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  1. Awesome, there you have it then. Excel file is here. attrib.csv
  2. Sure I can try to convert it to an Excel file, but MVPedit only gives me the option to create it as a file that MVP can open. Gonna try to find a workaround, but I'm not sure if I'm able. I'll take a crack at it though.
  3. Alas I have one for MVP Baseball 2005. I don't know if you just need players, but I can at least export a player list for you.
  4. I'm leaving the site, but if you want to find the download for MVP Baseball 98, please feel free to visit the download site. The link will be operational once the mod becomes available. https://mvpbaseball98.wordpress.com/ If this post or profile gets deleted, guess you're out of luck. If this post remains, I ask that the mods delete any comments and lock it to prevent any other comments. This is only a link to the download.
  5. I'd be down for this facepack whenever. Would it be cool if I borrowed some for MVP 98?
  6. Awesome work! If you need any help with uniforms, give me a shout!
  7. Ooooh I misread where it's going to be a straight swap. Yeah, straight swapping of teams is easy. I was thinking he wanted to CREATE the phrase "Philadelphia A's", which is infinitely more difficult. But yeah, like Jim said, a straight swap easy. Nice catch, Jim!
  8. This is something that is incredibly tricky. There are only a few people I know that are able to correctly do this without corrupting the file, and I'm not sure if they're even active anymore. Here's what's going on. The audio file that you open up is two things in one. It's an audio file you can listen to where it'll just say something like "and the New York Yankees". But in addition to being an audio file, it's also a folder, that contains many smaller files. These are the files that say "New York" or "The Yankees lead...". This file is an EAMUS file, and you can get the files us
  9. Or I could continue using the computer I already have with Windows 7 and get that actually set up in my basement when I'm not working my 10 hour shift, rather than wasting $20 on an external drive.
  10. I mean, I could *try* to do it. It's all dependent on the cram32.fsh file. If the Prudential building has its own separate listing in the cram32.fsh file, then no, I probably can't. But if it's in the listing with the rest of the skyline background, I can absolutely do that in Photoshop. I just won't be able to preview it in-game. EDIT: Just took a look, and bad news. This is something that would need to be added into the game with Oedit, which is well beyond my capabilities. Basically what someone would need to do is to add a file for the building in cram32.fsh and then edit (I th
  11. I've always used VirtualBox, but the problem here is that you need a backup disk with the Windows XP operating system on it. If you've got that (perhaps from a previous computer), you can download virtual box, install the operating system via your backup disk, and then just follow the prompts.
  12. I've just switched to a new computer without a disk drive, so I'm currently out of the mix when it comes to modding until I set up a new area for my Win7 computer. But this is pretty straightforward for anybody that knows how to stadium mod. The skyline can be found in the cram32.fsh file, located in fenwday.big and fenwnite.big - the location of the skyline depends on the modded stadium you use as your base, but it shouldn't be too difficult to add this to the skyline. I managed to locate a night version of the new building.
  13. I'll have to look when I'm on my home computer, but I believe you can find it in the data\frontend\ingameov.big or at least I think where that's located. If you open that big file, there will be a few FSH files. I'm not sure which one because I'm at work right now, but you'll find the Top 100 Prospects logo in one of those FSH files.
  14. For the uniform select screens, you want to make sure you're grabbing both the overall file and the smaller files. So like, you want to make sure you're downloading 022.fsh and 022e.fsh as well. And speaking of 022.fsh, that's the most important file in the uni preview screens. Because if you remove any single one from a default install, your select screen will crash. So if you just go to the 022.fsh from a previous version, you might be ok. Other than those two fixes, I'm not sure without screenshots. As for the Minor Leagues, yes! You can absolutely do a Minor League dynasty. It'
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