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  1. Josesito, la pregunta de Gordo que es my válida es si los portraits están con el id oficial de los jugadores./ HI Josesito, Gordo's question is if your portraits are using the official player id list. Gracias/Tahnks
  2. Hi everyone, one question guys so please if you can help me. I install the audios with the Biggui program, specifically the Hdr files at data\audio\spch_pbp\pnamehdr.big and the Dat files at data\audio\cd\spch_pbp\pnamedat.big, but I do that for the files with a vocal for example the 4148a, 4148c and 4148d hdr and dat files. But the audio files for the stadium announcer, in this example the 4148 hdr and dat files (without a vocal) to which file should I have to add? Thanks
  3. Fiebre

    Audios MVP 19

    This mod is in the uniform file, maybe the administrator could move it to the audio files.
    Thanks Josecito, great job. Muy buen trabajo brother.
  4. Hi, I'm not understanding how this would work, so these are my questions: 1) The file has 12 fsh files, 6 with beard_fsd and 6 with soulp_fsf, so I should install the 12 files? 2) The installation should be do it with TIT files? 3) Can I choose for a player with a generic face one of the new ones editing the attrib file with the word pad? Thanks guys
  5. Hi Guys, I can't find Daniel Murphy Audio, please if somebody can help me. Thanks
  6. Fiebre

    Full Beard mod

    Hi, how should I use it? Is a generic beard that can be used with any player or for a generic face? Thanks
  7. I agree, but IMO the 2nd and 3rd starters are the ones who could decide the series. And remember to vote in the poll
  8. Please answer the poll folks! The only vote I previous know the answer is the one from @Yankee4Life
  9. So @Karelaf and @Gordo your predictions were the right ones!
  10. Yes, I mean may 2015 (miss the year, I already added) that was when last patch was released
  11. There are 3 things to consider: 1) Roster, the best one is the Gordo's Roster. 2) Portraits, you need to update its as I mentioned 3) Faces, the same thing as Portraits.
  12. HiMose2011 Almost every MLB player has a portrait. And because the last mod was the 2015 and assuming that´s the one you have, you should update your portraits from the download section (after may 2015), also and because a lot of player changed their team you should begin from the old files to the new ones
    Great work as always, one of those modders that keep MVP updated with his constant collaboration. Thanks man!
  13. Let’s have some fun, which teams do you think have more chance to win their respective series?
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