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  1. Finally have a decent Gerrit Cole WIP. He was a tough one!
  2. I'm probably gonna do the Adizero Icon and the Afterburner. Might even do the Jordan Retros. It will probably be a pack where you can sub out whatever you want since there are only 6 slots.
  3. Any requests for new equipment? Preferably what most pros are wearing these days. Not just a "few" players.
  4. Looks great! I just posted some screens of my Nike Huarache Alpha Elite 2 mids and my Lunar Vapor Elite 2 cleats along with some socks.
  5. I have been trying to update the equipment since the AMAZING work of Debsterfan and Pena are outdated now. Since these gurus are nowhere to be found, I took it upon myself to try and figure this out. With a TON of trial and error and blood sweat and tears, I think I am getting close. Not complete yet but a solid Work In Progress for you all to check out! Let me know what you think. Love you all. Stay safe and GOD bless!
  6. I'm currently modding the Crap out of the global 2K file right now. These accessories are going to give me a nervous breakdown but I have all the time in the world since the Quarantine. I'll post some WIP screens soon.
  7. You have to use the Cyberfaces converter to convert the .off into a .cff file. That is the only mesh that has UV information stored. The 2km files do not. Also, the .cff files have a much higher poly count than the 2km files which make them easier to mold. P.S. The converter tool only works with a 32 bit Operating System. U had to create a virtual drive just to do this.
  8. For REAL! I vaguely remember it. It's right when I first started Cyberfaces!
  9. There is an option in View Options in the bottom left of the viewport.
  10. Umachines, I sent you some Stance socks. Check your PM
  11. Ok guys. This is the technique I use and this video will tech you everything you need to know. Just apply the same process to Blender 2.49b because it's the only version that is compatible with MLB2k. I had to teach myself a lot of different processes to get the final product that I want. It's a LOT of trial and error. https://youtu.be/kRT93YFvRQI
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