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  1. I am sorry but I'm a little confused and need some more details. Are you trying to edit the global.iff or the roster? And what program are you using?
  2. You give a lot to the community. PM me your address and I'll take care of converting you to the dark side. Merry Christmas!
  3. I'm not entirely sure what logos you are referring too. Do you have a screenshot?
  4. Have you tried kc's texture editor? Otherwise it may be the version of the mod tool you are using or java is throwing a tantrum.
  5. The Astros don't like to change their shirts. But in all seriousness I'm not sure what you are asking.
  6. Malwarebytes or endpoint? Endpoint shouldn't be Malwarebytes. It should be Symantec. Windows Defender is a big pain with any of these programs as well. For Endpoint: Login to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) and go to the Policies page. On the Exceptions Policy page, click Exceptions. Click Add > Windows Exceptions > Application. In the View drop-down list, select All, Watched Applications, or User-allowed Applications. Select the applications for which you want to create an exception. In the Action drop-down box, select I
  7. I did manage to get some of the news stories updated in franchise mode.
  8. So I tried to do a full overlay mod for the game again and I'll be releasing this soon. This is a collaboration of other modders works. I believe all logos have been updated. Every team, HR derby logo, Spring Training, Playoffs, background images etc has been updated to the 2020 season. In-game text has been modded to change all instances of 2K12 to 2K20. In-game music has been updated and text changed accordingly. All stadium names have been hex edited to correct names. Safeco to T-Mobile park for example. This does DOES NOT update portraits or cyberfaces or stadiums and this is not a
  9. Do you have the iff and cdf in the same folder? Both are required for those. Then use kc's editor in the 2K tool kit.
  10. This is for all in-game text contained within the english.iff. It will not in any way effect the schedules and stats. That's all controlled through the roster file. I've attached all the in-game text in a zip file. All the text in that file can be changed and there is a whole lot of it. 2ktext.zip
  11. hello my friend... my name is alain...i´m from cuba...so my english isn´t the best ok.......me and another patner are work in a new mod creating La Serie Nacional de Beisbol SNB de cuba......we need some help with the stadium......how we can make those one.......exist some tutorial about it.....or mayby you can show me or help with that?????..... we appreciate that....sorry for boder you

    saludos desde cuba....Ahhh your work is amazing bro

  12. @LetsGoFish2015 as Kccitystar suggested in another post you really need to familiarize yourself with the file systems and take steps before you try to jump into cyberface modding. It's like when you go snow skiing. You start on the bunny hill and not the widowmaker. And if you french fry when you should have pizza'd you're gonna have a bad time.
  13. @Tacocat278install UMachines 2020 Tigers Uniform set and import the colorlist. Then put this file in your install directory to correct it. uniform_det_home.zip
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