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  1. @Jed @Kccitystarhope this helps. Let me know if you need others.
  2. I recommend going with a GTX 900 series graphics card. Last card series to my knowledge to have both xp and win10 driver support. Then do a dual boot setup. 32 bit and 64 bit and will play pretty much any older game or new you throw at it. Not sure how tech savvy you are but the best option in my opinion. I have one system setup to do this with one click restarting into either OS.
  3. Is this Total Frontend 2K17 1.0.0 for 2K11 or 2K12, please?

  4. I don't believe there are any. You need to be familiar with blender to export and edit models. Textures can be changed out rather easily with the available tools found in the mod section.
  5. This is excellent work. I know nothing exciting but KC changed to this for their primary logo in 2019.
  6. That's RedMC, not reditor Yes there is. The text is in English.iff. you need to use a hex editor to change the text in the file if that makes sense. When altering text the amount of characters needs to be the same or less or the game will crash.
  7. Oh I have confidence in you although the obvious limitation is the inability to adequately import field data with RedMC
  8. @blindguySo basically with Rogers Centre its kind of a mess. I can import Tampa's field into it for the dirt infield but then you end up with black areas since the stadium structures are different sizes. You also need to start with a vanilla file so I'm thinking the ads need to be completely re-done if that's even possible.
  9. Excellent. And @picklebrad I've got access to pressbox so if you need a high res image just ask. ?
  10. Excellent. If you are able to do Alex Cora, Gabe Kapler, Dave Martinez, and Mickey Callaway I should be able to finally update them all. It is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. If you need any HD pics let me know. I have access to MLB pressbox. Do not worry about the CF ID numbers. I will need to go into reditor and make changes.
  11. @Jed are you able to do Aaron Boone? If you are able I can add him into a roster.
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