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  1. Thanks, guys. My project with the Guardians is updateing the four uniforms seen so far in the "official" mockups and move my four classic Indians uniforms to some other slots, waiting for some other updates when all the real movement starts. I'm also in debt with my uniforms templates update and some minor additions, like Mets' black jersey. Open to more missing pieces and suggestios, btw. Draft Pick: Thanks in advance, I'm contacting you. I also have a couple of tricks I can give you.
  2. Happy New Year, guys!. Already working with Cleveland's new image....
  3. Hi, friend!! you could make the mets uniforms, the one that is black t-shirt? that this season came out in the middle of the season !! Thank you!!

    1. Umachines


      Hi!. I'm gonna have a look. Español, BTW?

    2. Rainel Novoa

      Rainel Novoa

      ah ok gracias jj!!

      como aqui todo dicen qeu debe ser en ingles jj!!

      y gracias amigo ,  ese uniforme de los mets asi negro es popular!!

  4. Version 1.0


    This is my v1.0 of the World Series 2021 uniforms for MLB 2K12. Both teams' uniforms are based on my latest sets with some modifications. Here are the included uniforms and changes: All included uniforms feature World Series 2021 patches on right sleeve and cap and my latest version of cool base mesh under the sleeves, like in Phillies 2021 set. BRAVES: -White home uniform -Gray road uniform -Red jersey home uniform -Navy blue jersey road uniform -Cream sundays home uniform For the Braves, number "5" shape has been fixed and Stance socks mo
  5. ... I'm back with the final City Connect 2021 uniform. I hope to be uploading this right today.
  6. Hi, guys. I've spent the full month waiting for this "new" uniform. I'm making it too, but this is really the only one bellow all my expectations. I even like the Giants' fog concept. Of course I'm making this one for 2K12 too. I like the blue pants stuff. I think it works for the Cubbies too, and I guess this is one of the places where Nike wants to take all MLB teams, some all-dark uniforms for most of the teams. But you know "Los (English name)" is not my favorite concept at all. Anyway, alive languages are the spoken ones, and I guess that's the way they are known in LA for the latinos at
  7. This is known since several days ago. But I wanted to post my thoughts about it. My first impression was not the best. But I feel this will grow in Cleveland fans, mostly beacause of the explanation about the "Guardians" name origin. Nothing will be as good a Chief Wahoo, but it's gone now with the old name. And anythig is definitively better than that tasteless blocky "C". BTW, the Indians identity is very well hidden in all this new look. Sports is a funny thing in the aspect that if for any unexplained reason they become a winning team in the next few seasons, the Indians name,
  8. I'm updating Red Sox set at this moment and I'm using my early 1900's Cardinals uniform to also update both Classic Boston uniforms. One of them will be the memorable "Cy Young" Red Stockings uniform:
  9. Yeah, but the roster is not located ijn the games's foldr, but at "C:\Users\[AccountName]\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves" Wehre [AccountName] is the name of you accout. Make a backup of this litte file from time to time, in case you want to faormat your PC, reinstall the game or just take yoour preference to another machine, cause you need it to keep your roster updated and all the info about modded uniforms. The proble is that once you re-installed the game, Roster.ROS was replaced for a stock version too.
  10. Did you delete all the old files?. Don't you have any backup of your "Roster.ROS" file?.
  11. mi pana, espero estes bien te sigo desde mvp caribe, y me han servido mucho de tus manuales, como el de usar  el game pad del xbox, te queria consultar si abes como validar que en un juego en linea no se haga trampa o que   el contrario haga trampa editando los atributos de los jugadores, te le pregunto porque ahora tengo un torneo en linea www.tebomvp.com,  hace algunos años jugue  en una liga parecida que llevaba omar se llamaba  lebv, y el tenia la opcion de sacar el box score y validar si se hacia trampa o no, le consulte  a el pero me dijo que no tenia tiempo ahora para explicarme, queria saber si tu sabes algo al respecto

    1. Umachines


      Hola. La verdad no se mucho de esa parte. Me dediqué tanto a los uniformes que poco juego, y casi nunca con alguien más.

  12. WIP picture of Giants City Connect uniform. I still have to fix some elements size and location and tweak that mist gradient effect.
  13. Thanks, @Behindshadows. But I've been working on my own "What If" version. You can find these uniforms as the AL home alternates in my 2021 ASG set:
  14. Version 1.5


    These are my 2021 uniforms for the All-Star Game Special event. Both uniforms are included, the way they have been presented so far. I've added July the 4th Stance socks to both official uniforms, since I guess they suit them. I've been working on an alternate fantasy version of the All-Star Game uniforms, based on Colorado Rockies color schemes and symbols. They are also avialable in this file. I thought about these uniforms as my CR version of the Home Run Derby yearly event. If you folow my uniforms, you may notiece I used some elements form 70's/80's pieces that I thought would
  15. A preview of ASG work in progrees uniforms. Very bad desingned uniforms, BTW. The color scheme is a disaster, if there is one. This won't look any good in the game. nor in the real life. Numbers font and the stars under the numbers themselves are good. But those flowers, the script design, the purple of the patches...
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