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New Forum Rules - Please Read

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* Please note that access to the Left Field and MLB forums is a privelege and not a right. If you do not comply with the following rules, your access to these forums and/or ability to post in any forum may be stopped. If you continuously cause problems, your membership may be terminated.

1) First and foremost, the overall site and forum rules apply. If you haven't yet read them, read them now. *Forum Rules*

2) While these are "off-topic" forums, please do not post for the sake of posting.

3) Topics that are political or religious in nature should be handled with respect and great care. Please be courteous to your fellow member and do not attack his/her personal views. If you care to express your own, you may expect the same in return. Please note that sensitive topics may be locked at a moment's notice if things get out of hand.

4) Please treat your fellow member with respect. Do not troll around and make other member's time here troublesome.

5) Have fun! These forums are here for you. It's a place to take a break, kick back and to get to know your fellow mvp mods members.

Thanks to MarkB and Cartersyard for these fine set of rules.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.