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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here I leave the music files that contain Latin music in the selection menu, stadium and player presentations, I hope you like it.
    You must tell you that I congratulate you brother for your roster. You know I'm going to use it hahahaha.
  2. Testing the game. Without realizing it took me to perfect game.... At least I recorded it in Video also jejejeje. But from 7 onwards that was when I realized
  3. I think it looks better.
  4. I have to lower the intensity of the images
  5. incorporation of friend logos Behindshadows small and large logo in linear form
  6. yes, thank you already download it as I can mount the images
  7. the V4 This spectacular
  8. nice. very good your uniforms
  9. is very good but I recommend lowering the intensity to the black background that does not protrude much
  10. haa how good the other version. pass me also porfa
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