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  1. DaSteelerz thanks brother is good when it comes from you that so you are good at stadium ...... thanks
  2. Bostonnico OK thanks bro.....
  3. Stadium update of the Nationals Park 2018 Washington Nationals
  4. Stadium update of the Nationals Park 2018 star game
  5. Well, I've updated all in terms of conference logos, world series logos and team logo behind the plate, I'm starting with the ads with the Toronto and the Houston ones I only have two with the advertisements and banners, I did not have thought about doing it but cheer me up hehehehe
  6. Update of Rogers Center Stadium in Toronto 2018
  7. yo estoy en eso pero lo basico solo los logos del equipo detras del home los logos de conferencia y de serie mundial porque ponerse a ver cada uno de los estadio es mucho tiempo lo otro es que le estoy poniendo imagenes de jugadores con la fecha del 2018 cosas referente al equipo y al mlb asi lo estoy haciendo yo. I'm in that but the basics only the logos of the team behind the home conference logos and world series because to see each of the stadium is a long time the other is that I'm putting pictures of players with the date of 2018 things related to the team and the mlb so I am doing it.
  8. guaro1379

    Mlb2k18 roster

    if already jeferomer has tried to modify it because he is the one that modifies the stadium well but he tells me that he can not be there in that ........... thank you
  9. guaro1379

    Mlb2k18 roster

  10. guaro1379

    Mlb2k18 roster

    logos de conferencia y serie mundial y camisas de publico del juego de estrellas 2018 logos of conference and world series and shirts of public of the game of stars 2018
  11. guaro1379

    Mlb2k18 roster

    thank you all for your comments, that gives encouragement to keep working
  12. guaro1379

    Mlb2k18 roster

    Stargame stadium updated 2018 ........... estadio de juego de estrellas actualizado 2018........... Thank you......
  13. guaro1379

    Mlb2k18 roster

    MLB 2K 18 Adelanto......
  14. guaro1379

    Roster 2018 Spring Training

    amigo te felicito muy buena la iniciativa pero cuando lo trato de descomprimir me da error hermano verifica eso.....