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  1. Today I was so close to defeat the master Y4L in this 50 meters race questions I change my last answer and that was my wrong one.
  2. Hi, which was your last mod installed? Basics: - update faces - update portraits - update player audios And you can customize other great features as uniforms, stadiums, overlays. pitching cam
  3. This thread could be used as a therapy for some of the most Yankees fans that sometimes explode against Boone, Cole, Stanton, Gary Sanchez (believe me) when they are losing at the 1st inning. Not sure if the word Hate is too aggressive and maybe could be changed to I Explode or Blow Up
  4. KC great to hear about you, hope everything is going well. I read your topic and comparing to other games we have a reality: - FIFA, NBA and NFL are names that almost everyone can link to the respective sport. - For baseball that not happen especially with MLB, so we should use a name that people around the world could easily link to that sports not only in USA, it should work for the Asian, Europe and Latinamerica markets. So they se not my favorites but names like Strike Out 2023 or Home Run 2023 could be an option
  5. Tebjr76 is a machine or a real person ? Who is that guy Jim? or Trues?
  6. Lot of pressure to me today with so many 10s but I did it
  7. Today was a really easy trivia, sometimes it's not.
  8. Getting a 10 every 3 months it's not so bad
  9. Not my best score, but do much fun with the trivia!!!
  10. @Yankee4Life how does the trivia assign the points? Sometimes I get the same points being 2nd or 6th, the same occurs when I score 7 points and others 3, but in my case most of the times I’m the one with 3 correct answers!
  11. After playing Trivia as the Orioles play Baseball during the last days I got my 2nd 10.
  12. Ballfour what a great job from you during this years. I have no request , but want to thank you for keeping this site alive!!!
  13. After my 1st and last 10, I’m playing like Baltimore in the East division
  14. Laroquece today the trivia master tebjr76 was at the bottom, so is a merit for the rest of us
  15. And I was so happy because I got my 1st 10
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