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  1. Sure, why don't you send the photos right here in this thread so I can keep them all in one place?
  2. Sure, this sounds awesome! I can send you the mods for Ottawa, since those are already done. I'll have to do some research on Quebec, Trois-Rivières, and Winnipeg.
  3. Thanks very much! I just might take you up on that. I want to finish MVP 98 first.
  4. Oh good lord. Haha. If I can get ahold of the game and figure out the editors, sure. I've had 15 years of practice with MVP05. Might take me another 15 to be able to release something halfway decent for 2K12.
  5. Sorry, I don't have MLB 2K12 or any of the editors for it. This is sadly MVP05 only. The only way I'm turning to the Dark Side is if someone buys/gives me a legal physical copy of 2K12.
  6. Merry Christmas to all! As a special gift for the MVPMods community, I've decided to pause my work on MVP 1998 for a little bit in order to fulfill some uniform requests, Major Leagues or Minor Leagues! Did you want to see the Portland Beavers uniform set from back in 1993 when they were a Twins affiliate? How about the Tacoma Tigers from 1990? Wanna go further back and get the Havana Sugar Kings of 1958? Just reply to this post and I'll get to work!
  7. Ah ha! That must be it. I'll take a look.
  8. I just uploaded a new file with all the proper affiliations.
  9. Version 0.1.0


    This is a mod that will realign the Minor Leagues to 2021 standards. I've included the new leagues/divisions as currently projected, the new team names, and new logos for all teams. I've also added the LOC files to change the names in game. To install, drag and drop the logos.big file into your data/frontend folder. Drag and drop the org.dat, team.dat, and tstats.dat into the data/database folder. Drag and drop the FEENG.loc and IGENG.loc files into your data folder. The issues that I'm running into right now are the recurrence of one-game playoffs at the High-A level w
  10. So the lightbulb just clicked and I think this might be the solution. I saw a question a few weeks back regarding why TC 93 doesn't work when it comes to Year 2 of a dynasty. And the answer was so simple, but it only dawned on me when I was editing team names for 2021. So here's the deal: In the database folder, there are a few files that have a 3-letter team code. For example, the Yankees would be NYY, Scranton would be SWB, Trenton Thunder would be Tre, and Tampa Yankees would be TmY. You'll see these codes in the team.dat and tstats.dat files. HOWEVER, there is another place whe
  11. Version 2.0.0


    This is a stadium mod for Champion Field at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Lake Buena Vista, FL. It was the Spring Training home of the Atlanta Braves from 1997 to 2019. To install, drag the .big file into your MVP Baseball\data\stadiums folder. It will replace Spring Training Stadium 2 in a default install of MVP Baseball 2005. Always remember to back up your files.
  12. St. Paul Saints, Wichita Wind Surge, and Cedar Rapids Kernels for the Minnesota Twins.
  13. You get out of it what you put into it. I've been modding MVP 05 for over 10 years now and I still haven't released my total conversion mod. But in terms of uniforms, logos, and things like that, I'm sure you can find tutorials on this site to get it done.
  14. Since team audio is one of the things I'm total crap at, I wanted to put out an all points bulletin in case someone is able to create team audio for the new minor league teams coming aboard in 2021. I'll update this list as we get it, and bump it as the new team names come in. Again, this is for MVP2005. Needs: Sugar Land Skeeters (Sugar + Midland?) Somerset Patriots Hudson Valley Renegades (Tim Hudson + ?) Brooklyn Cyclones Syracuse Mets (replace SkyChiefs with Mets) Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders Binghamton Rumble Ponies
  15. Man, you see pictures like this and you remember that the Coliseum wasn't always some hideous piece of steel and concrete. Look at that view of the Oakland Hills!
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