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  1. MLB 2K12 Cleats/Batting Gloves Update

    This is an update to the global.iff file from MLB 2K15 Total conversion Mod.
    All 6 shoes have been updated to the following:
    1-  Nike MVP Strike 2
    2-  Under Armour Leadoff
    3- Adidas Wheelhouse 2
    4- Reebok Vero IV
    5- New Balance MB4040
    6- Mizuno 9-Spike
    Also included are Nike wristbands/forearm bands.
    Credits to Kccitystar for the global.iff, pena1 for the accessories in the global which helped me learn how to mod them.
    Special thanks to all modders who have worked in this global.
    Simply extract global.iff file and place it in your main MLB 2K12 directory. 
    Always remember to back up your original file before applying the mod.
    Your MLB 2K12 directory can be (if you have an x64 version of Windows) either in:


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  2. global.iff.rar

    improvement good quality folds for uniform of 2K12 MLB
    It is a poor quality folds of 2K12 uniform and now using a tiny skill to improve it, extract the download file which is 2K11 MLB's layer, there are good quality layers but forgotten in 2K12.

    1. first of all to backup your original file "global.iff" in somewhere. then extracting global.iff.rar into a folder ..

    2. copy the global.iff file which is located (x:....\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\ ) to desktop.

    3. using Nba2KX_ModTool (v.0.198) to run the tool and select 2012 version.

    4. open the global.iff file from desktop, it will be extracted by Nba2KX_ModTool.

    5. sorting the code number of file to mark no:145, ImportRes the 145.dds file from foloder. if it's OK "DDS resource import success! " message will be showed .

    6. the rest of procedures are same as step 5, each code number (230 ,364 and 744) to correspond 230.dds 364.dds 744.dds. if anything is OK then exit the tool.

    7. copy global.iff overwrite to your 2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12 .

    this article is a idea from a baseball game fan muta505, the guy is member from http://www.gamebase.com.tw . I just translated it in english.

    have fun


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  3. 2k12 Accessories Pack

    Peña1's 2k12 Accessories Pack

    There was quite a bit in the global file this year...

    This mod includes:

    5 Batting gloves
    NIKE Diamond Elite PRO Batting gloves
    RAWLINGS Workhorse DFS Batting gloves
    RAWLINGS 1050 T Workhorse
    MIZUNO Vintage PRO G3
    Louisville Slugger BG26

    6 Cleats
    3n2 Cleats
    ADIDAS adiZero
    Mizuno G5
    Under Armour Ignite III

    Fielding gloves
    WILSON A2K [open style]
    AKADEMA ADB 138 [closed style]
    All Star Pro Elite Series: CM3000BT [catchers mitt]
    Rawlings Gold Glove GGLESC21-125 [first base]

    All Star and Rawlings catchers gear
    Marucci Bat Logo
    New bat Model!
    Updated bat colors
    Rawlings Baseball / 2012 World series ball [with seams brightened]
    Fixed tape - no longer covers 1/3 of the bat

    [uPDATE 4.5]
    Cleaned up over 60% of the textures. Added the bottom of the cleats. Finally fixed the Nike cleat (still a little fuzzy but big improvement, see screenshot)

    Uploaded DDS files! Please use this thread to help you import the textures you want into the proper slot. Includes 20 bat colors and 6 bat logos [you can only use one bat logo at a time]

    Updates only for Version 1 now, I'll update Version 2 when I get a chance, or just download the DDS files.

    [uPDATE 3.28]
    Version 1.2 - Includes the MLB logos from DS's MLB Experience Mod! Thanks again man! [ADDED MISSING LOGOS 3.28]
    Version 2.1 - 2k logos

    As always, back up everything
    I would recommend downloading and using Jonesoft's Mod Enabler. Otherwise extract the global.iff to your MLB 2k12 folder
    Click yes to copy and replace

    There are still a few things I would like to clean up (umpires come to mind) but I won't have time to work on this for a while, so I wanted to get the base out. I am also getting tired of the Marruci logo and will probably make a set of 3 or 4 new bat logos before opening day.

    For the guys who have crazy high end rigs, would ya mind sending me some high res screen shots?

    Please let me know if there are any problems with this file and feel free to let me know what you think. If there is enough general interest, I can put together a tutorial on how to create batting gloves, cleats, etc.

    Please do not upload any part of my work, especially to another site, without my permission, thanks!!



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    please consider making a donation to the site HERE

    If you would like to send some gratitude my way, you may do so
    securely via paypal:

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