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  1. Not in fact. My kind of “minor leages” project is related to the Caribbean Winterball. But this last season I was out.
  2. Great info, pal. Thanks. And I guess Braves will also wear ASG patch?. Not sure about that.
  3. I left St. Lois and Houston out just cause they were the latest teams I updated in 2019 WS special set. Those uniforms are only missing the Nike brand changes. But now they both will have their early updates, I hope.
  4. Thanks. I use to mark the folders of unfinished teams with a number, "1", in order to have them in the first places. I've always liked Braves uniforms a lot. The only reason I didn't work with them last year is 'cause I wanted to make my own version of those feather sleeves pullovers, but I never started. Well, it's time. BTW, If anybody already downloaded Mariners 2021 set, I've just uploaded a small fix for two issues I had with the Pilots uniform.
  5. Mariners Set is online to download, guys. A lot of work, since I was out of shape. But hope you enjoy these ones, specially Seattle Pilots uniform:
  6. Version 1.0.1


    It’s been a long time since my last update. Several good and bad things have happened these last months. But I’m back with some uniforms. This time I’ve updated my Mariners’ 2017 uniforms with all the changes of 2020 versions. They seem to be the same thing, so they can be called 2021 anyway. But I wanted to do something really cool for this set. So the aditions are light blue jersey Spring Training uniform, 2019 Seattle Pilots day Throwback and another Jessie Alkire, aka Thespungo, concept, this time in japanese. There are 8 uniforms in this set: - Home white uniform - Road g
  7. Thanks, guys. There is still a lot to do for this Mariners set. And I'm also using it to retake my pace. I hope the final result will be a good stuff.
  8. After a long rest... sort of... I'm retaking the 2k12 uniforms updates with my 2020 missing teams. I'm working with the Seattle Mariners right now. Cap logo will be much bigger and I want to add 2019 Pilots uniform and 2020 light blue spring training jersey:
  9. Hi. Thank you so much for always producing.

    I have a suggestion, but I don't think the stripes on the top and bottom of the striped uniform are right.

    The top has dense stripes, but the bottom one feels a little empty.  (especially the Yankees).

    If you're going to make a uniform for the year 21, please consider my suggestion and if it's possible, please make it that way.

    I sincerely apologize if my comment was uncomfortable. Always thank you and have a great 21 years!

    1. Umachines


      Hi!, thaks for your observation. I did this because pinstripes acually look very diffent in chest, legs and sleeves. I mean these parts are not the same width. You can see it in stock uniforms, where they made them the same width. I tried to make my version to look more like real pinstripes, but it may need some more work.

  10. Sure!. Please, I want an updated global file too.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Well, some days out of the uniform action, but I’m back. I’ve updated my Royals 2017 uniforms with all the changes of 2020 versions. The additions in this sets are 1942 Kansas City Monarchs Negro Leagues Uniform and another Asian heritage Jessie Alkire, aka Thespungo, concept, this time in japanese. There are 7 uniforms in this set: - Home white uniform - Road gray uniform - Alternate baby blue jersey home uniform - Alternate “KC” royal blue jersey road uniform - Alternate golden details white uniform - Asian Heritage Concep by Jessie Alkire *. It replaces
  12. friend braves of atlanta is one of the most awaited for the update

  13. I see. I've also notieced that the alpha channel in that green minimap, the gray texture, has even more influence than the green one.
  14. Is that TheSpungo?. I already sent him a message. But that's not the problem. The problem is that I was too much poilte.
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