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  1. Cubs uniforms are up. Lightened up the blue a little bit so now it really pops, especially in Wrigley Field. Feel free to give it a try and post your game images! I really like how the home pinstripes show up in Wrigley.
  2. Hmmm... my experimenting has me questioning whether or not I'll be able to do this in MVP. I think it's something attached to the stadiums and how the lights of the stadium reflect off the helmets. But I've attached a few pictures for comparison.
  3. They're the different looking texture that some teams use for batting helmets. For the Yankees, their road helmet is considered "matte" while their home batting helmet is traditional. It's just a matter of how light reflects off it.
  4. I think I found a halfway decent way to simulate matte batting helmets. I've updated the teams I've completed so far and added the matte finish. I'm going to test them out right now and see how they look!
  5. Thanks! I'm just updating team by team but I'll upload a Total Uniforms pack like I did a few years ago.
  6. Preview of the new Rangers uniforms.
  7. I'm going in order based on MVP Baseball's numbering system. Angels, then A's, Mariners, Rangers, White Sox, etc. The only reason I did the other teams earlier was because of announced uniform changes.
  8. Red Sox uniforms are now up.
  9. Thanks for making me aware of the issue. The crash should be fixed by using the instructions I outlined in my uniform mod thread. I will add the instructions to the details of this file.
  10. @Yankee4Life Thank you so much. Just wanted to update this for anyone who downloaded the previous versions of my Brewers mod before the uniform select file fix. Unfortunately, you're going to have to do some work with the .big file. In your mod folder, you have to open up the uniforms.big file and then delete everything from 022.fsh to 022o.fsh. Then, in a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005, you'll have to extract 022.fsh to 022o.fsh from the uniforms.big file to basically start the team from scratch. After importing the "clean" Brewers uniform files into the mod version of your game, then you can just install the 022.fsh from my Brewers uniform mod pack and everything should work just fine. Alternatively, you could just start with an entirely brand new uniforms.big file from a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005 and just install all of my uniform mods again, but that might be more time consuming. I added this information to the details of the Brewers uniform pack as well. However, if you're downloading the current uniform mod from brand new, you shouldn't have an issue. This is only for those that have had an issue after downloading a previous version of the mod. Everything has been corrected in the latest release.
  11. Thanksgiving holiday has been pretty hectic. Visited family from Monday thru Wednesday and I've been working noon to midnight since coming back. I've finished the Royals uniforms, but just working on the letter/number fonts on the alternates. With my schedule, there hasn't been much time to do anything, but I've got some free time on Monday so I should at least finish the Royals up.
  12. I would say that nostalgia is one of the most important ways games like these survive. Remember, when MVP Baseball 2005 came out, the Astros were still in the National League and the All-Star Game winner still decided home field advantage. Interleague play wasn't a constant thing. These games thrive because the nostalgia factor of being able to work within the confines that EA/2K gave us.
  13. That's an awesome job! Yeah, sometimes you've gotta get creative when it comes to the new patterns and things like that. Excellent work as always!
  14. The cameras are a part of the stadium's datafile. I don't have the ability to download these, but if it's in there, you'll see something like sheaday.txt and sheanite.txt. You want to import those into your datafile.big directory.
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