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  1. Kleizley


    I only have the 2012 uniforms
  2. Kleizley


    Thank you very much i go I will do it as you say. I wanted to know if someone could copy all the uniforms in his 2k mlb, put them together in a single package or a few and pass them by mail or any other part, because on the pc that had the 2k mlb the hard disk was damaged, after I could get another disk hard download mlb 2k12 and I'm missing all the uniforms
  3. Kleizley


    Hi can someone send me all the mlb 2k uniforms in one package please i need it
  4. Version 1.0


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  5. It is to download the full 2k19 mlb
  6. No that's another mlb 2k19
  7. Version 1


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