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Total Classics 2005 Phase 10
Phase Information
Phase 1: AAA(30) and AA(30) League Replacements with 60 of the best classic
Phase 2: 30 Single A League Replacements
Phase 3: 30 MLB League Replacements
Phase 4: Finally got some in-game screen modifications. More audio, more
cyberfaces, PaulW's final old-time Yankee Stadium, more roster tweaks
and more player name announcements. More, More, More! The list just
goes on and on. This mod rocks, that's all!
Phase 5: More stadiums, themes, stadium select screens, loading screens, more
accurate roster tweaks, 1948 St. Louis Browns replaced by the 1942
St. Louis Browns, more cyberfaces, more portraits.
Phase 6: More stadiums, more stadium select screens, more in depth player
ratings, attribute tweaking, team tendencies & appearances, more
cyberfaces, more portraits, more uniforms, more audios, flapless
batting helmets, classic gloves, era-appropriate batter walkup music,
stats visible for all teams, proper titles for jukebox music.
Phase 7: More accurate pitching rotations, contact and power attributes
for all pitchers adjusted, new uniforms, new faces, new audios, new
portraits, new stadiums (Anaheim Stadium, 1950's Wrigley Field,
1967 Fenway Park, Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium,
Riverfront Stadium, Kingdome, Arlington Stadium, Exhibition Stadium),
three new teams added: 1939 New York Yankees replace the 1962 Boston
Red Sox, 1994 Chicago White Sox replace the 1912 Philadelphia Athletics,
1954 Cubs replace the 1964 Cubs.

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This roster incorporates changes/edits made at the end of last season.  Additionally, fielders speed edits are now better integrated thanks to MLB stats being tabulated for baserunning speed.   Some players had to be adjusted accordingly (e.g., Altuve).  Not all new players have been created as of yet as they are uncertain for the start of the season.  Moves include up to today (Lucas Duda to KC).
This will be the only Spring Training roster.  Once again, there will be NO creation or organization for the minor leagues as it is just too time consuming. 
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2018 Durham Bulls uniforms
This is a uni mod with updated uniforms for the Durham Bulls. Included are home and road uniforms, blue home and road alt, a Rays inspired home alt, as well as the number fonts. This mod will add four new uniform slots. Please note that the default road uniform will no longer be available in a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005.
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Cincinnati Reds 1999-2006
bctrackboi11's Seabag: Cincinnati Reds 1999-2006 Home

In 1999, the Cincinnati Reds introduced the color black into their color scheme for the first time in their history. Most associated with the Griffey era in the Queen City, the vest style with red pinstripes were worn until 2007. In 2016 they made a reappearance for one game. Enjoy my personal favorite uniform of my favorite team. 
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BallFour's Total Uniforms '18
This is a total MLB uniform mod for the 2018 season. It includes home and road uniforms, alternate uniforms, and spring training uniforms for all 30 MLB teams.

Installation Instructions

To install, simply extract the team .zip files from the master file and install via TiT. Always remember to back up your files.
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