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Registration Terms

Please be aware that upon registration, the validation process can take around or up to 24 hours. We would like to kindly remind you that you are only allowed one account per user. 

As a courtesy, when it has been determined that you have registered duplicate accounts, you will be notified via Private Message by a member of the MVPMods.com Staff in regards to whether we should delete the old account or merge with the new account.



If you believe you may have a duplicate account but are not sure, contact us in one of 3 ways below and we will look into merging all possible associated accounts with your new MVPmods account. If you have an account but you no longer have access to the email address associated with that account, also contact us at one of the following:

  • Email us at mvpmodsteam@gmail.com
  • Send us a tweet @MVPModsTeam on Twitter




We strongly advise not to create another account if you do not receive a validation email.

Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited and can be subject to a permanent ban from the MVPMods.com Community.

We don't want to see you go, but violation of the rules will cause us to take action. Second accounts used to spam, flame or otherwise break forum rules will result in banning of both the new and original accounts. New accounts created by previously banned members will also be banned without warning upon detection.

If you create a duplicate account despite the available methods of contact indicated above to retrieve account information and the procedures in place as we mentioned above to prevent duplicate accounts, you will be permanently banned from the site. No exceptions.

MVPMods.com Staff

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