a scale of 0 to 10: Amb_Time: The higher the value, the more important it is for the player to have enough playing time to be happy. Amb_P4W: The higher this value, the more important it is for that player to win enough games to be happy. Amb_TmPr: The higher the value, the higher the chances that this player will refuse to play for teams with low prestige (a losing team). Amb_FinS: The higher the value, the more likely this player will sign for a much bigger contract which overrides all the other factors. The maximum deal a player can be assigned is a 10 year deal. Players assigned to All-Star Teams will need to be cloned, HOWEVER the AppID value will need to be incremental and not a duplicate of the cloned player.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    How to Install - Just get in this file at MLB2K12 save folder. ( ex: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves) And, paste or change your Roster.ROS to this file. I strongly recommend that you make a backup of your original Roster -The roster has the numbers of faces and portraits of all players (you have to have the faces and portraits installed for them to be seen) -Pitchers Based on Fangraph.com we have reflected pitch type, pitch speed, pitch value based on pitch type, stamina based on number of innings,Tendency, ERA, BABIP, WHIP, 9/BB, 9/K, and 9/HR. -Hitters Based on MLB.com we have reflected batting average, double, triple, home run, stolen base, defensive position, and defensive capability. *The roster will be updating even more the lineups and the actual pitching rotation of all the equipment (there are only some of the most important ones) *if you have any problem leave it in the comments
  3. Hello, who has a roster 2020 updated to date with the IDs of the (Portraits) and the (Faces), please if someone has it, let me know that I want to start a new franchise with the updated roster.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Primero que todo, un agradecimiento a todos los miembros, editores y programadores por los aportes hechos. Soy un fanático del juego MVP Baseball que le gusta jugar con los rosters lo mas actualizados posibles y con los atributos mas cercanos a la realidad, en cuanto a tipos de picheo, habilidades al bate y demás, no soy editor ni programador pero estoy incursionando en la edición con el MVPEdit. NOTA: ¡ESTE ES UN DATABASE DEL MVP ROSTER MLB SOLAMENTE! Aquí les dejo el roster de la pre-temporada de MLB. Tiene actualizado los roster de grandes ligas, conforme al roster de 40 que tiene cada equipo, además actualización de clase AAA, AA y A, algunos jugadores están en la misma organización pero en otro nivel debido a la limitación del roster de 25. Evidentemente, si crees que un jugador debería estar en el equipo de la MLB. Simplemente sustitúyalo por alguien que crees que no debería estar allí. NOTA: LOS PORTRAITS NO ESTÁN ACTUALIZADOS Espero tener sus Feedback con respecto a esta actualización de roster, recuerden hacer un BACKUP antes de sustituir los archivos de la carpeta database INSTALACIÓN: Vaya a C:\Archivos de programa(x86 o x64)\EASPORTS\MVP2005 (o como se le llame)\data\database. ELIMINAR los 19 archivos existentes .dat. Descomprima este archivo de lista en esa ubicación. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of all, thanks to all the members, editors and programmers for the contributions made, on the other hand I would like to thank the Modder Gordo for all its advice and recommendations. I am a fan of the MVP Baseball game that likes to play with the rosters as up-to-date as possible and with the attributes closest to reality, in terms of pitching types, at-bat skills and others, I'm not a publisher or a programmer but I'm dabbling in the edition with the MVPEdit. NOTE: THIS IS A DATABASE OF MVP ROSTER MLB ONLY! Here is the roster of MLB preseason. It only has updated the big league roster, according to the roster of 40 that each team has, also it has update AAA, AA & A class, some players are in the same organization but in another level due to the limitation of the roster of 25. Obviously, if you think that a player should be in the MLB team. Just replace it with someone you think should not be there. NOTE: THE PORTRAITS ARE NOT UPDATED I hope to have your feedback regarding this roster update, remember to do a BACKUP before replacing the files in the database folder INSTALLATION: Go to C:\ProgramFiles(x86 or x64)\EASPORTS\MVP2005 (or as it is called)\data\database. DELETE the 19 existing files.dat. Unzip this list file in that location.
