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  1. Hi Gordo, which resolution do you use to play? And you have any mod installed to improve it? Thanks
  2. Gordo, thanks and is great to have your roster!! It’s one of the mods that needs more time and detail and is an essential for the game!
  3. Looks great Wuilmer/ Se ve súper bien.
  4. Hola estimado. Le asignaste a Jordan Weems el 4523 (es de David Bote) pero el id correcto debería ser el 4521. Hi, you assigned to Jordan Weems the audio number 4523 (that belongs to David Bote) but his number should be 4521. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I'm trying some Overlays classics, most of them update only the igonly.big, the ingame.big and in some cases the igcrsr.fsh file. I found some great ones from ksmlove000 and in some cases he updates the font.big and the frontend.big files, but not sure which is the effect of those 2 files, anyone knows over here? thanks
  6. Hi @Omarito2013 and thanks for your help. I think that David Ross and Torey Lovullo need and id face as current managers. Both have faces available one from Ballfour (Lovullo) and with Ross there is a face from 2016 that can be used. Gracias Bro
  7. @BallFour Thanks and you were right, I used some of those faces, my mistake was looking only by the description (names) and not reviewing by the number. Thanks bro.
  8. Thanks for your help, I updated today some managers (Marlins, Phillies, Angels, Cubs, Astros) with your info!
    Thanks, lots of audios required for the game
  9. Hi Guys, I been searching around here for the Dave Martinez Face but I didn't find one, does anyone has it that can please share it? Thanks
  10. Hi, please if you can help me with this question: where can I find in the database files every team manager assigned? For example Dusty Baker is assigned in my game to the Nats and I want to change him to the Astros. Thanks
    Thanks Alfred2jose, great work with all your audios
    Thanks Alfred2jose, great work with all your audios
  11. Vote for the teams you think are going to advance to the finals. In the previous poll nobody gave a vote to the combination of Rays and Astros advancing for the American League, but the Dodgers and Braves where the most voted for the National League.
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