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  1. Ballfour what a great job from you during this years. I have no request , but want to thank you for keeping this site alive!!!
  2. After my 1st and last 10, I’m playing like Baltimore in the East division
  3. Laroquece today the trivia master tebjr76 was at the bottom, so is a merit for the rest of us
  4. And I was so happy because I got my 1st 10
  5. https://fb.watch/94xiVAn8vr/ As a baseball fan (not as a Yankee fan) I remember 3 as my top of mind: - Joe Carter HR, what a great team those Blue Jays. - Arizona WS, I remembered that hit from Luis Gonzalez almost everyday, the Yankees played really bad in that WS, but where so close to win it. - Chicago Cubs WS, how difficult was that last out for Montgomery, I have in my mind the ball going to third and Bryant running to catch it and throwing to 1st base.
  6. It's kind of hard but funny!!!
  7. @BallFour thanks as always for your guide and help, hope everything gets better around your life bro. Pura Vida
  8. Ballfour my other doubt is really complicated (for me) but hero I go: I read your answer and some other material and this is my situation with the SF uniforms: 1) Models.big I have 15 uniforms for the SF Giants, 7 are from an older installations (mvp12) and 8 and from your 2021 mod. For the 15 cases I have installed the u and f files. in the models.big 2) Uniforms.big - The 018.fsh file is from your 2021 mod. - I have 13 files (a,b...) 5 from the 2012 mod and 8 from your 2021 mod, 2 old ones are missing but I don't care. - So know I understand why I hav
  9. Thanks Ballfour, I have some other doubts please if you can help me, I will divide it in 2, this is the 1st one: I think that your Screen Selector for the SFG is missing one uniform (sfaltroad) because I only see 7. I opened the 018.fsh file with the nfshtool and also only displays me 7 images.
  10. Hi, I’ve been having this “mistake” for some years, and maybe you can help me. I had been installing and alternating between the @BallFourand @Umachines(2015). My last mods installed are Ballfour 2021 uniforms and the ones from 2020 that don’t have a current year mod. The game works without problems with the uniform but I have no preview in some uniforms. Thanks and Pura Vida
  11. Brother cual es la diferencia entre ambos? Which is the difference between both files? Gracias
  12. Fiebre

    Green Orange Arm

    Hi KC, great to see you again around the forum. Should I look for and older version of the initstaz.bag to get the flesh.fsh file and replace it? I can do it with Biggui or do I need another program? Until now I only have this problem with Syndergaard, and with my custom mod of MVP20 I don't have this problem. Thanks.
  13. Fiebre

    Green Orange Arm

    Hi Gordon, this is the error
  14. Hi, I had that error some years ago but I couldn't find the topic/solution. When one player appears with his arm with orange and green colors how can I fix it? Thanks for your help
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