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Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the MVPMods.com Community.

We're here to provide you with a place to talk about baseball video games, primarily MVP Baseball by EA Sports and the MLB 2K series by 2K Sports. Although we cater to the PC baseball crowd first, we also provide and encourage discussion for console baseball video games as well. You're invited to take part in a wide range of topics posted by our community including your thoughts/opinions on the games, requests for technical assistance with any of the games, developing and releasing unofficial patches and mods, ideas for upcoming games and much, much more.

We also provide general forums where you can discuss the events/news/games within the REAL Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, sports in general, other video games and anything else that's off the topic of baseball video games.

The following is a list of rules that exist within MVPMods.com to maintain an orderly community and an welcoming environment for everyone. These rules will be enforced by the administrators and moderators of MVPMods and failure to abide by these rules will ultimately result in a warning, then consequently an account ban. We shall stress that it is your responsibility to read these rules as ignorance will not be an excuse when it comes to disciplinary action by the staff.

General Posting Rules

  1. Please post threads in the right area; if in doubt, check the descriptions on the Forum’s index or contact a moderator. We understand that not all sections are as active as others but the site's forums have been divided into categories for that reason.
  2. Posts are deleted and threads are locked for a reason. If your thread is locked or your post deleted, please refrain from reposting. If you’re not sure why this has happened please contact a moderator and do not take it public. When a thread is locked, there will usually be a short explanation as to why if the reason is not obvious to our members.
  3. Don’t post multiple threads on the same topic throughout the Forum. We understand you may be anxious for a reply but it’s just annoying and that won’t make people any more willing to help you. Also, a single topic allows other posters to consolidate their replies and see what other people have written in response to your post, which everyone (yourself included) will find a lot more helpful especially if your thread is about a technical problem. If you a feel a thread could possibly belong in more than one selection, please pick the one you think is most appropriate (if it isn't, we'll move it to the right place as soon as possible).
  4. Don’t flame or abuse other posters. This kind of behavior includes (but is not limited to):
    1. Insulting remarks and personal attacks. You can certainly strong disagree with someone or state your case, but keep it on-topic and avoid the personal remarks.
    2. Racial, ethnic and cultural slurs.
    3. Using your signature/avatar/custom title to insult others
    4. Use of the Private Messaging system to attack or threaten fellow posters
    5. Insulting comments regarding patches (not to be confused with constructive criticism)
    6. Hate speech/discrimination. Everyone is entitled to their own views but we ask that you keep them in check when you post here and approach any discussions of “sensitive” topics with maturity and common decency.
      By all means, do not confuse flaming a poster or a member with debating a topic enthusiastically, which is perfectly acceptable, and actually encouraged. Please also note that starting topics for the purpose of flaming or "calling out" forum members is also against our rules.
  5. Discussions and requests for illegal downloads (via admission or open discussion) or making them available to other posters is explicitly prohibited. This content includes (but is not limited to):
    1. CD Keys (MLB 2K or MVP Baseball or otherwise) & Serial Numbers
    2. No-CD cracks
    3. Warez (Illegaly copied or cracked versions of the games)
    4. Original Game Files
  6. Refrain from posting media that depicts pornography, graphic violence or otherwise objectionable content.
  7. Refrain from posting instructions or links to sites that contain instructions for illegal activities, including but not limited to:
    1. Bomb-making
    2. Computer hacking
    3. Manufacture of illegal substances
    4. Credit Card fraud/Phishing
  8. Respect the privacy of other Forum members. As we are living in the age of social media, this means that you should refrain from posting any details that a fellow member has not publicly made available such as real names, email addresses, instant messenger details, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and other personal information. This also applies to any photographs taken from networking websites such as Twitter, Google+ or Facebook that the member in question has not already shared. This also includes posting the contents of private conversations including instant messenger chats and emails without the permission of the other person. If it was kept private, it was done so for a reason. Posting anything confidential, either in whole or verbatim, will be considered a violation of this rule and dealt with accordingly.
  9. Don’t spam or troll. Examples include:
    1. Nonsense posts or posts that are made simply for the sake of posting, adding nothing to the discussion or attempting to throw it off-topic for no good or constructive reason.
    2. Posting in a thread only to say “Who cares?” or “Boring topic”. If you’re not interested in the topic, don’t post in the thread in an attempt to derail the discussion at hand.
    3. Posting only to call out or start a fight with another member or Forum staff.
    4. Paid advertisements for websites or products.
    5. Referral links for online games.
    6. Making off-topic posts to promote websites or flooding the boards with announcements.  If an existing discussion is taking place directly involving something you are associated with, you may participate in order to answer questions, clarify details, and otherwise engage with the community, but as a person, not an advertisement.
    7. Bumping threads with posts that simply say "bump". You may not always get an answer straight away, so please be patient before bumping a thread; a couple of hours may not be long enough for someone with the right knowledge to come along and answer your question. Bumping a thread that has not been posted in for some time may be tolerated so long as you are making a meaningful contribution to the discussion that is relevant to the original topic. Bumping old threads simply for the sake of posting however will not be tolerated.
  10. Avoid double/triple/quadruple (and so on) posting. Use the Edit button to add something to a post that you may have forgotten rather than making several posts in a row. Exceptions include:
    1. Reviving a discussion in an inactive thread in which you had the last post, such as the discussions in the MLB forum.
    2. Updating a Dynasty/Franchise thread, within reason. The common practice of reserving the first few posts for updates is allowed. Likewise, you may double post with further updates such as additional game recaps if there have been no responses since your last post.
    3.  Updating a patch announcement thread.
  11. There is a limit of one account per user with additional accounts being deleted or merged upon detection. You will be notified via a Private Message by an Administrator or Moderator in regards to a duplicate account, and we will ask if you would like to delete the old account or merge with the new account. Serious violations of this rule (i.e. second accounts used to spam, flame or otherwise break forum rules) will result in banning of both the new and original accounts. New accounts created by banned members will be banned without warning upon detection.
  12. No drama/public fuss. If you have real-life problems or drama with a member from another site, we’re sorry to hear that but do not take out your problems within the MVPMods community. Sort out your issues privately, and do not use our community to settle arguments with members and staff of other websites. This also includes MVPMods related ban drama and nasty criticism of the community posts meant to cause a big fuss. Do not post or campaign on behalf of a banned site member, it is their responsibility to contact the MVPMods administration and sort out the issue privately. Similarly, if you have issues with the site administration, please contact the appropriate moderators/administrators and raise your concerns in a civil manner. Rude and threatening emails or messages and scathing public posts intended to call out forum staff and cause a big scene will not work to your advantage and will not be tolerated.
  13. Armchair moderating (aka hall monitoring) is heavily discouraged. Please feel free to use the Report Post function to let us know about any problems and a moderator will take care of it as soon as possible.
  14. Be nice to the moderators/administrators. Actually, you should be nice (or at the very least, civil) to everyone in the community as outlined by the rest of the rules but if you attack the MVPMods.com staff then you won’t be doing yourself any favors and you will draw attention to yourself. We’re here to help and we try to keep an open mind but if you’re set on being a troublemaker bent on making a big public fuss and rude towards us and your fellow forum members then we won't play nice.
  15. We are aware that the MVPMods community is culturally diverse, however this is an English speaking site, thus all public posts must be in English. If you'd like to chat to fellow community members in a language other than English, please use the private messaging system.
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