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  1. As promised! Also, if you look closely at the crowd, you'll notice era appropriate shirts and colors in the stands. I've done this for every major league ballpark.
  2. Thanks! I'll send some screenshots tonight because I'll be on my weekend in 90 minutes. I'm thinking I'll show off my new designs with the very 90s Anaheim Angels facing off against the Buffalo Bisons, since they're the most recent team I refurbished.
  3. Just providing another update here. Since the rosters are complete, I've now been working on redoing a lot of the uniforms I had previously created. Especially in the minors, I had to rely on a bunch of baseball card photos, but I've recently discovered some newly added pictures of game worn jerseys that will help make things look MUCH better. I've also learned how to better texture the lettering on uniforms thanks to some of the tutorials on the site, so I'm just going through those now. The MLB teams all have complete, gorgeous looking uniforms now, and I'm working on AAA at the moment.
  4. Rosters are all done! Just finished the free agents tonight!
  5. Ha! I'll have to put it on for my next promotion. I'm lucky enough to be working at my dream job now, but I'll have to mention it as a part of my hobbies.
  6. Alrighty! Finished up the Single-A stats. The #1 team in Single-A is the St. Lucie Mets, mostly because they've got a few rehabbing players (Todd Hundley, Armando Reynoso, and Paul Wilson). Just have to finish up the stats on the free agent pools and then rosters will be complete!
  7. Maybe OOTP or Baseball Mogul then? I know there was a Madden Manager game that came out way back when, but I can't think of one that was baseball.
  8. Thanks very much! Yeah, I definitely don't want to rush this. I'm going to create portraits for every player that made it to the majors, and I still have to work on audio, but the rosters are definitely the most labor intensive out of everything. So glad I'm 3/4 of the way there!
  9. Thanks! Last up will be Single-A, which will have 1998 draftees and future MLB players that are in the lower levels of the Minor Leagues back in 1998. I also included a bunch of "what-if's", so Mark Prior is with the Tampa Yankees and Barry Zito is with the Port Charlotte Rangers, since the Rangers drafted Zito and the Yankees drafted Prior in 1998 but neither signed.
  10. Progress update: Finished with AA rosters. Pitching, batting, running and fielding all done with 100% accurate AA rosters. #1 ranked team is the Shreveport Captains, AA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.
  11. No, pitch location and runner lead offs are on different analog sticks on my L310.
  12. It sounds like your right analog stick might be stuck. I have a Logitech as well, and the right stick is what controls leading off and diving. If it's stuck in an up position, everyone will dive, and you'll see all the runners take the maximum lead at all times. If there's no issue with your right stick, turn the controller around. There's a switch in back of the controller, and if you flip that switch to the other setting, maybe that'll help. I did have to troubleshoot my Logitech before, and flipping that switch helped. I can't remember what exactly was going wrong beforehand, though. Hope this helps!
  13. Progress update: Finished with AAA rosters. Pitching, batting, running, fielding all done. #1 ranked AAA team is the Edmonton Trappers, top tier affiliate of the Oakland A's.
  14. Hey, sorry guys. I missed Muller_11's original post back in the day, so let me answer here: To decompress and compress the file, I use the NFSHtool to compress and decompress the files. You can find that in the Tools & Editors section in MVP Baseball 2005. As for creating a logo, I use Photoshop. I'll find a high quality image I like, then shrink it down to size. I'll use the magic wand tool to select the blank area around the logo, right click, and then click "Select Inverse". I'll then copy the layer, which will have the logo standing on its own. Then I go back to the Background layer and make it completely black. So now you should have the logo you want on a black background. I flatten the image and save it as my 0000.bmp. Then, to get the alpha image, I click "undo" to make it two layers once more. I click on the logo layer, then change the hue and saturation of it so that it's totally white. We want a white logo on a black background. I then change it to an 8-channel bitmap by changing the mode to Grayscale, which will automatically compress the file. I then save this new file as 0000-a.bmp. Hopefully this helps. If you'd like a video tutorial, let me know and I can create one.
  15. Hey there! I haven't seen a message yet, but I'm afraid that it's not possible to do this. As Gordo suggested, it's hard coded into the game, so there's nothing we can do to change the order. For example, in my MVP 1998 mod, I switched the Astros and Dodgers just so that both teams would have names on back. I was able to correct everything except for the team name list because of the hard coding issue. So I don't think it's possible unless you know how to hack the .exe file.
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