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  1. Thaks, @Behindshadows. Well, my way to work is much less technicall. I use my version fo the templates to make 4 pictures that must be very well aligned. The main picture, its alpha chanel, the main texture, which color base is 0,128,0 RGB, and its alpha channel too. Most of the times I just turn that green texture into gray 125,128,128 as base color to get its alpha channel, but sometmes I have to reverse the colors for certain grayscale pictures. The alpha channels are very important in 2K DDS files. One has to figure out how all of them work in every of the different pictures of a uniform,
  2. I take most of my scripts and logos from Cris Creamer's site: https://www.sportslogos.net/ But sometimes, I have to make my own versions. It happens a lot with newer uniforms, scripts and patches. So I've decided to post some of these pictures I make for my uniforms, in case anybody else needs them too. I'm sharing these material at sportslogos.net too.
  3. Thanks, dude. But not sure about the backward compatibility of this proceddure with MLB 2K12.
  4. I guess these two uniforms were made thinkning about the City interleague matches, no matter who's home.
  5. I find this desing much better now with the official release than in the leaked pictures of some days ago:
  6. It's ready to download now. I had to tweak some elements and cheat with those pinstripes. They are gray, instead white. Much better from the far view. It was really annoying wih the white lines:
  7. It still has some details. But looking good so far:
  8. Thanks. I'm trying with a camouflage pattern generator...
  9. No, not yet. I just have the pictures. At this point, I'm still figuring out how to recreate that dark fabric pattern. Once I get it, I'm making the scripts starting with a similar english font.
  10. Thanks. I saw it awhile ago. Not sure about what to say, cause it 's not a big change.
  11. Version 3


    Hello, this is the initial release of my version of Nike’s City Connect uniforms for MLB 2K12, season 2021. I’m planning to be updating this set, according to the way the new uniforms are released. I’ve assigned extra slots coded “CTY” for every uniform. These are the uniforms so far: 1) Boston Red Sox, slot number 444 and uniform file “uniform_bor_cty.iff”. Inspired on Boston Marathon yearly event. This set also comes with a stock CL2 uniform, in order to override the beta version I posted in my feedback thread some days ago. 2) Miami Marlins, slo
  12. I'm almost done with Marlins City Connect uniform. But I'm uploading it with a fixed version of my Boston uniform. So this iniforms will come in a cummulative download, adding the next Nike releases one by one:
  13. Here are the other two uniforms for the Cardinals Special set, guys: An here is the link to download the set:
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This set has 4 uniforms for the St. Louis Cardinals. They are not uniforms from current season, since they are intended to be intalled with KCcitystar 2021 Cardinals upadate. You can update Cardinals uniforms to 2021 season by installing this set first: I just wanted to level Cardinals throwback options with the rest of the teams, and at the same time, developing some templates for more ancient teams uniforms. I put a lot of effort in these ones' research and making. As I've said before, I've been running from making oldest 1900 type jerseys all these years, because I never
  15. Wow!. Thanks for it, So much color, BTW. I'm not a fan of Marlens current style, but this is something really different. This City connect program is quite funny. Well, the info is in its folder...
  16. I've been running from the oldest string front jersey, early 1900's uniforms since I saw this game for the first time. I had to make my own string and lace front before, and that's what I did for one of these uniforms for the Cardinals. It will work well for a couple of this kind of jerseys for other teams too. One of the hardest thigs here is simulating a good jersey neck, where there is no neck at all. The other one is "1942 Stan the Man" zipper uniform. I really like this one. A lot of work on both jersey fronts green texture, hope you like them when uploaded:
  17. Thanks, KC. I'm going to update just the retro and some extra slots. It's like an expansion set, or so.
  18. Hello. St. Luis is very well updated this year by KCcitystar. Maybe I'm just adding some few throwbacks, in order to level its options with other teams. But t's great to play at this point;
  19. Hello. That picture is a WIP preview from one of the new throwbacks in my Tigers set v2021. Current home uniform "D" logo is already fixed in this version too:
  20. ... A prev picture of 1914 "Ty Cobb" uniform for Detroit:
  21. I'm checking Detroit uniforms again, and I see I've not made real retro uniforms for this team. Here are some uniforms I want to add for next Tigers version:
    Great faces, Wuilmer
  22. This v2 fixes a strange fiber pattern on the cap, removes ghost seam lines on the jersey and makes patch surrounding wrinkels softer: 2021-UM-RedSoxCityYellowV2.rar
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