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  1. Yankee4Life

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    Take your time! Your rosters are well worth waiting for.
  2. Yankee4Life

    Total Conversion Mods

    Dennis it was my pleasure and I completely understand you not being here. Your family and son come first and I hope the little boy enjoyed the party you gave him. Just think, by this time next year you'll have taught him to make his very first uniform. That kid's got a future! 👏 😀
  3. Yankee4Life

    Total Conversion Mods

    Oh good Lord. It is less than a week and I am back here writing in this thread. Trust me, I am not complaining because writing about the Total Classics mods is a true travail d'amour, a labor of love. The respect I have for the men who make these mods for us is something I can never put into words the way I really want to so I make sure I give them the thanks and admiration they deserve. And if I can give more attention to these mods with this little thread that I started ten years ago then I am happy to do so. I have watched Total Classics grow since the beginning when Boss Fuzz created it. The first mod he made can still be found in Total Classics Phase 10, the jewel of the Total Classics family. We've had a lot of people create these season mods including notables such as stecropper, Jim and Dennis James and now Kyleb. He has released two classic mods in the past, the 1995 and 1997 mods but this mod here, the 1948 season mod is the first one he has done out of the steroid era and from the look of this mod one can only hope he continues to make mods from this time period. The download page for this mod gives a very good summary of what happened in 1948. What is most remembered about that year is the one game playoff in Boston that decided the American League pennant. Ted Williams lead the league with a .369 average. I only bring this up because Stan Musial of the Cardinals hit .376 and won the National League MVP and he did all that virtually unrecognized for the entire season. This was the last year that both champions of each league challenged again for awhile. Cleveland won a pennant in 1954 while the Braves won their next one in Milwaukee in 1957. Both Chicago teams finished in last place so it must have been easy to get tickets that year on the north and south side. Now let's get into the mod. You install it just like you would any other classics mod. Have a clean copy of Mvp 2005 with no mods, no nothing installed on it. This clean copy should be the installation you get right out of the box. When that is done you install the mod over it and a minute or so later you have the 1948 mod. Everything in this mod takes you back seventy-one years. Crosley Field, Briggs Stadium, Griffith Stadium, they are all here and when you play a few games in these parks you almost get the feeling that watching baseball back then was a lot more fun. The background images and loading screens are very well done and look great. Before I play the game that I use as my featured game I like to explore the mod a bit to see what's what and the more I looked the more I liked this mod. The uniforms look like a Dennis James special. In other words they look great. Sharp, accurate and they look good. Now for the all important music. I've heard some of these songs in various movies that I've seen but I'm, not familiar with all of them of course. But I listened to all of them as I am accustomed to do when I review the mods and they all have that 1940's sound to it. As an added bonus the Legends of the Booth mod is included here just so you don't have to listen to Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. In the exhibition game that I played I had the New York Giants traveling to Boston to play the Braves. Screenshots Welcome to Total Classics 1948! Middle innings here in Boston and the Giants are shutting out the Braves. By now the veterans of the Total Classic series of mods should be used to seeing this particular overlay. It looks good, doesn't get in the way and tells you only what you need to know. There are a lot of overlays in our download section but this one holds up to any of them. However, if I was given a say I would change the color of the teams and inning display to a lighter one that is easier to see.
  4. Yankee4Life

    And then what happened?

    Well damn, how do you like that?? Great job man. I think it is safe to guess that none of us has seen that before.
  5. Yankee4Life

    Any good uniform making tutorials?

    Have you tried searching the downloads in the 2k12 area?
  6. My friend can give me the direct link to download the comments of the narrators with the new players. Greetings.

