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  1. raidersbball20

    External hard drive question

    Go with Western Digital. In my experience far more reliable than Seagate. If it's Vista its pretty old so you won't have USB 3.0 ports to take advantage of today's speeds so keep that in mind as well.
  2. raidersbball20

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    The modding is amazing. Everyone should own Madden 08 and NHL 04 for PC.
  3. raidersbball20

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    I continue to play Madden 08 for PC. The mods are ridiculous.
  4. raidersbball20

    how to create cyberfaces?

    From my observation the current cyberfaces created by Jed are using Razors tutorial from the NBA 2K forums. Here is the video.
  5. raidersbball20

    MLB 2K12 Base Coaches

    It needs to be done in reditor under the staff tab.
  6. raidersbball20

    assitance in information

    I believe it's dxt5 no mipmaps...
  7. raidersbball20

    2018 All Star Game

    Great work @bctrackboi11
  8. raidersbball20

    MLB and MILB Roster 2k18

    Excellent news. Just be careful. I believe too many caps can cause crashes in franchise.
  9. raidersbball20

    want to buy mlb 2k12

    It means one thing that he shouldn't be talking about here Jim.
  10. raidersbball20

    How to change team names in a roster?

    What do u need done?
  11. raidersbball20

    cdf File

    What file are u trying to extract?
  12. raidersbball20

    Dirt Infield

    Oh I have confidence in you although the obvious limitation is the inability to adequately import field data with RedMC
  13. raidersbball20

    Dirt Infield

    @blindguySo basically with Rogers Centre its kind of a mess. I can import Tampa's field into it for the dirt infield but then you end up with black areas since the stadium structures are different sizes. You also need to start with a vanilla file so I'm thinking the ads need to be completely re-done if that's even possible.
  14. raidersbball20

    Mlb2k18 roster

    I agree. Probably the biggest challenge of modding this game and since the roster cycles around other mods it can be a mess.
  15. raidersbball20

    Mlb2k18 roster

    It's not that simple. And until a opening day roster is done by someone with a schedule it's usually not worth the time to work on unis and faces simply because when we have different rosters floating around the ID numbers and uni color slots can get changed making things complicated.