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  1. Version 1.5


    This is the result of two ideas I had while working for 2K Caribe 2019 mod. You can find the explanation in this other post: So, these are the MLB and public versions of those mods for fielding and base running. One is ready for MLB mods and the other one is avialable to be used in any other mod, by adding the pictures to the right .iff files. I guess the fielding mod is a good improvement to help players in this aspect. Although the runners mod is not so important to me, we, the testers, agree one tends to be more "agressive" with the runners. I find it kind of funny, btw. - If you just want to test my fielding guide and runners icos in any MLB mod, just download "Fielding+Runners.rar" and replace "gamedata.iff" for the fielding mod and "overlay_static_preload.iff" for the runners icons mod. These files feature the generic "MLB 2K Series" art I made for my jersey wrinkles global.iff file. - If you want to use them for your own mod, then download "Fielding+Runners for modders.rar" and use any editing tool to replace the pictures in the right file. Hope you like them.
  2. Great point! . I've already usted the white layer for some mesh softball-like jerseys in the Caribe mod. Texture N°3 is already present in all uniforms, since it's in the light gray zone of the alpha channel. I think replacing mesh texture (white-4) for a stronger version of the common light gray one for dark jerseys would be great, since currently it's too soft for those colors.
  3. That would be great. But what is the black level to unlock texture N°4?. I mean white is for the mesh; black for buttons, patches, etc.; 85-85-85 gray for the stirrups and 170-170-170 for the common drill pattern. But not sure about the gray level for texture N°4. Back in 2017 I tried to use texture N°2 for a special BP like uniform, Red Sox St. Patrick's Day, BTW. But the way it looked was not the same in all its parts. I gess they designed this texture just for the stirrups, and never payed attention about how it could look in the rest of the uniform. I finished moving the effect to the green texture.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I've been working on this since a while ago. With this file, I'm trying to add some different, and more natural, I think, wrinkles to the jerseys. They try to copy the way a jersey looks on an athletic body. I'm also trying to clean some spots that can be seen in the jerseys when using current mods. You can consider this still an experimetal mod. I had to avoid including some other changes already present in the global.iff files we are used to have in our mods, in order to avoid unwanted secondary effects. So please backup your current global.iff file before trying this one, and just make me know anythig you like or don't like about it for further versions. Just read this post, if you don't know what this is about: What there is in this GLOBAL.IFF file: -My jersey wrinkles mod. -All batting gloves, shoes and equipment made by other modders and present in 2019 global.iff MVPmods avialable versions. -Some little fixes in the ball. -A new 2K Baseball, not related to any specific year, logo. -Maybe some easter egg. What THERE IS NOT in this GLOBAL.IFF file: Since I had some troubles trying to move all I could from an old modded global.iff to my own file, I had to choose not to mess with any skin tone, eye color or hair files. So all those pictures are exactly the original ones. This file keeps the original 43MB file size. So i'ts still compressed. Please have in mind that the logo says 2KSeries, but this file is ONLY FOR MLB BASEBALL 2K12.
  5. Umachines


    Any good quality 12 buttons, 4 axis and 1 POV controller would work great. As KC says, Logitech Dual Action is the standard. And that's cause they used that ones while making the PC version, and they just copied the Xbox/PS2 control schemes. Shame the sticks quality. In fact, if the game doesn't recognize your 12-4-1 specific gamepad, just go to regedit and change the OEM name value of your gamepad for 'Logitech Dual Action' exactly. Set the buttons order the same way (you may need extra software), and MVP Baseball will accept it. BTW, this is just for old DirectInput gamepads. Xbox360 controllers won't work with their native drivers unless you do some other changes.
  6. I agree with you, KC. And I'm gulity of not doing something about this before. In fact, I can't imagine anything more boring to me about 2K12 uniforms than editing names letters. In Latin winterball we don't really care about players names. That's just another place for advertising. Only Mexican teams are using them lately. So, I've never really payed attention to this part of MLB uniforms.
  7. Since my work on Caribe 2K19 is done, I'm back to MLB 2020 stuff. This is a pic of my WIP for the Padres new pinstripes road uniform. I want to make some new changes to my templates and there are still some details about Nike swoosh shape and position, so the final version of this uniform could be slightly different:
  8. No problem, dude. Once our mod is released, I'm making these files public. But you can send me the needed files to make our own NCAA version.
  9. Beside making uniforms, I also like trying some changes to the way the game looks. But more than that, to the way it feels. If you remember These power icons from any MVP baseball mod, I made them the first time for the earlier MVP Caribe Versions. I guess many players, like me, used to feel more 'agressive', just because of the addition of these power icons, instead the stock ones: I also made these subtle changes to the runners minimap, with the little batting helmets, and some tweaks to the way it looked in general. This is less noticable than the power icons. But I think it was a good improvement too. BTW, I took the idea of the helmets from the game SPORTS TALK BASEBALL for the Sega Genesis, back in the 1990's XD. Well, now for the 2K12 mods, I want to make some changes the same way, but according to what this other game allows me. The first thing I'm trying is my own version of what we used to call the vector circle in MVP. It's the guide to field a flyball most of the times. We are testing this version, and I think it's very nice to field the ball with it: The other detail I want to change are those icons that tell you to wich base any runner is going at the moment, Those ones that say '1','2','3' and 'H'. I'm trying these arrows that point to the bases: All these changes are really simple and easy to do. But I'm sure you will agree with me that the game will feel different once you test them.
  10. Bro, the house uniform of the hastros, gets the very stuck number of the letters he has on the front.

  11. One never stops learning. I really want to thank you for your help, guys. This is the way uniforms will look with my changes to gobal.iff file. We are using it in 2K19 Caribe mod. But I'm releasing a MLB version soon too. I think it is well balanced, not too much, not too little of wrinkle effect. And it also looks very clean too. I'm leaving more pictures with the same Dominican team, just to comapare with the rest of the pics.
  12. Well, you know I've been trying to replace that texture you said (039DBD50.dds) for the original one, with your compiled iff tool, and it actually does some damage to the iff container every time I try. I mean the file works, but with some funny glitches. Maybe with an Hex editor?
  13. Thanks again. That's cause you have to ask all you can .
  14. Thanks again, KC. In fact, you were the first person I thought about when I saw this mod. And I guess global.iff has also been growing with all these shoes and accesories improvements the last years. I found all the six textures you have told me. But I still have a problem with it. This is your vesion of the file. It looks much more natural with the wrinkles. But looking closer, I've found some spotted areas. Mostly on left shoulder and under both arms. I also want to try something else with this texture. I'm adding the old "Jers" texture form MVP 2005, in order to imitate the way the jersey would look on an athletic body. I guess it would work great for most players. Sorry, CC. Remember this is a WIP version, and there are still several things to fix. But you can see the chest shape and even the clavicles. And here is my problem: If I change all six files in an original global.iff file, from 2K12, The uniform looks clean and with all the wrinkles I want. But if I do the same to the modified global.iff, I still have some of those spots I say: So, there has to be a seventh file to change. But I have not found it yet. I also have another question about this file. The original version is about 42Mb. But the current file is 93Mb instead. Since I have not studied all the rest of the files yet, I'm not sure about the reason for such a big difference in current global.iff size.
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