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  1. Looking very good my friend! These are a great improvement
  2. HE'S BACK! Welcome back good sir. Looks great!
  3. Some screens of a test game. Bravos vs. Mariners
  4. Does anyone know why when you try to overwrite a file with a new one, say for instance the englishbootup.iff that it won't change anything? It's driving me CRAZY! Or even the jukebox file as well.
  5. Sounds good man. I'm going to start working on some CF's myself if I can ever get the time. Also, I'm playing around with the accessories in the global but I can't figure out them quite yet. They should be updated just like the uniforms as well. Let me know what you can dig up and we will definitely get a solid build before the All Star break.
  6. Hey man. I've been adjusting all batting stances, accessories for each player, a colorlist file for the accessories and uniforms and have been working on the player id's and face id's as well. I can send you what I have so far if you wish to collaborate my friend. I've tried numerous workarounds for tons of players with the wrong faces. I have no clue why it's doing this. Matt Chapman, and Ben Gamel don't show up during gameplay properly for sure.
  7. Also, make sure each team has no more than 25 players per roster.
  8. picklebrad

    .dds plug in

  9. When I was researching similar face shapes, I ran across Dan Uggla. This was back when deGrom had the crazy long hair so I couldn't ever get it right. Give that a shot and see how it works for you. Good luck bro
  10. I think it's a great start on deGrom. The head shape and other details are off but the texture looks fantastic!
  11. I think the first one in would like to conquer if I ever get the time, will be Matt Chapman from the A's.
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