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Total Conversion Mods

Total Conversion mods for MLB2K12

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  1. MLB 2K20 Frontend Art

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  2. 2K MLB 2019 1.0


    The following executable contains update files of the 2K MLB 2012 that will update your 2K to the year 2019.
    It contains update:
    1- Menu (Menu art).
    2- Stadium.
    3- Music of the menu, of loading, the one inside the stadium I could not finish it
    because that will place it in the next updates 1.1.
    4- Roster.
    5- Uniforms.
    6- Logos and mini logos of the teams, world series and Conference 2019 logos.
    I hope you like it .....
    I want to give credits to the following Users who gave me their permission to use
    and reissue your work:
    Kccitystar: music
    Behindshadows: Main Logo
    DaSteelerz: Stadium
    Headtrip47: Roster, Stadium and Uniform
    bctrackboi11: Uniform and Stadium
    Humachines: Uniforms and Uniform Templates.
    andygev35: miami uniforms
    MarkusBroede: Socks and Stadium
    Karelaf: uniforms
    if I miss someone, I apologize .....
    Important Read ...
    1- the executable has two options to install 2K MLB 2019 and install Roster MLB 2019,
    2- First install the complete set closes and reopen it to execute the installation of the roster.
    3- for the one who does not want to install the roster because he is using another one.
    4- for the one who is using another I leave the txt file. of the colors of the uniforms too.
    5- All Colors 2K MLB 2019. 1.0 txt.
    Guaro1379 ...
    Note: below I leave a link: paypal for donations are grateful for your contribution, and your collaboration will encourage you to finish the 2K WBC 2021.
    Thank you....

    el siguiente ejecutable contiene archivos de actualización del 2K MLB 2012 que actualizaran tu 2K al año 2019. 
    Contiene actualización:
    1- Menú (arte de Menú).
    2- Estadio.
    3- Musica del menu, del loading, la de adentro del estadio no lo pude terminar 
       pues esa la colocare en las próximas actualizaciones 1.1.
    4- Roster. 
    5- Uniformes.
    6- Logos y mini logos de los equipos, logos de serie mundial y Conferencial 2019.
    Espero les agrade.....
    quiero darle créditos a los siguientes Usuarios que me dieron su permiso para usar
    y reeditar su trabajo:
    Kccitystar: musica
    Behindshadows: Logo Principal
    Headtrip47: Roster, Estadio y Uniforme
    bctrackboi11: Uniforme y Estadio
    Humachines: Uniformes y Plantillas de uniformes.
    andygev35:uniformes de miami
    MarkusBroede: Calsetines y Estadio
    Karelaf: uniformes
    si se me escapa alguien me disculpo.....
    Importante Leer...
    1- el ejecutable tiene dos opciones instalar 2K MLB 2019 y instalar Roster MLB 2019,
    2- primero instalan el juego completo se cierra y vuelven abrirlo para ejecutar la instalación del roster.
    3- para el que no quiere instalar el roster porque esta usando otro.
    4- para el que este usando otro le dejo el archivo txt. de los colores de los uniformes también.
    5- All Colors 2K MLB 2019. 1.0 txt.

    Nota: abajo les dejo un link: de paypal para donaciones se les agradece su aporte, y su colaboración estimulara para terminar el 2K WBC 2021.



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  3. graficos para mlb 2k18.rar

    graficos para mlb 2k18.rar


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  4. Major League Baseball 2K15 Total Mod

    Welcome to the Major League Baseball 2K15 Total Mod on mvpmods.com

    This mod is a collaboration of works from all the fine modders 2K12 has had since the game released.  Everyone's work is very much appreciated.  A big thank you to everyone who has contributed.

    The mod consists of 7 components: Total Audio, Total Cyberfaces, Total Frontend, Total Portraits, Total Stadiums, and Total Uniforms which transform the game to a 2K15 experience.

    The following is a break down of each mod component and what to expect.

    Part 1: Roster, Franchise, Sliders, and Icon
    The Roster is the BSU-FAN roster updated to 10/10/15.  All uniform colors have been updated for 2K15 and there should no longer be any cyberface IDs assigned to zero.

    The franchise file is BSU-FANs v6 franchise file.

    The difficulty sliders are BSU-FANs custom sliders.

    A Corey Kluber 2K15 .ico file is included in the download to update your icon.

    Part 2: Total Cyberfaces 2K15
    Every cyberface on mvpmods has been sifted through and placed in here dating up to 10/14/15.  There are 1,615 faces in the pack.   Go Wild!

    Part 3: Total Frontend 2K15
    All team logos, MLB and MiLB, every event logo, etc has been updated for the 2015 season. Updated umpires, Updated bats, cleats, baseballs, sky textures, background images, etc has been updated.

    Part 4: Total Portraits 2K15
    Every MLB team should have all the portraits updated as of 10/10/15.

    Part 5: Total Stadiums 2K15:
    Every MLB stadium is included in this pack with real ads.  Most have been updated by Dasteelerz with HD textures.  All the stadiums include 2015 posteason logos.

    Part 6: Total Uniforms 2K15

    Every jersey in the game has been updated for the 2015 season and many of the included crowd files have been updated as well.  MLB and MiLB are both included.

    Part 7: Total Audio 2K15
    Aceshigh has created an offical 2K15 soundtrack with the following tracklist:

    - Blur - Song 2

    - Kiss - Rock n' Roll All Night

    - AC/DC - Playball

    - The Police - So Lonely

    - Warrant - Cherry Pie

    - David Bowie - Heroes

    - Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

    - Sister Sledge - We Are Family

    - Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

    - Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane

    - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop

    - Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

    - Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart

    Crowd noises, and realistic HR sirens have also been updated. 

    Here you will also find TV themes to use in the game: CSN, ESPN, FOX, RogersSN, ROOT, and YES

    All the files have been heavily compressed to as few 100 mb files as possible as that’s mvpmods file size limit.  Please report and problems or bugs, etc, in the Official 2K15 mod thread.  Happy playing my friends! 


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