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  1. Thanks, the problem at the end was the roster, what I did was use RosterEditor to find in the roster file the face ID of the players that interested me and then rename the .iff files corresponding to each of these. It's great that you can start with the update of Max Scherzer's cyberface! Take all the time in the world if necessary, for me not a problem
  2. It must be a bad installation, because I use the headtrip47 roster. For the moment I will re-install the game and see what happens. I'll be looking at the forum, because it would be great to have an update of Max Scherzer's cyberface. Thanks for everything Bostonnico!
  3. Hi, i play mlb 2k12 and i use a roster from this forum, the problem is that Max Scherzer appears with a generic face (all the players really, but it doesn't matter to me since I used cyberfaces in this forum for the players that interest me), and that is the reason why we are looking for a cyberface here.
  4. Hi Bostonnico, first of all, thank you for all your work, it's really great. Having said that, I have a request, is it possible that you can do a cyberface of Max Scherzer? I search everywhere and I can't find anything, will it be very difficult because of the dichromatic eyes?, or perhaps because nobody wanted to do it ?. If it were possible, it wouldn't be a problem if both eyes are brown or green.
  5. Thank you very much, worked perfectly!
  6. Hi Karelaf, really thanks for you work, it's amazing. The only problem i have is, when start a My Player career, the game crash, how can i fix this? I use the files in this post (portraits and roster) and also your mlb2k18 mod that you uploaded some time ago. I used your mods after a clean installation of the game.
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