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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, firstly i have to take my hat off to the current modders of the game that keeps us up to date with the new rosters, cyberfaces, uniforms, stadiums, etc. Your work has been substantial to the pc baseball gaming community. As we all know, the game of baseball has seen quite a few changes over the years especially now with more HRs and strikeouts. I was just curious if there's anyone who would be kind enough to upload or share their sliders here that somewhat matches the changes the game has been through these past few years. Any replies would be appreciated
  2. Hey all, first time poster and member here, just joined right now. First off, MVP 2005 really is the best baseball game of all time. Been playing it off and on since my brother and I first got it way back in the day and is the primary reason my original xbox still gets use. Also this site is amazing and it's awesome to see so many people appreciate this game the way I do. So onto my questions, I am about 20 games into a new dynasty with my own custom rosters, and every time I simulate a AA game it freezes afterward. I can't seem to get around it no matter what I try. So I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions or tips to stop this from happening. I don't want to have to trash this dynasty and start all over again. Any help is awesome, thanks. Second question I have is I have tweaked and tweaked with sliders but still can't seem to make the games more realistic. Too many HRs and pitching still too easy. I play on all star but can switch to MVP if needed. I've seen a lot of files on here to download with sliders but was wondering where I can just see the values so I can put them into my xbox as downloading them to it is not an option. Again, any help is great. Thanks all.
  3. The 'Rookie' difficulty sliders have seemed to overwrite my 'Custom' sliders... I have spent the better part of two years tweaking the difficulty sliders to my custom liking, and have been playing more than half the season of a Franchise mode very satisfied with my custom difficulty settings. Last night I played a game using those settings and everything was fine. Game ended, Franchise auto-saved, and I quit without ever touching the difficulty sliders. When I loaded my Franchise today to play the next game, I noticed the gameplay was off.. slow pitch meter, very easy hitting and base running for me, lots of strikeouts for the CPU hitters.. so I went to check the difficulty sliders and although I was using the 'Custom' set, I could see many of the sliders were not where I had set them. In fact, I tabbed over to the 'Rookie' set and realized all the numbers there were identical to my 'Custom' sliders. The Rookie sliders somehow became my Custom sliders and I seem to have lost all the work I put into getting the gameplay just right. Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea how this could have happened or how to retrieve my custom sliders I had worked so long to tune? The default Difficulty Sliders file I have saved is close (except for a few minor adjustments), but I don't know how to apply those to a current Franchise without going through manually and reconfiguring everything.
  4. So, I'm currently recording games for a youtube series using the 94 Expos. I've played two games so far and the scores don't seem to vary much. I usually play on pro, but I'm not opposed to playing on all-star from time to time. Regardless of difficulty, if anyone has tested a slider set that has varying scores I'd love to know. Realism is the key along with variation.
  5. I've been playing this game again for a few months now, and I still find myself tweaking certain sliders every now and then, even after about 100 games played with pretty realistic stat totals overall. In my quest for the "perfect" slider setting (i.e. one that purely allows for a realistic MLB experience both statistically and aesthetically), my question to you guys is, what are your specific Slider settings? I'd especially like to pose this questions to the mods and modders of this game/site, as I've always been curious what settings you guys have been using after all these years. Obviously you guys play the game a whole lot more and have experienced every little nuance of it, which is my main reason for aiming this question toward the higher-ups. So, on to the debate, if anyone dares. We can also avoid droning on about power sliders and pitch speed, since they seem to be more about preference and user skill than anything else. Who's in?
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