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  1. Geez man, you’re unstoppable lol not that we’d want you to stop
  2. Thanks heaps once again Gordo. So So much appreciated buddy. Have been in a bit of a tight spot money-wise for quite some time now, (like half the world i think lol) but I seem to be getting a bit clearer from it recently and once i'm in better shape, i'll sort you out buddy, and the site as well. I know it's not what you guys are all about but i think its right that we show appreciation for the tireless work and efforts you all put in to maintain this incredible site and keep it running and continually adding and upgrading to enhance our amazing game.
  3. Hey Gordo Just great great work mate. You just make my MVP life sooooo much easier. I like doing the minor league guys and i was about 8 clubs into this years rosters (as much as you can be at this early stage anyway) but, based on your fine work buddy, I'm happy to make a little re-start. And very definitely echo your sentiments re laroquece, he just makes it so easy to keep up with everything trade-related.
  4. Great stuff KC, makes a sh**load of sense mate
  5. Oh yes indeedy lol I’ve done that a few times over the journey too
  6. Then, on top of that, if you’re still a bit unsure, there’s all of the different forums that cover just about any issue that’s ever gone up. Gordo does have a point though, l not everyone is comfortable with getting into and altering the database etc, a lot of uncertainty about whether or not they’ll maybe mess it up or something I guess
  7. Which makes me, like you Y4L, wonder why it took so long but, welcome aboard buddy. Like Jim said, there’s endless amounts of things you’ll find to enhance and enjoy your game experience
  8. I reckon I plodded along, trying to keep the game going after EA announced that MVP05 was the last in the line, for about 21/2 years before I contacted EA about ways to edit the rosters etc and they very kindly directed me to this amazing group of people on this brilliant site. Never looked back since.
  9. Oh yeah I did get the satirical angle. I guess I was just trying to show the fact that, while my wife and I are very much in love, a nice bunch of flowers and a few beers together is what makes us happy on Valentine’s Day and I did appreciate your well wishes at the end. Like you, we were very lucky to avoid the world wide tragedy that Coronavirus has been and continues to be. As a country, we seem to be getting on top of it, with the exception of a few irresponsible individuals, who seem to have the same attitude as that “aspiring singer” you referred to. Thankfully, they are a mino
  10. Glad to see this back Y4L. Sorry to hear you had such an awful time last year. in relation to Valentines Day, my lovely wife got a nice bunch of red roses and chocolates.... I got a case of Coronas ( the beer not the virus lol) Have a great one buddy
  11. Hey Ballfour How's things buddy, i hope all is well in your part of the world. I ended up deciding to edit the LOC files based on how they ended up re Gordo's roster update from last year, and while i was editing your updated FEENG LOC file i discovered what may be causing you problems. i mean you may have discovered it yourself in the meantime, but it seems that you are missing Portland Sea Dogs in the second list of AA teams, as in the list the just shows the city the team is from. i could be wrong , and believe me mate, this is by no means,any kind of criticism, because i l
  12. Hey Balfour it looks great mate Do I install the mod over my MVP 15 total mod. I mean I did that, then when I wanted to use MVPEdit to make a start on my rosters for this season, mvpedit is still showing all the player/team names from the mvp15 mod. I then loaded Gordo’s rosters from last season and, for some odd reason, it realigns in game, as in, the Dodgers, for example, have Round Rock and Tri City as their AAA and A affiliates Very funky lol any suggestions gratefully accepted buddy
  13. Maaan!!! You are a transaction weapon laroquece. I love your work and your dedication and attention to detail buddy. AMAZING!!!
  14. Thanks for all of your hard work, the screenshots look great I downloaded the mod to have a look at it, see how it plays etc but everything seems to be in Spanish. Did i download something wrong, or was there something I'm missing
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