  5. Alright, after I grabbed my old copy of MVP Baseball near the end of last year for nostalgia but still ended up wanting to play with current teams, players and stadiums, discovered this community of modders, then started learning the tools, reading all those helpful forums threads and applying many of the fantastic mods published here to the game and have had a lot of fun with them until I decided that I wanted to have the most polished, up to date version of the game possible for 2020 by placing all these pieces together... but with one not so little detail, remaining as faithful as possible to the original features the game offers (such as the unlockables and being able to play Dynasty/Owner mode). That's how I started working on a project to achieve this but then realized how much time and effort it's taking (and will take), that didn't discourage me, fortunately I have some free time at the moment but any help, feedback and guidance will be greatly appreciated. Now onto the project itself, what I have or plan on using: The rosters: The core of the game. Currently using the MLB teams from Gordo's excellent 2019 MLB BaseUp! End of Season Rosters but since these don't include updated minor leagues teams, had to re-built the entire organizational system with the original game's rosters as a base, importing and adapting some AAA-AA-A players from WilliamsV's MVP Baseball 2019 Pack and ultimately, creating most of the remaining prospects from scratch with the tools in this site and real data from MLB, MiLB, Baseball-Reference, Fangraphs, Brooks, 2080, etc. The entire 2019 rosters for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Atlanta Braves organizations are already completed and tested in simmed/played Dynasty seasons with the 2019 Schedule (adjusted with Ty's Schedule Updater). My intention is to fully complete the 2019 rosters as a base and then shuffle up the players moving organizations or into free agency for 2020. Now my doubt mainly relies on the following: placing together the rosters for these two organizations alone took some time and effort that I'm more than willing to take it if no one else is but I've seen the other thread and realized there are capable people already creating 2020 rosters for the game, so not sure if I should focus on some other stuff out of the many things needed to be done. I think all of us willing to work on the same initiative should just talk and agree who will do what or figure out some sort of joint effort. Will talk about the other aspects of the game in following posts within this same topic as long as that's allowed, is it okay?
  6. This is a data entry person's dream. From an earlier thread, I mentioned this about schedules: I haven't gotten around schedules yet but my idea was to change the schedule dates in the tabs from 2010-2012 to 2018-2020 instead. I'm going to assume that the 2013 league realignment (where Houston moved to the AL West) completely broke how the game generates newer schedules, because in the 2012, 2011 and 2010 schedules, the Astros are still an NL team facing NL opponents. I figure enough time has passed to build working schedules that won't break the game among other fixes. I know MLB2K13 came out for consoles with the division alignment changes, but given that the game was rushed to market for the 2013 season, I am not sure this was a long term fix. If you open a roster in REDitor, these tabs are what we need to look at, and here's what we'll need to work on: Schedule_Minors tab is the full Minor league schedule (which is why it's dated to 2012). Schedule_Older, Old and Cur tabs are used for franchise/career modes (which is why they use the 2010 season schedule, the 2011 season schedule and the 2012 season schedule to generate future schedules within the game). Schedule Actual tab is the actually used schedule during franchise/career modes and the data within this tab usually repopulated from Older/Old/Cur within the game. As I'm working on reordering all of the teams (some minor league teams have rebranded so they are outside of alphabetical order) the team IDs will change so this affects the schedules.
