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  1. Saludos bro y felicidades por el día de los enamorados, te voy a enviar unas fotos por si te interesa hacer alguna vez los uniformes del juego de las estrellas para el mlb 2k17





    gorra asg.jpg



    mlb-uniforms-all star miami 2017.jpg



  2. MLB2K12 Modders

    everthing is good here ?
  3. Update CF Craig Kimbrel Boston

  4. SunTrust Park 2K17

    Otro leve Duro....
  5. Fenway Park 2K17

  6. Rey Fuentes CyberFace

  7. Are a tutorial which teach some touches in terms of faces. Blender and photoshop
  8. I think if you give it a bit of opacity to the texture it is much better for the game as it gives it a more original look as the look of the game, in my opinion the texture very focused seems MVP baseball 2005 and I do not see it well Since it looks like a photo of a face of a player in real life, MLB2K12 will work different has MVP Baseball 2005 since they are different. MVP Baseball 2005 2D / MLB2K12 3D Excuse me the English.
  9. Well... hermano otro leve
  10. Abreu Jose The final UPDATE CF-MOD 2017

    Jevi Manin #NoBulto... !!! Hot..
  11. Saludos, bro que buen trabajo, pero me gustaría que aparecieran las flechas de los lanzamientos que archivo hay que editar y en el roster tengo problemas con algunos jugadores que salen con caras de otros, igual muy buen trabajo.

  12. Senzatela Antonio CF MOD 2017

    Good job brother
  13. Thanks brother, I want to do so much for this game that time does not arcansa me and my laptop is not very good but when I have a better work for this game I have MLB The Show 16 and despite that I really like the 2k I think so Had to be the best baseball game ever. Thanks brother, but do not believe it I give my life for this game baseball is my passion since childhood, I have many new projects for 2018 this year this will be the last thing but the 2018 new thing will happen.