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  1. Bro son excelentes noticias! Tus aportes son extraordinarios y en MVP no quedó casi nadie haciendo faces. Bro great news! Your work is extraordinary and there is almost no one creating faces for MVP.
  2. Thanks for your help @Yankee4Life it's great that you have a Backup of so many files.
  3. Thank you very much @Yankee4Life
  4. Hi, I'm trying to convert an Xvid.avi video to an VP6 file to use it as my intro video to the game. But I just can't do it, I tried everything, my problem is that Virtual Dub (tried with different versions) doesn't open the file, I installed AC3filter, X264vfw64 among others and I can't do it. If someone please could convert it to me I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks mvpintro_xvid.avi
  5. Hi, this link seems to be broken, if anyone could repair it would be great.
  6. Hi, If I modify a roster directly in the game (with no external tools) and I saved it for example as Roster 2019 could I: a) edit some players attributes if I already started a season? b) change the cyberface number? Thanks
  7. Hi, just creating this topic for suggestions of audio for players. Thanks Audio Suggestions: Paul de Jong Cardinals
  8. Hi Gordo, don't know how accurate this info is for the hot/cold zones as an alternative source for cases that Espn has no info, but anyway I'm sending the link: http://www.brooksbaseball.net/h_profile.php?player=660670&gFilt=&pFilt=FA|SI|FC|SL|CU|CS|KN|CH|FS|SB&time=month&minmax=ci&var=baa&s_type=2&startDate=03/30/2007&endDate=08/03/2019&balls=-1&strikes=-1&b_hand=R
    Wuilmer great job and thanks for the Kirby Yates face. Grs Wuilmer
  9. Fiebre

    Joey Lucchesi

    Thanks 1000% for helping with my request. Un millón de gracias bro!! Pura Vida
    Excelente como siempre Luigui. Great as always Luigui Pura Vida
  10. Hola Wuilmer, las faces indicadas no me quedó claro si las terminaste y las vas a subir o ya las habías subido (no las encontré) grs Bro. Hi Wilmer, I didn't understand, those faces are already done and uploades in this site (I didn´t find them) or you are going to upload in the next days?
    Another great update thanks to Omarito
    Excellent Job Omarito, the portraits are updated really soon with your work, Genial Omarito, mantenemos los portariat actulizados gracias a tus aportes. Thanks
  11. Hi, this are some faces that I didn't find, so it could be included if someone wants to create them: Josh Hader (Milwaukee) Please Wuilmer! Kirby Yates (SD) Matt Strahm (SD) Chris Paddack (SD) Reyes Moronta (Giants) And 1 out of this forum question: does anyone has Joey Lucchessi audio files? Thanks!
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