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  1. Did a little bit of fine tuning and searched the entire player database I'm working with. Found about 10 players that I inadvertently created twice. Usually it was just having the same player on both the AAA and AA team or something like that. But that's all fixed now! I also found a way to increase the number of letters allowable for a name! Unfortunately you can't do it in MVPEdit, but I found that editing all the database registries will allow you to have a longer name! I've successfully created Eric Stuckenschneider. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to show it in-game and it's especially difficult with the name on back! As you can see, I did get it to show up in MVPEdit, despite the cut-off in game and on the jersey.
  2. This here is simply DennisJames's 70s Metropolitan Stadium mod with a modern crowd. That's literally all I changed. Newer ads will take longer, and sadly I haven't been able to operate OEdit on my virtual machine lately so the jumbotron thing is out. metpnite.big
  3. Very nice! If you'd like, I could put in a modern crowd into Metropolitan Stadium for you? I *might* be able to get a Jumbotron in there, but no promises. I can definitely update the crowd though.
  4. Good looking images. Interesting that you opted to go with Metropolitan Stadium as the home of the Twins. Unless that's how the mod came packed.
  5. Oh nice! I'll have to check this out with a few of the 2004 MiLB affiliates that departed after that year.
  6. From my experience, no. There is no compatibility between the two games.
  7. Fixed up the Tokyo Dome as well, converting it from salva's 2004 ads to the ads used back in 2000 when the Mets played the Cubs.
  8. Thanks very much for the encouragement! It means a lot!
  9. And here's the improved Classic Stadiums overlay:
  10. I managed to make a couple fixes with the Seibu Dome! I was able to make it a little more true to life. You can really see outside when in the dome, so I added some scenery beyond the bleachers, and I fixed the color of the sliding pits to match the pitcher's mound.
  11. As Y4L said, it's still a work in progress. Also, in my previous post, I explained that it was an issue with the Classic Stadiums overlay and that it wouldn't appear in a game with a non-Classic stadium. I'm still working on playing with that overlay or using an overlay closer to the MVP Baseball 2005 default so that it can show up properly. Fear not! I will be sure to fix things before the release. And yes, those stadiums are done by Salva, who did incredible work. However, because of an issue in the visual file, I may have to create my own versions of these stadiums. Otherwise, you'll see the Tampa Bay Rays logo in the dugouts in Seibu Dome. I'm a bit limited because of the errors.
  12. Thanks! The overlay in that demo still needs to be adjusted the best I'm able because it's technically the classic overlay. The game was played at the Seibu Dome, which used to be the Metropolitan Stadium classic stadium. The standard game overlay is much better.
  13. New demo up for MVP Baseball 98! Check it out here!
  14. I don't have 2K12 so I wouldn't know, but that's just the official colors from the Toronto Blue Jays themselves. Hope that helps!
  15. BallFour


    Using photoshop to create an alpha layer is pretty simple. Just highlight what you wish to be shown and crank all the levels on it to white. Then all the elements you DON'T want to see, highlight those and turn down the levels all the way to black. Then go to Mode>Grayscale and save it. For MVP Baseball 2005, I save alpha images as 8-bit BMP files.
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