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  1. On this date in 1998, the Yankees and Athletics were rained out.
  2. Hmm... I'm able to play things okay. Here's a link to the playlist...
  3. First up is an exhibition from March 31, 1998. This was actually Opening Day for the 1998 season, as the Devil Rays and Diamondbacks played their first ever games. In honor of that, I decided to feature them in the first Let's Play.
  4. Hey all! In the interest of taking this out of the shoutbox, I decided to create a thread for it. My goal is to play a 1998 game per day until we actually get baseball back. I'll be livestreaming them on my Twitch account, and then posting the video to YouTube shortly thereafter. Link to Twitch below: https://www.twitch.tv/stereoswimmer To watch after the fact, here's the complete playlist with every game.
  5. Correct! Rosters are going to be current as of Opening Day 1998. So Piazza will be a Dodger. I might include pictures of him as a Marlin or a Met just in the frontend art, but Piazza will be a Dodger to start - along with Paul Konerko and Todd Zeile.
  6. Hey all! After a great idea from @Kccitystar in the shoutbox, I've decided to open myself up for some voice work. I'll be doing some play-by-play work to import some new audio into the game. I'll voice any new player you want (so if you want a custom player just for you, let me know!) so please use this space to make your requests! Please note that my audio files will come in WAV form and you will need to convert it to a .dat file using the audio tutorial. I'd love to do it myself, but it's much too time consuming if I'm going to voice things over as well. My current list of things needed to be done is below: Angel Stadium of Anaheim Rickey Henderson Field/Oakland Coliseum T-Mobile Park Globe Life Field Guaranteed Rate Field Progressive Field Comerica Park Kauffman Stadium Target Field Oriole Park at Camden Yards Fenway Park Yankee Stadium Tropicana Field Rogers Centre Chase Field Coors Field Dodger Stadium Petco Park Oracle Park Wrigley Field Great American Ballpark Minute Maid Park Miller Park PNC Field Busch Stadium Truist Park Marlins Park Nationals Park Citi Field Citizens Bank Park As you can see, most of them are stadiums, but I'll be doing players as well.
  7. Still working on things. I had a minor setback that I have to correct.
  8. Hey sorry about that. Things have been a bit crazy, as @Yankee4Life suggested. Now that I'm married, I'm starting the process of looking at houses with Mrs. BallFour, and that's an experience and a half. Anyway, I really wish I had an answer for you. I've tried messing around with this a number of times, but without any success. You opened up the files correctly, so great job there, but that was the extent of my skill and I've hit dead end after dead end with it. I don't know if @Homer is still in the modding business, but he might be able to point you in the right direction. Or hey, if you figure something out, please feel free to share. I've gotten pretty okay at modding, but I'm gonna have to call on the experts here.
  9. So I've been working on portraits lately, and I just thought I'd show off some Photoshopping skills. In 1998, the Indians traded Sean Casey to the Reds in exchange for Dave Burba, but the trade wasn't completed until after Picture Day. Therefore, Casey was in an Indians jersey and Burba was in a Reds uniform when headshots were taken. Here are the originals: Since there are similarities, I didn't mess with the undershirts or the bills of the caps. I just focused on the crown of the caps and the jerseys, and here's what I came up with. Images are scaled down to 128x128 for proper in-game portrait size.
  10. I've had trouble with this before. The issue is that the file has to be the exact same size as the file it's replacing. Otherwise, it won't work.
  11. Hey there! The SX tool is something that can be found in the generic audio tutorial originally made by Homer. Link below:
  12. Sorry, forgot to mention that I did try that too.
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