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  1. Hey buddy Wel…I’m speechless!! And believe me my friend, that takes some doing!! What an amazing piece of work this is alfre2jose, just BRILLIANT!!! My sincere thanks and appreciation mate, you’re a legend!!
  2. While I don’t actually have your roster yet alfre2jose, I’m anticipating a masterpiece!! I’ve been checking in on all of the dialogue between you and your buddies and getting very excited for the finished product. While you’re thanking everyone for their assistance, which I know is paramount to you being able to complete this roster, you still need someone to put all of the pieces together , that “someone” is obviously you!! Thank you in anticipation of what will be an amazing roster download
  3. Hey Y4L I love these bios. As an Aussie, I didn’t get to marvel and enjoy a lot of baseball’s amazing history and the great players that enriched it. I’d obviously heard of the BIG BIG names like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio etc but these player profiles/bios are giving me a very real picture of baseball’s timelines and the stories and cultures that accompanied each “generation” of this wonderful game. Thanks again mate Very much appreciated
  4. Hey buddy I’m really looking forward to your rosters. Last year you did an amazing job, this years look like being even better thanks again brother
  5. Hey buddy I want to echo the sentiments of most of the people who have downloaded your rosters. Such a huge amount of work and time that is very much appreciated. Hoping you’re willing and able to try again for 2022 many many thanks
  6. My laptop has Windows 8 and the game seems to run pretty well.
  7. lol yeah I did think of you guys straight away when I saw that. Wait and see I suppose I’ve gotta say, I was more than a little surprised
  8. Couldn’t agree more mate!! Just an absolute gun!!
  9. I hate using injuries as a reason but I think we (the Dodgers) probably did remarkably well to win 106 games. All things considered, losing Dustin May early, then Trevor Bauer (I know he wasn’t injured but I would think they were hoping for more from him lol) Having Kershaw, Bellinger and Seager out for extended periods. Then losing Kershaw and Muncy right before the playoffs and Turner and Kelly (amongst others lol) during the playoffs. I suppose, all in all I should be pretty proud of their season not annoyed lol
  10. Oh I agree completely mate. I said at the time that I believed we were very lucky. I was probably a bit harsh earlier, it just seemed liked they had “dropped their heads” and accepted the inevitable. Just a lot of disappointment on my end I guess.
  11. Well that was a capitulation, they just coughed it up those last two innings. Showed no heart no resolve just coughed it up without a fight. So sad to end a season like that
  12. Ya gotta wonder, in a do-or-die game, how the Dodgers “top4” in the batting order can ho 1-15!! It’s like they’ve just given up
  13. Ahhh Brett Butler... he was my very favourite player in the 90s.
  14. I reckon it would be fun to play with your “realignment” i think it’d be a lot of work on your part though mate
  15. lol that last bit sounds a bit nuts lol i Like your set-up though, very interesting with Houston staying in the NL
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