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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! So I've decided to release my own version of a 1998 mod. Seeing andy's great mod has definitely given me a ton of inspiration, but I'm going back and editing all the stadiums, all the uniforms, and all the cyberfaces to make a completely new 1998 mod. I've received Y4L's blessing on this project, and there will be a few differences to separate my version from TC 98. I'm currently working on a version that I've modded for my personal enjoyment, which has the Yankees' AAA team in Syracuse and their AA team in Trenton, which was not the case in 1998. Also, the Diamondbacks and Devil Rays didn't have a AA team that year, so I've had to shuffle some of the AA affiliations around to a more 1999 feel just to include the two teams. I've also created complete uniform sets for all 120 teams, including alternate uniforms, even for A-level clubs. So yes, if you want to play as the Lake Elsinore Storm, you can choose from their home, road, and alternate red jerseys for both home and road. Again, since this mod was originally intended for my personal enjoyment, you'll see a few differences, but I'm willing to open up the mod for community suggestions! If you're ready and willing, I'd love some input for songs (sticking with the MVP Baseball series theme of pop/alt rock from 1997/1998) and the cover athlete. I've got a few choices, so let your voice be heard!!! I'll be uploading a whole bunch of sample splash screens to help in decision-making.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a text file of all the teams in Total Classics Phase 10 and where they are located in the mod.
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