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  • Total Classics 1976 By Jim825

    Total Classics 1976 By Jim825 & dennisjames71   During the 1976 baseball season, fireworks reigned as the United States celebrated its bicentennial and baseball's National League honored its 100th season. The year also marked Marvin Miller's tenth anniversary as executive director of the Players Association. After the 1975 season, Miller went to bat for pitchers Andy Messersmith and Dave McNally, who were declared "free agents" by an arbitrator. The ruling so angered the owner
  • MLB 2K12 Cleats/Batting Gloves Update By debsterfan

    This is an update to the global.iff file from MLB 2K15 Total conversion Mod. All 6 shoes have been updated to the following: 1-  Nike MVP Strike 2 2-  Under Armour Leadoff 3- Adidas Wheelhouse 2 4- Reebok Vero IV 5- New Balance MB4040 6- Mizuno 9-Spike   Also included are Nike wristbands/forearm bands.   Credits to Kccitystar for the global.iff, pena1 for the accessories in the global which helped me learn how to mod them. Special thank
  • SMB2 Team Transfer Tool By JudgeZarbi

    A tool to transfer various pieces of data between saves in Super Mega Baseball 2.   Before using this tool, you should close Super Mega Baseball 2. You could potentially corrupt your save file if you use this tool while Super Mega Baseball 2 is running.   The tool will automatically find your save file, although if for whatever reason you have multiple save files inside the save game location, the tool will refuse to continue.   It is also recommended that you creat
  • Total Classics 1939 By Jim825

    Total Classics 1939 By Jim825, dennisjames71 & kyleb The 1939 baseball season marked a turning point in the history of the American League, as it lost one of its greatest players, Lou Gehrig.  Gehrig's teammates had noticed something wrong with their 35-year-old leader early in the 1938 season when the ball no longer jumped off his bat.  He had rallied to finish with only slightly sub-par numbers: a .295 batting average, 114 RBI, and 29 homers. Steadily deteriorating from the start
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