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  1. Beside making uniforms, I also like trying some changes to the way the game looks. But more than that, to the way it feels. If you remember These power icons from any MVP baseball mod, I made them the first time for the earlier MVP Caribe Versions. I guess many players, like me, used to feel more 'agressive', just because of the addition of these power icons, instead the stock ones: I also made these subtle changes to the runners minimap, with the little batting helmets, and some tweaks to the way it looked in general. This is less noticable than the power icons. But I think it was a good improvement too. BTW, I took the idead of the helmets from the game SPORTS TALK BASEBALL for the Sega Genesis, back in the 1990's XD. Well, now for the 2K12 mods, I want to make some changes the same way, but according to what this other game allows me. The first thing I'm trying is my own version of what we used to call the vector circle in MVP. It's the guide to field a flyball most of the times. We, are testing this version, and I think it's very nice to field the ball with it: The other detail I want to change are those icons that tell you to wich base any runner is going at the moment, Those ones that say '1','2','3' and 'H'. I'm trying these arrows that point to the bases: All these changes are really simple and easy to do. But I'm sure you will agree with me that the game will feel different once you test them.
  2. Bro, the house uniform of the hastros, gets the very stuck number of the letters he has on the front.

  3. One never stops learning. I really want to thank you for your help, guys. This is the way uniforms will look with my changes to gobal.iff file. We are using it in 2K19 Caribe mod. But I'm releasing a MLB version soon too. I think it is well balanced, not too much, not too little of wrinkle effect. And it also looks very clean too. I'm leaving more pictures with the same Dominican team, just to comapare with the rest of the pics.
  4. Well, you know I've been trying to replace that texture you said (039DBD50.dds) for the original one, with your compiled iff tool, and it actually does some damage to the iff container every time I try. I mean the file works, but with some funny glitches. Maybe with an Hex editor?
  5. Thanks again. That's cause you have to ask all you can .
  6. Thanks again, KC. In fact, you were the first person I thought about when I saw this mod. And I guess global.iff has also been growing with all these shoes and accesories improvements the last years. I found all the six textures you have told me. But I still have a problem with it. This is your vesion of the file. It looks much more natural with the wrinkles. But looking closer, I've found some spotted areas. Mostly on left shoulder and under both arms. I also want to try something else with this texture. I'm adding the old "Jers" texture form MVP 2005, in order to imitate the way the jersey would look on an athletic body. I guess it would work great for most players. Sorry, CC. Remember this is a WIP version, and there are still several things to fix. But you can see the chest shape and even the clavicles. And here is my problem: If I change all six files in an original global.iff file, from 2K12, The uniform looks clean and with all the wrinkles I want. But if I do the same to the modified global.iff, I still have some of those spots I say: So, there has to be a seventh file to change. But I have not found it yet. I also have another question about this file. The original version is about 42Mb. But the current file is 93Mb instead. Since I have not studied all the rest of the files yet, I'm not sure about the reason for such a big difference in current global.iff size.
  7. What really impressed me the most about 2K baseball games, compared to our old MVP 2005 was the way their engine deals with cloth simulation. In the old game there was no way to simulate cloth. So, the only thing they had was their skills to make some polygons and static bitmaps simulate how clothes look on a human body. They used to draw some wrinkles on the same jersey files. Uniform makers remember very well "jers", "jert", "jerf" and "jerk" fles. But with the new way to do the things, these textures were not neccesary enymore. Well, I used to think this way too. The fact is that these tricks are still very handfull. Since 2K Baseball is aviable, my main complain about the uniforms was that they used to look great, but too artificial. Like made of wax, remember?. And that's cause I made my own templates back in 2017, before releasing any uniform. That's good, but they still looked too 'perfect', I mean too clean, and no wrinkles, according to the body type. What I'm doing now is actually already done. Another uniform maker saw this too and made his own solution. I don't really know who did it, and it was a great job. But you know I always try to do these things my own way. There is actually a file that you can use to simulate some extra wrinkles on the uniforms. It's located in global.iff. They are two textures. The original version of the game came with this file. There are almost not wrinkles, although it's easier to see this watching its alpha channel, instead the main yellow picture: I'm posting later what I'm doing with this texture, guys...
  8. Hello, mcoll. I'm working on some Padres update. In fact, I'm planing something bigger that includes the Nike agreement.
  9. Thanks ball four. I'm following your hard work with MVP too. You have to know this feeling of knowing you can make certain uniform, and not resting until it's already working.
