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  1. hello friend teach me how to create uniform for mlb 2k please can you make me a tutorial

  2. No prob. Remember I use Corel Draw to make all my files. I use Photoshop only as an Importing/exporting DDS textures tool, because I don't know any DDS plugin for Corel Photopaint. ...Right now working with Seattle maintenance update. This is one of the additions to the Mariners uniform set. 1977 -Inaugural season uniform- will replace 1981 stock uniform:
  3. Hello friend, I'm from Cuba, I would like to talk to you this is my user @dlc9108  on Telegram. There in Telgram I have a mlb channel and a bot.


  4. Guys: I see my Marlins set removes Mets blue alternate visitor uniform (slot 482). I'm releasing a hot fix for the Mets to solve this tonight, SDQ.
  5. Version 1.1


    It’s been a long time without updating my Marlins Uniforms, back in 2019. I spent this week checking my old files and watching several Marlins videos from current season and from the past and working in my files at the same time. The result is this really big update. Even City connect 2021 uniform has been updated here. All of them feature the latest changes and improvements. There are 10 uniforms in this set, including those from current season and 4 throwbacks: - Home white uniform. - Road gray uniform. - Alternate black jersey home uniform. - A
  6. Some users have pm me about Marlins uniforms not being updated. Well, I'm working right now on a full Marlins set, including several throwbacks.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Long time without releasing a full set, and without writing so much. This is the result of something I’ve been planning for a long time. Brewers currently have, hands down, the best colors and logo in MLB world. And they are having a great season, so I had to make these ones. Back in 2020, KCcitystar released his new look Milwaukee uniforms for MLB 2K12. They are so good that I played myself with them for two seasons. But in that time, I Also forgot about updating the rest of their uniforms, like I’ve been doing all this time with the rest of the organizations. So I asked for his permission, i
  8. Angels City Connect uniform announcement got me in the middle of another big project... Starting from KCcitystar's 2020 Brewers uniforms, I'm working on a major update for that team. It will be at least 7 uniforms, including both throwbacks. I hope It will be similar to the sets I've released for the rest of the teams:
  9. Rockies City Connect uniform is almost ready. Just a coulpe of things about this one that you won't find in the short description: Making these kind of uniforms is really tricky. It's about trying several times, in order to put things in the right place and the right size too. I Spent a couple of days just looking for the right host uniform for this project. At the end I tried with Orioles, Reds and the former color scheme Astros road, that's the one I finally used, mainly because of its very tall and thin numbers, and the perfect position for the ones on the front. Anyway, I took
  10. Hello, guys. I've already gathered some info about Rockie's new City Connect uniform: But at this point, I've been busy updating Cubs set. Long time without doing anything to those ones. I'm filling both retro slots this time with 1909 road uniform and my own version of 1942 vest with zipper home uniform. Both, thanks to my last year's Cardinals textures. I really like these ones:
  11. After updating Oakland set, I'm working with Minnesota. I found a great project for a throwback in 1959 Washington Senator's zipered uniform. If you remember my St. Louis "Stan the Man" uniform, this one will use the same template:
  12. You mean the stock ones?. It would have been very Hard making it the right way for MVP, because its pattern actually works like a grid. It lets you see lots of texture/models imperfections. It happened to me in 2k12. The squares have to be of defferent size and proportion in every area, in order to make them look nearly the same size in gameplay. And you can see several deformations in the texture. It's actually better a map/tool for making uniforms.
  13. Dodgers uniforms are almost ready too. But I found this thing on the net. 1916 so unique checked uniform:
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