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  1. Ahhh Brett Butler... he was my very favourite player in the 90s.
  2. I reckon it would be fun to play with your “realignment” i think it’d be a lot of work on your part though mate
  3. lol that last bit sounds a bit nuts lol i Like your set-up though, very interesting with Houston staying in the NL
  4. Hey buddy you’ve got me curious, to say the least. Something to distract me from Dave Roberts pitcher usage lol Would it mean, moving teams into different divisions/conferences kind of thing
  5. Well…,A big PHEW!! from me and we’re headed back to San Francisco. I’ve gotta wonder though, where were these batting performances last night lol I would’ve been happy with winning 5-2 tonight and using the first 2 of tonight’s runs for last nights game, Scherzer deserved better than that But no use dwelling on the coulda-woulda-shoulda, we’ve gotta the job done, but geez, what a great series
  6. Goddammit!! Lol Dodgers back to second place lol
  7. Geez San Diego were supposed to be tte Dodgers big threat this season and rightfully so based on their off-season moves but WOW how good have the Giants been!!! As a Dodgers fan, nothing pains me more than being beaten by San Francisco, but I can’t help but be impressed by their season so far. Nice to see LA back in first place FINALLY!!! (even if it is only by a half game
  8. Hey Gordo Thanks for that buddy It sounds promising doesn't it. Not getting too excited yet though lol
  9. Oh Gordo my friend, your body of work over the years is impeccable. None of us would have the “base” without your rosters buddy
  10. Hey buddy I haven’t downloaded this update yet but, based on your previous work, I know it’ll be great. I just wanted to say thanks in advance for the huge effort involved in putting a roster of this magnitude together. Many many thanks my friend
  11. You are an incredibly giving bloke Balfour and I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say Thank you, your amazing work is hugely appreciated
  12. Yeah, way less words lol we just say “ I’ll meetcha at the shop on the corner” lol
  13. Growing up my whole life in Melbourne Australia meant I had absolutely no idea what a bodega was when I first heard the term used on an episode of Law and Order (I think it was SVU). Like you buddy, I wondered why they didn’t just call it the small corner grocery store
  14. Hey Ballfour I was wondering if you could do uniforms for OKC Dodgers. For some reason, my OKC Dodgers have uniforms with RR and Express on them lol actuallly i might try an exhibition game involving Round Rock and see if its just a matter of swapping their order in the LOC files maybe Ok so it seems that RR have the OKC uniforms and vice versa. Do you know how to swap them over buddy
  15. Well aren't I just a DUMBASS with a capital B LOL I went back to try the uniforms again and after driving myself practically mental, i went old school. I decided to go back to Kraw's original instructions re TiT installation and guess what.... in my keen-ness to get TiT downloaded back in the day, i didn't fully read the instructions aaaaaand well i basically downloaded it then installed it, not paying attention to one vital piece of information.... the part where it says to install TiT into the actual MVP Baseball 2005 folder LOL I did that then....voila..
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