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  1. Hey Ballfour How's things buddy, i hope all is well in your part of the world. I ended up deciding to edit the LOC files based on how they ended up re Gordo's roster update from last year, and while i was editing your updated FEENG LOC file i discovered what may be causing you problems. i mean you may have discovered it yourself in the meantime, but it seems that you are missing Portland Sea Dogs in the second list of AA teams, as in the list the just shows the city the team is from. i could be wrong , and believe me mate, this is by no means,any kind of criticism, because i l
  2. Hey Balfour it looks great mate Do I install the mod over my MVP 15 total mod. I mean I did that, then when I wanted to use MVPEdit to make a start on my rosters for this season, mvpedit is still showing all the player/team names from the mvp15 mod. I then loaded Gordo’s rosters from last season and, for some odd reason, it realigns in game, as in, the Dodgers, for example, have Round Rock and Tri City as their AAA and A affiliates Very funky lol any suggestions gratefully accepted buddy
  3. Maaan!!! You are a transaction weapon laroquece. I love your work and your dedication and attention to detail buddy. AMAZING!!!
  4. Thanks for all of your hard work, the screenshots look great I downloaded the mod to have a look at it, see how it plays etc but everything seems to be in Spanish. Did i download something wrong, or was there something I'm missing
  5. Hey buddy just wondering, are these MLB rosters or complete with minor league as well. No probs either way,
  6. This looks amazing mate, sadly as a Dodgers fan (and a Mike Piazza fan) 1998 wasn’t a happy year lol The work it would take for a retroactive mod like this is huge and many many thanks buddy. Curious though, in your rosters for that year, would Piazza start as a Dodger or a Met lol
  7. Hey guys well.....I fiiiiiiiiiiiinally got around to reading then applying the advice that you guys were kind enough up give me and voila!!! I used Kyles method re changing the number to 2 in the registry and, so far so good, it’s letting me at least run the game now so, short of actually playing a game, everything seems to be back to normal. You guys really are the best, it’s so amazing that you’re all still here, willing to help out wherever and whenever you can and keeping our beloved game going. I’ve been coming here since 2008 and, while there’s been a few personnel c
  8. Hi guys I’m hopng someone can give me a few tips. I have been playing MVP for a looooooooong time, without any real issues, however, for sone unknown reason, my laptop (that I’ve played the game on for years now, operating 8.1) wont run the game. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling etc but every tine i cluck kn it, t says Access Denied-try again with administrator priveleges” i tried the obvious “run as administrator” but it just wouldn’t start. i asked a computer repair shop guy who suggested maybe one of the automatic updates that windows does might’ve affected it. I though
  9. Thanks buddy Much appreciated
  10. Hey Gordo Absolutely, fair call mate. Wasn't really thinking when I asked you to look over them.us I'm happy to post them but is there somewhere on the site has instructions regarding uploading roster files or can I just click on the link below that says "drag files here to attach, or choose files"
  11. Hey Gordo, Apart from the cyber faces you include on your rosters, I just do the generic faces to match (kinda) their ethnicity. Based on their MiLB profile picture (where available) If you could advise me how to, I'd be happy to send the file to you, if you had time to quickly check them over and let me know any tips, otherwise I'd be happy to upload them straight to the site, so people can do with them what they wish, you'd just have to tell me how it's done lol thanks again mate
  12. Hey Gordo I should clarify lol When I say I've done the rosters, I mainly just change the main info and kinda half-ass the attributes I haven't done the faces or anything either, its just that I hated playing the minor league games against the no-name players If people are willing to re-do the batting/pitching attributes etc, to something more accuratei'd be happy to upload them, just not sure how
  13. Hey guys Many thanks.......again I just spent the last few months editing the rosters on MVPEdit (all the way down to, and including, the A leagues...oh and kudos to Gordo for your Initial BaseUp Rosters download) only to have the game keep crashing on start up. I knew I'd done everything the way it should be done eg the "SP1" slot etc. Got very frustrating I gotta tell ya lol Then....the penny dropped. The Free Agent Pool. Checked it, I had used 239 of the 255 available but then remembered that a couple of you guys (I'm sure one was Gordo cant remember who the other one was
  14. hey buddy Yeah AFL is a great fun game to watch. Its a bit "softer" now than it used to be back in the 80's. but it is a lot faster moving these days You're wife is from Sydney, that's pretty cool. Me and my son went to Sydney in March 2014 to watch my Dodgers play against Arizona. We're all actually coming over to the States mid-March this year (the West coast and Vegas/Grand Canyon anyway) and, providing i can get tickets (there's me, my wife,our 4 children and our 20 month old baby boy lol) we're in San Diego and at Opening Day.Dodgers v Padres.
  15. Lol All Good guys. Made the necessary "security" adjustments to the 2k12 folder DUHHH!!!
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