  7. Yankee4Life

    Total Conversion Mods

    Well folks, they did it again. The undefeated team of Jim825 and DennisJames71 sprung another wonderful season mod on us and what can I say except that we are lucky to have two guys so involved and devoted to classic baseball for the Mvp 2005 game. Only these two guys could make this particular season fun to play and spend time in. If you've played any of their previous collaborations you'll understand what I mean immediately. The mod itself can be downloaded right here and when you arrive at that page you'll see a brief history of the season and the ever-important installation instructions. I knew this mod would eventually be made and when it did it would bring back the memories that I had on that early August day when I first heard the news that to this day still upsets me when I read or hear about it. That is when baseball took a back seat for the remainder of the year. When the 1979 season is mentioned Thurman Munson is always the first thing I think about. But even before the tragic death of the Yankee captain on August 2nd the Yankees were a lethargic team. There were no comebacks for them in store this year and that started with the late April fight between Cliff Johnson and Rich Gossage that caused him to miss twelve weeks of the season. Ron Guidry, all-world in 1978, volunteered to go to the bullpen to help the team until the intimidating reliever returned. That didn't even help because Baltimore was running on all cylinders all season long. Like the rest of the American League East the Yankees had no chance. The National League belonged to Willie Stargell as he led the Pirates with his bat (32 home runs and a .281 average) and the way he inspired his team. He introduced the giving away of small stars to other Pirate players that became known as Stargell Stars. These were given for game-winning hits, well pitched games, saves, good fielding plays, etc. Players would take a lot of pride with the amount of stars they had on their hats. It obviously worked since they won the World Series. Anyhow, those are some of my memories of the '79 season. At least it ended well with Earl Weaver's team losing in seven games. To install this mod is very simple and easy. Once again you need a clean (unmodded) copy of Mvp 2005 and you let the installer that Jim has included in the mod do all the work for you. It installs quickly and you will be up and running in no time. The stadiums here in this game bring back a lot of memories and are very well done. I've almost forgotten how many stadiums in the National League had artificial turf but play a few games in the senior circuit and you'll see what I mean. Dennis James made the uniforms for the game. Do I really need to say anything else besides that? If you don't know by now how skilled this man is when he makes a uniform then you either are brand new to this website or you have not played Mvp in a few years and have forgotten how good he is. Dennis has taken uniform making to an art form and I appreciate his work very much. The loading screens looked great and I liked that it showed the player's baseball card in the picture. The overlay was nice too. A simple looking overlay always works in the total classic mods and this one with ABC Sports fit perfectly. ABC did a hell of a job covering baseball. The music in the mod? Oh good Lord. Now I got to confess that I sent Jim and Dennis some songs from 1979 and Dennis already had some in mind but how can I explain this? The music from the 1970's was terrible. Hippie music at the start of the decade and disco music as the decade came to a close. So what Jim and Dennis did here was make songs from Sister Sledge and The Knack a big part of the sound of the game. It worked, it really did. I want to thank Jim and Dennis for making me appreciate 1980's music even more after I played a few games in this mod. The game I played was the Minnesota Twins visiting Baltimore. It was a very close game and Dennis Martinez and Jerry Koosman (a twenty game winner in '79) were locked in a pitching duel but like they did so often that year, the Orioles chipped away and won the game. Thank you Jim and Dennis once again for another wonderful total classics mod! Download TC '79 today! Screenshots Welcome to Total Classics 1979! We are scoreless in Baltimore with the heart of the Orioles order coming up. Another perfect classic overlay, this one of ABC television. They did an outstanding job broadcasting baseball during this time.
  8. Yankee4Life

    mlb2k12 not starting in windows 10 build 1803

    Have you tried going to Mvp Caribe to ask your question? That is a Spanish-speaking Mvp and 2k baseball website. They can help you.
  9. Yankee4Life

