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    Pretty much any sport you can think of, graphic design, road tripping, discovering new diners and dives. Might be Guy Fieri. Might be less of a douche than that.

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  1. BallFour

    Help. The ball is gone.

    And here I thought this was Gary Sanchez asking all of us for help with his lack of catching skills.
  2. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Hey guys! Just finished entering in batting ratings for all 30 MLB teams. Now just working on pitching stats for MLB teams, then I'll start the minors.
  3. BallFour

    MVPedit question.?

    I think I see your problem. You're trying to import the initial stats from a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005, if I'm not mistaken. If that's the case, you don't want to use file or open. You want to click Import. After you click the "Import" button, select your database folder and then click OK. A new window will appear. You'll have to give a name to this roster. I just usually enter "default" or something like that. Then click "Save". Once you do that, you should have a .mbe file, which is your editable file. Once you've made changes that you want to save, click the "Export" button at the top, select your database folder, and click OK. It will ask if you want to overwrite the file. Choose OK one more time and your new changes will be in the game.
  4. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Thanks very much!
  5. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Just a progress update here. Throwback uniforms have been finished for all 30 teams. I'm now working on portraits for guys currently in the free agent pool, including those that retired in 1997. All I'm doing for them is Photoshopping a blank white jersey and blank black cap. I also performed a fix on my Tropicana Field, which was showing a black space on the ads past the right field bleachers. So that's something that's been fixed before it makes it to air. Next up is continuing work on the uniform select screens, this time for Minor League teams. I'm also continuing work on portraits, and these are the longest, most pain in the ass parts of it now that stats are done. Also, a note: If anyone is interested in taking a look at my roster file and adding player ratings based on the stats from 1997, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll keep plugging along as usual.
  6. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    I've got another preview for you all. Here's some game action featuring the Turn Ahead the Clock uniforms I created for the Mariners and Royals. I had to special create the lettering and numbers for the Mariners uniforms, and that Royals batter is Jeff King, the lucky recipient of another facial hair mod I did to give a player the bushy Goose Gossage mustache.
  7. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Just focusing on getting something where I can enable a release soon. I've managed to get it so that every MLB team has 8 uniforms to choose from. That includes some throwbacks and alternates for each team. So I'll announce them here, since it's the Mod Announcements forum, afterall! Anaheim Angels: Oakland Athletics: Seattle Mariners: Texas Rangers: Chicago White Sox: Cleveland Indians: Detroit Tigers: Kansas City Royals: Minnesota Twins: Baltimore Orioles: Boston Red Sox: New York Yankees: Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Toronto Blue Jays: Arizona Diamondbacks: None, new to league. Featured uniform... Colorado Rockies: Los Angeles Dodgers: San Diego Padres: San Francisco Giants: Chicago Cubs: Cincinnati Reds: Houston Astros: Milwaukee Brewers: Pittsburgh Pirates: St. Louis Cardinals: Atlanta Braves: Florida Marlins: New York Mets: Philadelphia Phillies:
  8. BallFour

    2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (End of Season)

    Awesome work as always, Gordo. If I can help you out with any more facial hair options, please let me know!
  9. BallFour

    Steve Avery (Atlanta Braves)

    Excellent work on a cyberface I didn't even know I needed until I saw your awesome rendition of him.
  10. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Dang. That's no biggie. Just a little bit of a pain because now there's another program I have to run on my Windows 7 rig.
  11. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Working on Windows 10. I'll try reinstalling the 2.0 framework. Update: Tried downloading the 2.0 framework from Microsoft and the thing wouldn't even launch. TiT itself launches and works, but once it gets to importing files, I get that error message.
  12. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    UPDATE: Tried to install a file via Tit, and got this error message. Looked in the forums and nothing came up for this particular error.
  13. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Alrighty! I just downloaded the C++ and already had the .net framework installed. I downloaded TiT, and it successfully opened. Now just gotta try it out with a few files!
  14. BallFour

    Uniforms 2018 Crash

    I'm going to have to go back and fix the uniform select files. It's a known issue, and I just learned how to fix it last night.
  15. BallFour

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Ooooh cool! I gotcha now! So I'd be uploading the uni select files, the font files, and the uniform files all in the same .zip folder. Thanks for clearing that up, Homer! Seems much easier!