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  1. Yeah, way less words lol we just say “ I’ll meetcha at the shop on the corner” lol
  2. Growing up my whole life in Melbourne Australia meant I had absolutely no idea what a bodega was when I first heard the term used on an episode of Law and Order (I think it was SVU). Like you buddy, I wondered why they didn’t just call it the small corner grocery store
  3. Hey Ballfour I was wondering if you could do uniforms for OKC Dodgers. For some reason, my OKC Dodgers have uniforms with RR and Express on them lol actuallly i might try an exhibition game involving Round Rock and see if its just a matter of swapping their order in the LOC files maybe Ok so it seems that RR have the OKC uniforms and vice versa. Do you know how to swap them over buddy
  4. Well aren't I just a DUMBASS with a capital B LOL I went back to try the uniforms again and after driving myself practically mental, i went old school. I decided to go back to Kraw's original instructions re TiT installation and guess what.... in my keen-ness to get TiT downloaded back in the day, i didn't fully read the instructions aaaaaand well i basically downloaded it then installed it, not paying attention to one vital piece of information.... the part where it says to install TiT into the actual MVP Baseball 2005 folder LOL I did that then....voila..
  5. I agree KC You always wanna see the best guys out on the park, whether they’re your teams guys or the oppositions. You don’t want anyone injured really but some of these young players/pitchers coming through WOW
  6. Thanks heaps Gordo I've had a little play with it but no luck yet. Do you know if each of the teams uniform files go into one particular file or are they kind of distributed between a couple of different ones. I know Rosters are generally what you specialize in, just hoping you might have a little bit of an idea because you seem to be pretty switched on with a lot of the aspects of MVP. If not, i appreciate your help regardless mate
  7. Hi guys I feel like i've been on this site long enough to know this, but is there a known reason as to why TiT wont install Balfour's updated uniforms into my MVP05 game. I'm running the MVP15 TC mod, with all of the relevant 2021 updates (minor league reorganization and rosters) but the only thing that won't "update" is the uniforms. It starts out fine then i get a message box that says "Installing textures and other files" that has a yellow background and that's where it stops. I left it overnight one time and it was still the same when i got up for work the next morning.
    Absolutely brilliant mate. Sensational detail and content. Between you and Ballfour, using the MVP15 TC Mod as a base, could pretty much make a 2021 TC Mod, (would obviously need to check in with the creators of MVP 15 though i guess)
  8. Hey buddy I've tried about 10 times and I keep getting the same thing on my screen but nothing is changed in-game. Is it possible to do it manually? Like get Winzip to unpack it to a folder then transfer the files (overwrite) into the game. I know it'd be an arduous and long drawn-out process but i want those uniforms lol Thanls heaps again mate Marty
  9. Hey buddy i tried installing the Rome Braves uniform mod but I’m having a problem with it. It says it’s “unpacking the files” then I get this on my screen. I attempted the mod at about 10pm abs left it on when I woke up at 4:30am for work, the screen was still the same. any ideas what the issue could be ?
  10. Hey Ballfour ok, dumbass question number 2 I've never actually downloaded uniforms before (betcha didn't guess that lol ) When i download it from here, do i download it directly into the actual folder "MVP Baseball 2005", and then let TiT install it into the game files?
  11. oh god lol how did i let that get through lol i meant " that's pretty damn good"
  12. Ahh ok do it knows where to send it ?? ygsrs pretty damn good lol
  13. Hey Balfour I thought I asked this already but maybe it didn’t submit. it’s probably a pretty dumbass question, but what folder do I get TiT to save the uniform files into
  14. @mbowkett1978 Hey buddy ok, I have a copy of 2K12 which has barely been played, because I’m more an MVP guy, I really only played it a few times. It’s still in its original case and has the original little booklet thing. I’d probably need to give it a little clean with a disc cleaner, get any smudges etc off it, but it seems to be scratch-free. If you do want it, I’ll have you to check what it’s gonna cost me to send it from Australia (I’m assuming you’re in the US) Soooo, yeah, if you’re interested just let me know buddy Marty
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