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    others is to tell you what an excellent job
  1. ah ok, good idea, well my personal opinion is that the player is more excited when he sees that the game is updated, the fact of seeing the year reflected in the game is amazing for many, total editing is very easy
  2. One question is going to leave the same conference logos and world series that were used in 2019, I will edit them and put 2020 on them, while the new ones do not appear, you can use these, they only need to edit the stadiums
  3. ok I understood, well image 1 can remove the logo, image 2 now also 3 and 4 cannot because it is a general logo if I remove it open many faults elsewhere and the last one can also be removed
  4. I don't understand, what do you mean
  5. brother give me permission to use your logo to edit it in my personal use
  6. thanks brother, well so far this work is solo, so far I have not received any proposal to add my work to any mods.
  7. All right, that's fine.
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