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  1. Fiebre

    2018 MVP Portraits

    Muller_11 Thank you very much
  2. Fiebre

    2018 MVP Portraits

    @Schordese thanks again!! One question , I have the Lorenzo Cain portrait with the Royals uniform, I ddn't find it in the downloads section, does any of you have it updated? Thanks
  3. Fiebre

    MVP Baseball AL Portrait Update

    Thanks a lot, great job
  4. Fiebre

    Uniforms 2018 Crash

    Hi, if anyone can help will be great. 1) I'm playing with the Mvp15 and a lots of mods updates during this 3 years including 2 uniforms updates: the Ballsfours 2017 uniforms and the the Umachines 2015 uniforms (2x). 1) My game ran without any problems last year. 2) But this year when I added the Ballsfours 2018 uniforms the game crashed when selecting some teams specifically when choosing the uniforms. 3) So I replaced the uniforms.big file with the one I was using last year and the game runs without any problem, important that I keep the models.big file updated with the 2018 uniforms. 4) That means that now I can play the game using the Ballsfours 2018 uniforms but when selecting the uniforms it appears the old ones (U machines), so mostly this is a estetical issue but I would like to fix it. Thanks!
  5. Fiebre

    Portrait pack #1 by Muller_11

    Hi Gordo, could you please send me the list of which portraits are included in this file if you have it. Thanks as always
  6. Fiebre

    BallFour's Total Uniforms '18

    Hi Ballfour, your uniforms are great, but that's happening to me (the game crash) with some teams specifically with 10 teams. One question, the solution it's to delete the ones from the teams with problem (get back to 2017 uniforms) or did you find another solution? Thanks
  7. Fiebre

    Intro Videos and Screen Backgrounds Replacement

    Jim thanks a lot for your guide. I have 2 doubts that I can't resolve by myself. 1) I´ve been working with the bkgnds.big, until now I but I have a problem with this instruction: So if I have a folder named MVP Final which contain some folders, one is a folder named 29bd which contains the image I replaced (0000 Bmp file) and the index.fsh file. My next command should be: c:\MVP Final\29bd>nfshtool 29bd or c:\MVP Final>nfshtool 29bd None are working for me, so It's probably I' m not doing well 2) My other question, how can I know which fsh files are part of the splash.big file? I need that info to extract each one. Thanks again!
  8. Fiebre

    Logos 2018 for MVP

    Geniales. Refrescan montones las pantallas. Excelente trabajo
  9. Fiebre

    BallFour's Total Uniforms '18

    Thanks a lot for your great work
  10. Fiebre

    MVP 18 Click To Start (CTS) Screen

    Almost ready to start playing Mvp18, and Gordo always provide us The Cts updated, this is one of the best he has done.
  11. Hi, how can I replace the intro videos and the screen backgrounds in MPV? I want to replace the current ones for some of older mods. I think that the intro movies should be replaced in the data\frontend\movies folder but not sure and in the case of the scrrens I have no idea. Thanks
  12. Fiebre

    MVP Baseball Marlins Park

    Hi, which program should I use to do this: "To install the camera files, open datafile.big and import propday.txt and propnite.txt into that" Thanks
  13. Fiebre

    Site Maintenance (updated 5/11/18)

    Trues thanks!!! I really appreciate your effort and time dedicated to this site. Thanks again 👍🏼
  14. Fiebre

    Fantasy Marlins ballpark?