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  1. Then try all the answers and see what sticks!
  2. It is hard to run this fifteen-year-old game on Windows 10. You can run it on XP, Vista and Windows 7 without the headaches. It is true, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7 after this year but you can continue to play it on Windows 7. You need a legitimate copy of Mvp 2004 or 2005. If you don't have that you will run into problems and we won't be able to help you out. An external CD-Rom drive will install the game on your system. I don't use one because I have a CD drive on mine. Welcome to the website!
  3. This is going to turn out to be a very unique mod!
  4. To quote part 9, section 7 of the rules it states this. Bumping threads with posts that simply say "bump". You may not always get an answer straight away, so please be patient before bumping a thread; a couple of hours may not be long enough for someone with the right knowledge to come along and answer your question. Bumping a thread that has not been posted in for some time may be tolerated so long as you are making a meaningful contribution to the discussion that is relevant to the original topic. Bumping old threads simply for the sake of posting however will not be tolerated. Do NOT do this again and while you are at it, read all the rules again. Thank you.
  5. How are you feeling and no, I don't know the answer to your question!
  6. I am very anxious to see the Aloha Stadium you are making because I was lucky enough to see games there while I was out there in the service. Since I know you are making it I am sure it’s going to be good.
  7. When he is ready to upload it. And please make your posts in English in here. Thank you.
  8. So much easier using a gamepad but of course it's your choice.
  9. Instructions to run the Total Installer Thingy: Installation: Make sure to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package and .net framework pack first. Extract the TiT installer from the .rar file. When the installer finishes running, it will copy the file tit.exe to the Program Files\EA Sports\MVP Baseball 2005. If you wish to run TiT from a different folder, simply copy the tit.exe file to a different location.
  10. When he is ready and not before. Only he will know when that time is. He has a job, a home, a wife and a life to attend to and he works on this mod in his spare time. It's coming along though. For someone like me I don't even think about when it is coming out because there are other mods that occupy me until this one is done.
  11. He did answer your question. I’ve noticed that you’ve been a member here for fourteen years now. Update the game with cyberfaces, portraits and stadiums that were released after that mod. And yes, this game is still supported although not that much from when it first came out. Now hopefully your questions have been answered.
  12. Install it in the main directory of 2k12.
  13. You're right, but what's a challenge?
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