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  1. MLB 2K12 Random Roster Generator

    This tool will allow you to generate a fully fictional roster from the MLB through Single-A with just the click of a few buttons! 
    This was made with an emphasis on realism, so I tried to make the formulas as robust as possible to generate the most lifelike players possible. BUT at the same time I wanted there to be a random factor, so it still provides MUCH freedom so you'll never get the same player twice and a wide variety of different player types! : ) Feel free to customize any formulas to fit your needs! This should make the roster portion of some mods A LOT easier!
    README file included inside the download! 
    **Something I forgot to mention** - This is meant for franchise mode. So what you should do for the best experience is start a franchise, turn on fantasy draft with a Fixed order, and then either manually draft or simulate the draft so that the rosters are properly reordered! 


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  2. MLB 2K12 Texture Editor

    - Recompiled and 99% translated from the 3DM NBA2K Mod Tool with Visual Studio 2013.
    - Import/Export content from .IFF files for every NBA/MLB 2K game up until 2009.
    - Import/Export 3D models in N2KM format for use in Blender

    What's also included:
    "zlib.dll" decompression library for public use
    "DXRender_4.dll" for the utility to run and export files

    *Please make sure your system has all of the following: Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable SP1 or higher, .NET Framework 4.0 or higher, DirectX (June 2010) or later (with D3DX9_43.DLL)*
    Extract to its own folder with the two DLL files included in the same directory otherwise the program will not run.


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  3. MLB 2K Modding Toolkit

    MLB 2K Modding Tool Pack

    Every file you need to mod MLB 2K PC.

    3DM Mod Tool

    kc-mlb2k12texedit-English version of 3DM mod tool. Change textures, scoreboard logos, etc.

    MLB_2K12_FXG_Date_Swapper-Change the date in franchise

    MLB2KAudioEditorv0200-Use to update game audio.  Commentary is yet to be cracked.

    Total Installer Thingy-Use to update portraits

    Ty’s Roster Editor-Roster editor, change uniform font/number colors, import colorlists…

    REDMC-Insert 4K textures and modify the English.iff

    Reditor II-Edit team names

    NBA Mod Tool-Insert/extract textures & 3D models

    *REDMC and Reditor need licenses purchased from Vlad over at the NLSC forums. He is very busy and hard to reach so be patient.

    *Both REDMC and Reditor II flag as viruses and you need to exclude them with your antivirus software.

    *Date Swapper was created to change the franchise date by Vlad. It does change the date but I don’t believe without crashes so be advised.

     *I did not make these programs. I just want to make them available to the community as an all in one.


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  4. SweetFX

    This is new version of official SweetFX preset which can improve your MLB2k12 game graphic better.  Please check, I upload some pictures of my game below!
    Simply, you copy the downloaded this file to decompress into the game folder and play the game.


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  5. Template Create Portrait 2K

    Template Create Portrait 2K
    Many asked me this here I leave the correct size template for 2k12.
    muchos me pidieron esto aquí les dejo la plantilla del tamaño correcto para el 2k12.
    luego hago un tutorial de algunos usos, espero les sirva gracias.
    Then I do a tutorial of some uses, I hope you serve them thanks.
    Edition: Photoshop cs6


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  6. Dave's Date Changer

    My brother David created this powershell thing that changes the date to July 15 2012 and then changes it back to the current date when you exit the game. I hope this helps some people who find it super annoying to change the computer date back and forth all the time.
    Created by David Septimus.


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  7. MLB 2K12 Uniforms Rework and Public PSD Templates

    Hello, guys. It's been a long time since I'm not really active at these forums. Please, remember English is not my mother tonge, so sorry if I don't explain myself clearly, or for any misspelling.
    Ok, that said, I wanted to post this here cause I'm finally helping MVP Caribe crew in a 2K12 mod, and you know uniforms is what I really like to do. So I dusted my files off and I thought about starting to make some uniforms to warm up. But I noticed MLB 2K uniforms have changed very few since 2K9, the time when I made my MLB caps mod. In fact, some few things, like caps themselves, now even use less resolution bitmaps (shame). But the main templates remain almost the same thing, for worse. Although this game's engine is much modern and powerful than MVP's, there are several things I've never liked about these uniforms, mainly the way jerseys are designed. And I'm sure several people here share at least part of what I'm complaning about.
    But I hope it is not too late to introduce some changes myself, before really starting to make uniforms. So, this is what I've seen about MLB 2K12 unies and what I did to try to fix these issues:

