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  1. Yankee4Life

    mvpedit problem

    Jim, you can also hit the "print screen" key on your keyboard and it will take an image of whatever you want.
  2. Yankee4Life

    Please help me

    All I know from this post is that you are running Windows 7. That operating system should not give you problems running the game even though I realize you are having some. However the last part of your post was in Spanish and I did not bother to try to translate it because this is an English speaking website and you have to post your questions and comments in here in English, just as you did in your very first post in this thread. I hope your problem gets fixed to your satisfaction.
  3. Yankee4Life

    Please help me

    How about if you explain what exactly is going on and provide as much information as you can. What version of Windows do you have? Detail the problem when and where it happens,etc.
  4. Yankee4Life

    High Heat 2003 mods

    How about taking a look in the download section to see what we have?
  5. Yankee4Life

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    This mod sounds better and better each time I read about it.
  6. Yankee4Life

    mlb2k12 won't install

    I thought you want this locked? 😀
  7. Yankee4Life

    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    Let me know if you want 1.4 too. I believe I have it.
  8. Yankee4Life

    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    As I recall this version 2.1 file was not here long. Some kind of problem with it. I believe the popular one was version 1.4.
  9. Yankee4Life

    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    All done and uploaded.
  10. Yankee4Life

    Home Run Derby Mod

    Version 1.0.0


    I did not make this mod. I am only re-posting it here to fill a request from a fellow Mvp 2005 user. Here is the readme file. ** Create backups of your data\datafile.txt and data\frontend\minigame.big files before installing ** Extract contents into your root MVP directory. Tested with MVP 94, 07, and Total Classics 08. I have included a file called datafile changes, which includes all the lines of code needed to install this into an existing datafile.txt, as most if not all people will want to retain their existing datafile.txt. Simply copy and replace this over the corresponding lines of code in your datafile.txt. Created by Mike Z
  11. Yankee4Life

    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    I know some jackass on the staff may have it. Oh wait, that's me. 😨
  12. Yankee4Life

    total installer thingy 4 2k10

    You got your answer. Read the directions in the mod and take your time with it.
  13. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I understand. I have version 8.7 of his rosters. He left the site soon after this because he and his fiance had a baby. He's another guy who is really missed around here. Check your PM's please.
  14. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    Took me years to build it up but I managed too. I got mods from Mvp '04 too. I just don't talk about it every day for fear of getting ten requests a day in my PM box. I'm still wondering why you need this. I got version 8.7 by the way.
  15. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I got a lot of his rosters. Heck, I got 68 DVD's filled with mods since we started here.