    mlb2k12 not starting in windows 10 build 1803

    Please do not bump your threads anymore.
  10. Yankee4Life

    The Players

    Mel Stottlemyre A baseball lifer, Mel Stottlemyre burst on the scene as a midseason call-up for the New York Yankees in 1964, helping the club win its fifth consecutive pennant and starting three games in the World Series. One of the most underrated and overlooked pitchers of his generation, Stottlemyre won 149 games and averaged 272 innings per season over a nine-year stretch (1965-1973) that corresponded with the nadir of Yankees history. Only Bob Gibson (166 victories), Gaylord Perry (161), Mickey Lolich (156), and Juan Marichal (155) won more during that period; only Perry tossed more innings, and only Gibson fired more shutouts (43) than Stottlemyre’s 38. Just 19 years old, the unheralded Stottlemyre began his professional baseball career splitting his time with the Class-D Harlan (Kentucky) Smokies in the Appalachian League and the Auburn (New York) Yankees in the New York-Penn League in 1961. A combined 9-4 record and 3.27 ERA in 99 innings earned him a promotion to Class-B Greensboro in 1962. Described by sportswriter Moses Crutchfield as the “hottest prospect” in the Carolina League, Stottlemyre relied on a fastball, slider, and sinker to post a 17-9 record with a stellar 2.50 ERA in a league leading 241 innings, including a stretch of 28⅔ scoreless frames early in the season. “His biggest asset,” wrote Crutchfield, “is his ability to keep the ball low.” That quality turned out to be Stottlemyre’s calling card to the big leagues. The Yankees brass was impressed with Stottlemyre’s unexpectedly quick progress. He was invited to participate in spring training in 1963 as a nonroster player and was subsequently assigned to the Triple-A Richmond Virginians (International League). The youngest player on the club, Stottlemyre struggled against seasoned competition, posting a 7-7 record and splitting his time between starts (16) and relief appearances (23). The Yankees, fresh off a 104-win season that ended in a drubbing by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series, did not invite the 22-year-old to spring training in 1964. Stottlemyre began the season in the bullpen for Richmond, but the lanky righty scuttled those plans by tossing a shutout in a spot start on Memorial Day. He worked his way into the rotation and won 10 consecutive decisions, earning a berth on the league’s All-Star team. While Stottlemyre was leading the IL in wins (13), ERA (1.42), and shutouts (6), the Yankees were in a tense, three-way battle with the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox for the 1964 pennant. When longtime ace Whitey Ford went down with a hip injury in late July, New York called up Stottlemyre, who arrived on August 11. Stottlemyre’s debut on August 12 was “movie script stuff,” wrote New York sportswriter Til Ferdenzi. The rookie tossed a complete-game seven-hitter to defeat Chicago, 7-3. In what developed into a refrain heard over the next decade, hitters pummeled Stottlemyre’s sinker into the ground all afternoon. “He sure knows how to serve up those grounders,” said batterymate John Blanchard as the Yankees recorded 19 groundouts. Stottlemyre’s fairy tale continued throughout the regular season. On September 17 he recorded his seventh victory in nine starts to give the Yankees a psychological boost by pushing them into first place, tied with the Orioles and White Sox, for the first time in almost six weeks. Nine days later, he blanked the Washington Senators at Griffith Stadium on two hits (his first of seven career two-hitters) and tied a big-league record for pitchers by collecting five hits (four singles and a double). The Yankees’ most effective hurler, Stottlemyre finished the campaign with a 9-3 record and a team-best 2.06 ERA in 96 innings. Most importantly, Stottlemyre stabilized a shaky staff and helped the club win 34 of its final 52 games and capture its fifth consecutive AL pennant. Stottlemyre’s success is often attributed to his sinker, which Yankees coach Jim Hegan compared to that of his former batterymate with the Cleveland Indians, Hall of Famer Bob Lemon. They both threw the sinker overhand, whereas most throw it side-arm or three-quarters because of how difficult a pitch it is to control. Said Stottlemyre, “When [the wind] blows in, I may be a bit faster, but my ball straightens out. When the ball blows out, my ball sinks.” Cerebral and reflective, Stottlemyre also succeeded because of his ability to adjust over time. Around 1962 he took pitching coach Johnny Sain’s advice and began gripping the ball with the seams instead of across them in order to get a bigger break. This change made his fastball as effective as his sinker. “I created some movement with my delivery and the way I held the ball, but mostly it was just natural.” Often touted for his good control (2.7 walks per nine innings in his career), Stottlemyre himself admitted, “I couldn’t throw the ball straight if I wanted to.” People regularly praised Stottlemyre for his character, sportsmanship, and unassuming leadership. “He doesn’t moan when you don’t get him runs,” said Houk, “[or] when they kick ones behind him.” Quiet and self-effacing, Stottlemyre rarely sought the spotlight or chewed out his teammates. He was seen as “old school” before the term was common, an embodiment of Yankees style more reflective of the 1940s and 1950s than the mid- to late 1960s and early 1970s. “In the second-division days around the stadium,” wrote beat reporter Jim Ogle, “Stottlemyre is one Yankee who retains the old championship aura and class.” Stottlemyre’s outwardly quiet demeanor belied a passion and desire to succeed. Said one-time Yankees backup catcher Bob Schmidt, “He works like a machine, never showing his feelings. Inside he’s thinking and fighting and planning to win.” A quiet, unassuming player and a dedicated, well respected coach, Stottlemyre spent almost 50 years in Organized Baseball. He lived his final years in Washington state and died after a long battle with bone marrow cancer at the age of 77 on January 13, 2019, in Seattle.
  11. Yankee4Life

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    You know, I was just going to say that.
  12. Yankee4Life

    TIT error

    Also the guy who asked this question joined back in 2009. After all that time even if you are a lurker around here you would have known what the TiT program was, where to get it here, to make sure that you had Net Framework installed and to see what problems others have had with it. I am not saying you had to be here every day or once a month or so to be aware of this but after ten years, yeah, you should have had some knowledge of it.
  13. Yankee4Life

    MLB 2K19 Roster Update?

    Two things: (1) There is no MLB 2k19 and (2) when the roster makers release the latest roster update for 2k12 it usually is closer to opening day and not in the middle of January.
  14. Yankee4Life

    Install audios

    The easiest way to install them is to use the TiT program that you can find in the download section for Mvp '05.
  15. Yankee4Life

    T Mobile park request

    Did you first try checking the download section for this ?