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  1. Total Frontend 2K18

    I'll see what I can do guys.
  2. Total Frontend 2K18

    Awesome. Can you please PM me the roster with the schedule? I'm gonna try to clean some stuff up.
  3. Total Frontend 2K18

    Lol. Otherwise simmed ok?
  4. Total Frontend 2K18

    Great. Hopefully someone will be able to release an opening day roster with a functional 2018 schedule. Then portraits etc can get going.
  5. Total Frontend 2K18

    From BSU FAN: IMPORTANT NOTE: I have discovered an issue with Michael Morse which can cause a franchise to crash if you don't have him up on a MLB squad when starting the regular season of a franchise. If he is in FA or the minors when the regular season starts in franchise mode your game will crash after the world series is over. This happens with all rosters on MLB2K12 including the default 2K rosters. That is why this roster has Michael Morse up on the MLB squad(even though he is currently on the 15 day DL in real life) and the Marlins have 26 men on their MLB squad. Once the regular season starts you can send Morse without any issues.
  6. Go To Hell Windows 10

    No problem.
  7. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Excellent. If you are able to do Alex Cora, Gabe Kapler, Dave Martinez, and Mickey Callaway I should be able to finally update them all. It is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. If you need any HD pics let me know. I have access to MLB pressbox. Do not worry about the CF ID numbers. I will need to go into reditor and make changes.
  8. Go To Hell Windows 10

    Then I would go into the AV and allow them after they are flagged. Then go into exemptions and add the exe files it's not liking.
  9. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    @Jed are you able to do Aaron Boone? If you are able I can add him into a roster.
  10. Go To Hell Windows 10

    Windows 10 hates basically all the modding programs for 2K. Just download my mod kit off here and go into the exemptions and make the folder safe before you unzip.
  11. Total Frontend 2K18

    FYI Michael Morse needs to be on a MLB roster to go without crashes.
  12. Total Frontend 2K18

    I'll check it out. Are you going to update it for opening day?
  13. Total Frontend 2K18

    I started working on changing the 2K logos, team logos etc. If someone comes out with a good new roster I'll change up the team names and correct the managers.
  14. Scoreboards - Tv For Mlb2K12 V 1.1

    The CSN one is readily available I believe but the Sportsnet and old fox one are not.