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  1. Fiebre

    Site Maintenance (updated 5/11/18)

    Trues thanks!!! I really appreciate your effort and time dedicated to this site. Thanks again 👍🏼
  2. Fiebre

    Fantasy Marlins ballpark?

  3. Fiebre

    Audio volumes

  4. Fiebre

    I need Uniforms for the Game of the stars 2017

    All Star Game, probably the title is a literal translation from Google which is not prepared for baseball translates
  5. Fiebre

    Play by play names

    Tinpanalley I sent you a PM.
  6. Fiebre

    Play by play names

    Tinpanalley my recommendations: 1) Install MVP in a folder different from Program files. 2) Disable your antivirus when you execute Tit. 3) Run Tit as an administrator. Hope this help you.
  7. Fiebre

    Play by play names

    Use the TIT program as you do it when installing faces.
  8. Fiebre

    Greg Bird Face?

    Hi, I didn't find any Greg Bird face for MVP, just to confirm that there is no one. Thanks
  9. Fiebre

    Incorrect play by play name

    Hi tinpanalley here is the audio for him And probably you should update this other ones: 1) Judge, Bregman, Benintendi, Headley, Bellinger, Kike Hernandez, Gary Sanchez, Torreyes 2) Seager, Grandal, Bird, Forsythe 3) Deavers, Correa y Guriel You should look for them in Audio files, the easiest ways is to use the search tool once you are in the audio mods.
  10. Fiebre

    Rallydat.big Problem

    Hi, I already ask this question but with a different title, so I'm asking again in case somebody else maybe can help me. The Rallydat.big file (data/audio/cd/rally) when I open it with asfimpexp it's divided in 38 files (rallydat.big1.asf, rallydat.big2.asf .... rallydatbig.big38). But for some reason 2 rallydat.big files created by other modders when I open them they don't show the 38 files. I think that by some reason the asfimpexp can´t open the complete file, the same thing happen when I use NHL07ASFExporter. These are the 2 files with the problem: rallydat.big rallydat.big
  11. Fiebre

    2017 World Series

    I also miss the hill, at least it appears in MVP
  12. Fiebre

    2017 World Series

    Houston, I always remember the Astrodome, their old uniform, the train in the new stadium and of course Mr Nolan Ryan. I really like the current team and the idea of Verlander winning a World Series championship.
  13. Fiebre

    Kccitystars 3D Models Update

    Hi KC, one doubt about this mod, I should run gfxpak.exe or the install.bat? Thanks my friend
  14. Fiebre

    facepack #5 MOD MVP 18

    Jeferomer se que dijiste que son tus últimas faces, pero hay dos que a lo mejor pueden ser interesantes para crear: Archie Bradley y Robbie Ray!
  15. Fiebre

    facepack #5 MOD MVP 18

    Jeferomer un lujo cada vez que nos compartís tus faces. Gracias brother