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  1. Not the ideal solution but works: when the error occurs for example at the faces download section choose to go to page 2 and it will display in the right format, then choose again page 1 and it would be also right. To every section (uniforms, overlays) you should do the same.
  2. Wow sounds greats, in my case I am totally useless in terms of modding...
  3. 58 seconds but the only one I didn't know I missed it.
  4. Thanks Y4L, my 1st time winning in a month I can't believe it :). Of course that you were at the injured list for 2 days was the key factor :). Best Regards Y4L.
  5. Boone learned that Wandy is for only 1 inning, over that he tends to fail. And with all the relievers out for many reasons Loasiga at the 7th and Holmes at the 8th are a key factor for us.
  6. The closer is our big weakness, still believe we can win this series. I still remembered that hard series some years ago when we beat the Indians of Fausto Carmona and CC Sabathia at their top
  7. Hi, does anybody has a list of the original MVP stadiums name that please can share to me? The MLB are easy to identify Yankday.big Yanknite.big, but I want to replace some of the others classic and alternative stadiums with Tokyodome, Monterrey, Latinoamericano, Metrodome among other so I need the list so I can decide which ones to replace. Also do you know where and how I should replace the name that appears at the Stadium Screen Selector? Thanks guys.
  8. Lot of soccer questions, that was great for me.
  9. Bad trivia day, but I learned a lot about Casey Stengel
  10. It was a very hard trivia today, some kind of lucky in my case in 2 answers,
  11. The closer situation it's very complicated with our Yankees, I have no faith in Chapman, Holmes give me less confidence that Aroldis, and I can't find more options, this should be our highest concern, the batting issues should be resolved later or sooner.
  12. A lot of pressure today with so good scores.
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