    1) First of all, they still look like made of wax. Since 2K9, not just me, but many users have notieced it. Seam lines are too thick and visible from a relatively far point of view. I'm triyng to make a lighter version of the seamlines, including smaller seam dots, or even removing them from parts where they actually can't be seen in the real stuff.
    2) The buttonfront seams, and trim line when there is one, have this break point like a corner, very different from the real uniforms. In real Majestic jerseys, these lines have a "Y" like shape, with a very soft curve instead. See one of the pictures if I don't explain myself correctly. For my review, I spent a while drawing a more accurate shape for these lines, testing, drawing again, and I think at last I got it.
    3) I really hate the default jersey buttons. They look like pig noses to me. I Dont know what the designer was thinking about when he made them. Even worse, they are exactly the same jersey color, what makes them look like made of wax or clay too. What I did was replacing them for a smaller version, with a color a bit darker than the one used on the jersey.
    4) I also included a fix for the pant waistband to look more like Majestic current MLB model. It maight be a very minor detail, but I wanted to fix as may things as possible.
    To show you my WIP at fixing these problems, I'm bringing you four uniforms that you can easily intall in the game in order to test them. These are the uniforms:

    a- Detroit Tigers White Uniform: Everything began with this uniform because it's very simple and easy to work with it, in order to start a new project. It features the front trim that moved me to start making some changes. I spent several hours working on it, testing and trying different things, in order to achieve what I did with it and the other ones.
    b- WBC USA Dark Gray Uniform: Designed to work in Atlanta Braves main visitor slot. I made this one to test dark gray and vest style in the same piece. I Particularly like this piece cause I think it's the only dark uniform of the WBC17 that looks good.
    c- Arizona Diamonbacks main Local Uniform. A challenging one. I guess making a difficult uniform would be a good idea to show you these templates potential.
    d- San Francisco Giants Home Uniform. This is my favourite uniform of any baseball team. I'm not exactly a Giants fan, but I think this uniform is just great. But at the same time, achieving its true color can be very painful. Most versions of this uniform in any game are very far from the way it really looks. It is not really cream. Its color is something between white, and yellowish, depending on the enviromental light. They call it 'eggshell'. So I thought it would be a good idea to make it my way too. Hope Giants fans share my point of view.

    My final goal with this project is making not only uniforms, but releasing a set of templates and tools that will help anybody who wants to add these changes to his own pieces. Right now, I dont have the time, or the age, or the strenght anymore to begin a major uniform rework project. So what I really want is leaving it to the ones who are willing to make their own improved versions of the game uniforms.

    I hope you like them. And expect some news about this project in the next days.
    EDIT: And please leave some feedback and feel free to show me any detail I'm missing, or anything else that I could fix on these uniforms.
    Vladimir Altuve, AKA Umachines, MAR 30, 2017.


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  8. JSGME Generic Mod Enabler

    I researched the program and it is a public program from JoneSoft, so besides the link I posted in the forum post, here is the actual program.


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  9. Simple Portrait Maker for MLB 1.1

    This is looking for a 512x512 TGA or BMP file with an alpha channel, it comes with the Photoshop action from the portrait tutorial. It can be found in the folder you installed this program. You must supply the MVP or MLB IDs. The program will do MVP or MLB portraits, and it can do both at the same time. It makes 256x256 FSH files and 512x512 DDS files. (found in folders called MVP & MLB once again in the folder you installed this program. This program only does ONE player at a time, the one for the tutorial will do 1000+ per session


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  10. MLB 2k12 Portrait Decompress

    If you know how to decompress your portrait files then do so, if not do this

    When you start this it will try to find your MLB 2k12 install folder if it can not it will ask for the location of your mlb2k12.exe file

    After it starts DO NOT TOUCH your PC until it is finished

    You need JAVA for this to work, all this does is automate Nba2KXModTool to decompress the file

    Video of what it does


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  11. MLB Portrait Installer

    When 1st launched it will ask for the location of your mlb2k12.exe file, and it will keep asking until you do it

    Mine is located at

    c:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\mlb2k12.exe

    Installs a folder full of DDS files
    Installs DDS files in an archive (RAR, ZIP, or 7z)
    installs portrait.cdf & portrait.iff in a archive file


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  12. MLB 2K12 auto Cache cleaner

    MLB 2K12 auto Cache cleaner.
    Extract wherever you like


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  13. Total Installer Thingy 4 2K10

    This is Total Installer Thingy 4 2K10. It is used to install portraits into MLB 2k10, 2k11, and 2k12. It was created by Kraw and is a wonderful program. Please thank him for all his hard work he has put into modding over the years.


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  14. MLB2K12 Roster Editor

    A roster editor for MLB2K12.

    This is mostly the same as my roster editor for MLB2K11.

    changes from MLB2K11 Roster Editor:
    renamed Forkball to Split Change
    redid the Batting Stance and Pitcher Delivery lists
    made necessary changes so that you can load 2K12 .FXG and .CMG files
    Free -- as the file formats didn't change much from last year, I'm not going to charge anything.

    Notes: Let me know if there's something wrong. I haven't tested this much. One thing that I noticed is that DL status and DL days left are wrong.


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  15. 2k12 cap template

    this base template for making new caps. 2k caps are agian terrible. its easy to use, but you do have ? ask. there in psd format,


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