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  1. Hello friend, excellent work, what are you doing? I wanted to ask you if you could create the stadium of the twins of mennesotas target field

  2. I have mine currently at 125 and I'm doing alright. I think when I got up around 150-175 is when I started having issues. It's gonna be a fun mod. I've got the free agent pool filled with some All-Stars/Hall of Fame legends that might decide to pull a Jordan/Clemens. I'm not at my PC right now, but I'll try to recite them from memory. Here's a list: Brett Butler Todd Worrell Danny Jackson Lee Smith Ozzie Smith Don Mattingly Dave Winfield Kirby Puckett Fernando Valenzuela Eddie Murray Andre Dawson Ryne Sandberg
  3. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE. I was able to finish an ENTIRE ROSTER OVERHAUL for MVP 1998. And best of all? It works! I'm just adding statistics and career stats to each player (and removing stats as necessary) and then I have to work on attributes, but we are now back on track! BIG THANKS go out to Gordo for taking a look at my rosters and figuring out what the hell was wrong with them. Turns out I was overfilling the free agent pool, which the game didn't like too much.
  4. Exactly. Like, back in 1995/96, Pittsburgh reeeeeeeeally didn't want to leave the NL East and there were talks of trying to get the Diamondbacks to go to the AL West instead so that the AL would be 5-6-5 with the Brewers remaining in the AL. This is what would make the most sense: AL East Baltimore Boston New York Yankees Tampa Bay Toronto AL Central Chicago White Sox Cleveland Detroit Kansas City Milwaukee Minnesota AL West Anaheim Arizona Oakland Seattle Texas NL E
  5. Just wanted to put feelers out there if anybody would be interested in a mod where the proposals of radical realignment floated back in the mid-90s come to fruition? It'd be an MVP Baseball only sort of mod, and it would be for those who want to play a fantasy sort of league, but I could easily do this. The only thng I'm unsure about doing is adding more than 30 teams. I could do this and it'd show up in the standings, but the MLB season schedule would need to be adjusted to include the new MLB teams, which is a little tough. I could try to see if I can modify the macro in Dylan's
  6. Yeahhhhh coming back 6 months later just to shitpost is a good way to get yourself banned.
  7. Thanks for the info, guys. I looked everywhere in the datafile and in the database files, and haven't found a way to fix it. Ah well.
  8. Calling anyone who has/plays the MVP06 or MVP07 mod. I have a request for information. If anybody could kindly start a new dynasty and then go to the schedule and scroll over to the All-Star game. I'd like you to please view the game and tell me who you see as the home team? I'm having an issue with my 98 mod where the ASG was in a National League city, but it's still appearing with the AL as the home team as if the game were still in Detroit. I switched things around so it's correct in the schedule file, but for some reason, the issue persists.
  9. This was a headscratcher that had me puzzled all of last night, until the eureka moment came. I was working with MVP 1994 as a base and was running into an issue with the Devil Rays and Diamondbacks. I had put them in the proper leagues and divisions so I was seeing their team rankings in the team select screen (ditto for their minor league affiliates), but I had an issue with the Edit Player screen. The Devil Rays and Diamondbacks teams were appearing as Team N/A and League N/A. When previewing cyberfaces for those players, they were appearing in random uniforms like you'd see with free agent
  10. BallFour


    I haven't tried it, but maybe you can convert the .sav file to a .csv file and edit the data in the .csv then convert it back to .sav? Not sure if that would work, but it's a possible solution.
  11. Looks like it happened in 2003 with BJ Ryan, but Baseball-Reference credits him with 1/3 of an inning pitched despite throwing no pitches. This is legitimate and confirmed by officially tracked pitch counts. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/DET/DET200305011.shtml#BaltimoreOriolespitching In 2009, Alan Embree repeated the feat, but again, Baseball-Reference credits him with pitching 1/3 of an inning. Again, legitimate. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/COL/COL200907070.shtml#ColoradoRockiespitching Same thing here with Greg Garrett
  12. I wonder how many microtransactions it will have. All for that "sense of accomplishment".
  13. I agree with everything you say. It seems like they just thought "okay, we need to keep it so people know they're the Dodgers. Can't get too adventurous. How about Los from Los Angeles and just add Dodgers to it???" And then for the cap they had no ideas whatsoever.
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