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  1. raidersbball20

    How can I change these logos?

    Yes the menu logos are in the large medium and small logo cdf files I believe and the helmet logo is on the Jersey number texture file thats in a given uniform file.
  2. raidersbball20

    MLB 2K19 Frontend

    The Phillies changed their primary logo for 2019 as well. Just an FYI. Good work!
  3. raidersbball20

    Reditor Ii [Mlb 2K12]

    That's RedMC, not reditor Yes there is. The text is in English.iff. you need to use a hex editor to change the text in the file if that makes sense. When altering text the amount of characters needs to be the same or less or the game will crash.
  4. raidersbball20

    How to put portraits on new players in MLB2K12

    Here are the steps. 1.) I first create my portrait using Photoshop. 256x256. For Joe Nathan I name the file nathan.ddsfor example. 2.) Now for size of the file. This step is crucial or the portrait will look terrible in the game. For this step I take a folder with nbamodtool and a COPY of the portrait IFF. For this example I will use Joe Nathan. Use Ty's editor to look up his ID number for the roster you are using. His number is 1729 for me. 3.) Open up the copy of your portrait iff. You need to import nathan.dds into any slot (doesn't matter which one) and export it back out as 1729.dds 4.) nathan.dds was 87,536 bytes in size and the resulting 1729.dds is 87,520 bytes. As I said this step is absolutely necessary. 5.) Now for installation. Create a folder called portraitand a folder within the portrait folder called 1x. All numbered dds files go in the 1x folder. For example portrait-->1x-->1729.dds. This allows for one or hundreds of portraits to be installed. After placing all completed files in the 1x folder take 7zip and createportrait.7z 6. Install Total Installer Thingy for 2K10. On first setup it asks where your MLB install directory is and so forth. Just follow the directions. Click the ... button and load portrait.7z. Then click the start button. All portraits should now be installed in the game.
  5. raidersbball20

    External hard drive question

    Go with Western Digital. In my experience far more reliable than Seagate. If it's Vista its pretty old so you won't have USB 3.0 ports to take advantage of today's speeds so keep that in mind as well.
  6. raidersbball20

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    The modding is amazing. Everyone should own Madden 08 and NHL 04 for PC.
  7. raidersbball20

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    I continue to play Madden 08 for PC. The mods are ridiculous.
  8. raidersbball20

    how to create cyberfaces?

    From my observation the current cyberfaces created by Jed are using Razors tutorial from the NBA 2K forums. Here is the video.
  9. raidersbball20

    MLB 2K12 Base Coaches

    It needs to be done in reditor under the staff tab.
  10. raidersbball20

    assitance in information

    I believe it's dxt5 no mipmaps...
  11. raidersbball20

    2018 All Star Game

    Great work @bctrackboi11
  12. raidersbball20

    MLB and MILB Roster 2k18

    Excellent news. Just be careful. I believe too many caps can cause crashes in franchise.
  13. raidersbball20

    want to buy mlb 2k12

    It means one thing that he shouldn't be talking about here Jim.
  14. raidersbball20

    How to change team names in a roster?

    What do u need done?
  15. raidersbball20

    cdf File

    What file are u trying to extract?