  10. Thanks for your words guys. Every one of you is very appreciated to me. You know, Caribbean uniforms are somtimes a true challenge, mostly because of the tons of advertising on them. But there are also many other things that make them particularly hard to recreate. The letterings are not as easy to find as MLB wordmarks. Most of the times we have to make them again with vector software starting from pictures of the jerseys. And several teams add funny colored shapes to their jerseys that make them even harder to copy. Special event patches are not aviable in online stores either. If it's not enough, some teams also change these shapes and even the letterings almost every year. But we take this the funny way and try to do our best to copy them anyway. Didn't I mention that winterball season lasts only 3 monthes, by the way?. I wanted to show you this case. CARIBES DE ANZOATEGUI is a venezuelan team. They added a new pattern to their uniforms this year. I like the way they look, but the first time I saw it, I thought 'well, what is this now?': These are some oval lunars set in a beehive pattern. But they are randomly placed in lighter and darker groups. I knew I was not gonna find this thing on the net. So I decided to make my own pattern, similar to what I did for Arizona snake skin uniforms a couple of years ago. I made my own beehive oval pattern with vector software and manually changed the gray tones for little random groups, until I got something that I guessed was close to the real pattern. Then I used my vector pattern in the bitmap editor. This was a very easy solution, in fact. this is a WIP picture. And this is the final result for my Caribes 2019-2020 uniforms:
  11. Hello everyone. I want to use this way to keep those ones interested in my work making uniforms, posted about the things I’m doing or I’m about to do. Right now, We’re in MLB post season. But certainly I’m not resting at all when it comes to uniforms. My lastest MLB set was for the Atlanta Braves. You can check it here, if you have not seen it before: But in this moment, I’m back with some old friends (and some new ones too) at MVP Caribe site. We are currently working on 2019-2020 Caribbean winter ball season mod. These are some pics of the uniforms I’ve been making these last days: I guess they’ll be over 70 uniforms for the Dominican and Venezuelan leagues. If you are one of those baseball lovers who just want to play any of the game ways, give it a try. It’s certainly a great way to know a little bit about where most of Latin MLB players come from. I’m also excited about what Nike is doing with its new exclusivity MLB contract. And I have to admit, that although I’m one of those who didn’t want the (in)famous swoosh on the jersey front, Nike is releasing exactly what they need to release to make most of people forget about the patch. And of course I’m willing to make my own version of all this new stuff. In fact, I don’t want to just release my 2K12 updates. I actually want to dust my MVP sets off. And brig you my versions of these new uniforms. I want to update my 320p uniforms and I want to release them this time in an easier way to install You can see one of these sets here: Anyway, time and money are what keeps me from dedicating more to my unie mods. So I decided to make public my Pay Pal account, not to charge a fee for them, but to accept uniforms requests and donations, of course. In fact, I’m planning an even bigger project that involves a lot of PC Baseball uniforms. Please support me here: paypal.me/umachines (In case you decide to send me some supporting payment, please contact me via PM, to have that in mind) You can also use my paypal account if you have a particular uniform request that you would like to ask for. This is part of aproject that I could not finish two years ago for some reasons that are not worthy to mention, but I hope we can retake these ideas: Well, that said, I’ll be posting some news here and thanks to Yankee4Life again for letting me announce this at the site. Don’t forget: paypal.me/umachines if you want to support me.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    FINALLY, This is my version of the Atlanta Braves uniforms. I made them to add the new alternate jerseys. I know we are in the off season now, but, well, a gift for loyal baseball fans anyway. Hope you enjoy them. I think these ones are the last Majestic brand uniforms I'm uploading. Nike MLB agreement is showing it's first uniforms, and I'm planing to keep this stuff updated as long as I can. There is an issue with the new navy cap, the one of the tomahawk logo. Since this logo is extra wide, there is no uniform that support it in the game, the way it should be made. So I deleted the HR logo and put the logo right on the cap file. The problem is that the cap file is a very low res one, so it will not look nice if you see it closer. We have many problems with these kind of caps in the Caribe 2K mod that I'm helping to make this year. So I'm not resting at all when it comes about uniforms. My next MLB uniforms will feature Nike swoosh, since it comes to stay around a long time. So, expect more of my updates in the off season, I hope. Please, don't forget to update the colorlist info, in order to have the right accesories colors. Use the MLB Roster tool for this. You can download it with most of 2k12 uniform updates, my own sets included.
  13. Thanks, LouisvilleLipp. Yes, just overwrite all files and load the txt with MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1 again.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, there. This is my special set of uniforms for the WS 2019 finalists, The Houston Astros And the Washington Nationals. In this set you will find 14 uniforms: 8 for the Nationals and 6 for the Astros. Most of the uniforms were already released few days ago for the post season series. But I spent a lot of time fixing as much as I could for this. These are the changes in this set: -General fixes in the color schemes. -All current season uniforms feature right sleeve and cap WS2019 patches. You know cap patches are not something I used to do. And that's cause in 2k12 uniforms, Take Two downsized the cap textures from 512x512 to 256x256. So caps lost a lot of quality and they look worse than those from previous versios. I've spent a lot of time trying to take them back to 512 size, but with no results... yet. I made these ones anyway for the party. There are also two extra uniforms in the set, one for each team. I decided to include two Turn Back the Clock uniforms. Trowbacks are some of my favorite uniforms. Shame I had no time to make more, for several teams, like back in 2017. For the Nationals, I made 1969 Monteral Expos powder blue uniform. They wore it on june the 6th. This uniform features right sleeve 100th MLB anniversary patch, wich all teams wore that year. It's also my personal trubute to the Expos, btw. The Astros extra uniform is the one they wore on august the 9th. It features the rainbow pattern from shoulders to sleeves. I've always really liked all this Astos' Raibow stuff. Please, remember to update the uniforms colors by applying UM-WorldSeries2019Colorfix.txt file. This is important to have the right accesories colors and to enable a couple of extra uniforms in the set. You can use the supplied MLB Roster Tool for this. ADDITIONAL INFO: Guys, in the next days I'm willing to take more seriuosly this modding stuff. I'm going to keep submitting my public files, But I'm also accepting personal requests to make uniforms. I'm also accepting donations via PayPal, so I can spend more time making these pieces. I still have a lot of projects to do with these uniforms, and I guess this is the right way to manage it. I think there is still room to improve 2K12 uniforms even more. But I also feel the time I'm going to spend in this has to worth more than my personal pleasure for making them. I have plenty of projects to keep this alive, so I hope users understand me and support me too. Thanks, Yankee4Life for letting me announce this. So, for now I'm openning a thread for the feedback. If you want to help me with this project, my paypal link is: paypal.me/umachines My name is Vladimir Altuve Let's keep in touch, and Happy World Series.
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