  7. Version 2.1.0


    Roster updated to the 2018 season. If you want the updated covers here I leave the link Unzip and paste in the game path.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the roster built from BSU's roster "foundation" by @pena1 & @headtrip47. This is not a perfect roster by transactions or attributes. This roster is a work in progress. Please do not complain that "So and so is this rating, and this guy plays for this team" But- what this roster does have is a REAL 2017 schedule, REAL PLAYER AGES, NO CRASHES, and other miscellaneous changes to the game. This roster is essentially a good starting foundation moving forward. Freely use this roster, but DO NOT edit this in any other method besides Ty's 2k Editor or REDITOR II (preferably REDITOR), otherwise you risk creating a crashing roster. This roster will not crash! Enjoy~ Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this roster! Please - when asking questions about the roster, (or any file for that matter) do so in comment form. Asking in review form does not allow anyone to respond to your question and results in a bunk review.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Info: Made with @DaSteelerz's roster as a base. Ratings have not been edited yet, but it is transactionally correct for the MLB. Still a roster in the works, so AAA/AA/A teams are not entirely correct, yet. THAT BEING SAID. This roster does work fine for Franchise, even past June 8th. I've tested it 50 plus times on 5 different devices. *IF THERE ARE OTHER CRASHES OR ERRORS, PLEASE INBOX*
  10. Version 1.3.1


    First of all, If you don't see a player in the roster is because it hasn't being created. It'll be created eventually, have patience. This Roster update is for the MLB active roster with the latest transactions. I will update the all the teams one by one. I will update the minor leagues later on, this is only for the MLB active rosters, the players that have gotten sent down will be at their correct minor league team-So will be the free agents. There is a problem with the faces when playing "Quick game", but it shows the real faces when playing franchise mode which is what I really care about. I have already asked for help so if you know how to fix this issue, please let me know. This problem has been about 75% corrected and will be fully corrected in an upcoming update. Coming up: , Minor changes to the minor leagues, major changes to players ID and face ID, major portrait changes, creation of some key players. Upcoming long term updates: Re-balance of all SP and CL, re balance of all MLB rookie players, major changes to the minor leagues and creation of players. This roster has now been completed as of 10/1/2017. Ver.1.0.0: New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles Current Active Roster as of 9/10/2017. Simulated the whole season in franchise mode w/o a crash. David Wright was put in A Ball because hes neither coming back for a while nor retiring. So what the heck, it is what it is.
  11. I am having a problem with my franchise and myplayer, whenever I try to use a custom roster from MVP mods in either of those modes the game crashes. For Myplayer it crashes during the intro movie sequence and for Franchise I can simulate and do everything up until the regular season start where I cannot progress any further because when I try it immediately crashes and puts me at my desktop. I have made a successful myplayer with the original roster that came with the game so what is the issue here? Thanks
  12. Version 1.0.1


    Trade Deadline Transactions Updated Attribute and Tendency Updated by the real players 2016 season performance Some players position and uniform number updated More Top Prospect Players lineup and team orginazation, uniform number update is not yet. Next Upload List More correctly attribute and tendency update Top prospect players update Pitching tendency bug players fix (hey guys, give me the bug player list, you found) Each team and players salaries update Lineup, Position, Uniform Number, Team Organization update Sorry for my bad ENGLISH. Anyway, Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks MAPMODS
  13. Long time lurker here, usually play MVP, recently started playing 2k12 but I'm having some problems and I'm hoping some kind soul here can help me out. 1 When I'm pitching the strike zone disappears and my xbox 360 controller doesn't vibrate near the edge of the strike zone. It makes it nearly impossible to "paint the corners", so to speak. Is there a way I can activate the vibration on my controller or keep the strike zone visible? 2 I've read a lot about the pitch-tendency or "red pitch" problem on some of the rosters, but I can't seem to find a cut-and-dry answer. Is there a new(ish) roster that doesn't have this issue? I'm currently using mapmods 2016 opening day roster and as an Indians fan having this problem on Salazar is killing me. a) Mapmods suggested recreating the problematic players in the roster editor but there doesn't appear to be a way to link or create a players history in the league. Is there a way I can do that, am I missing something? 3 I'm very appreciative of all the work that went in to the 2k15 overhaul mod but the music is not at all my taste. In MVP 05 I made walk-up music and in-menu jukebox music for my own game and it wasn't all that difficult. Can anyone point me in the right direction for doing the same thing in 2k12? Is it much more difficult then it was in MVP 05? Thank you in advance for any help.
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