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  1. You know, I have to agree. Just because they won this series -very impressively I may add- it has not changed how I feel about them one bit. I’m hopeful that they do well but right now I have no confidence in them at all and I say that because of how they have been playing since Opening Day. Simple as that. I’d like to see them play as well as -no, make that BETTER- than the Rays. They have it in them. Tampa trades Blake Snell over the winter and Tyler Glasnow is out for a considerable amount of time but those guys keep winning because they approach the game better. An
  2. Ok, this is what you do. Go to this website right here and download Fraps. It's a free download and you start it BEFORE you start 2k12. You can set your own key to capture screenshots like I did or just use the default. When I want to capture something I hit F11 and that is all there is to it.
  3. Three weeks later and you post the same response? What gives?
  4. Very impressive three-game series they played. So they DO have it in them to play good ball. I hope they keep it up.
  5. Easy money that this guy beats the Yankees with a key hit later on this year.
  6. Mike Ford was traded to the Rays on Thursday for cash considerations and a player to be named later. NOW WATCH him start hitting!
  7. Oh, I agree. Don't get me wrong because I'm happy that they won but my opinion has not changed. Which brings me to their farm system. Take this guy here, please! This is Deivi Garcia and he’s the latest of over hyped and under performing Yankee “prospects.” As long as these prospects don’t have to swing a bat or pitch they’re great. Garcia’s roster spot should be taken away from him until he learns how to pitch. In 1/3rd of an inning two days ago this jackass gave up four walks. Are there any Yankee prospects that actually can pitch?
  8. Yes sir. You're right on both accounts.
  9. If they traded Judge I wouldn't cry about it. He does his best work on the disabled list anyway.
  10. Willie Horton A standout on the sandlots of Detroit, Willie Horton became the first black superstar for his hometown Tigers and spent parts of 15 seasons with the team. A tremendously powerful right-handed slugger, Horton was one of the strongest men in the game and launched 325 homers in his career. Extremely popular in Detroit, Horton worked in the Tigers front office after his playing career, where he helped bridge relations between the club and the African American community. Called up by the Tigers at the tail end of the ’63 season, Horton came throug
  11. Norm Cash Norm Cash came to Detroit in exchange for outfielder Steve Demeter. Detroit general manager Rick Ferrell was dumbfounded when Frank Lane, his Cleveland counterpart, offered Cash for Demeter, unsure if he meant “cold cash or Norm Cash?” While Demeter’s career with the Indians consisted of merely four games, Cash became a fixture at first base in Detroit for 15 years. Lane was not through making controversial trades with the Tigers. Five days later, he sent Rocky Colavito to Michigan for Harvey Kuenn, and later in 1960, the two clubs swapped mana
  12. This is the closest the Yankees have played to me at any time during the regular season but I'm so wound up I am not going. This has been an awful year so far. Oh well, at least our friend Mr. Gittens got his memento baseball. That's all that matters.
  13. You just got to love selfish people.
  14. Chris Gittens hit his first career homer against the Blue Jays on Tuesday June 15, 2021 as the Yankees beat Toronto 6 - 5. This was needed!
  15. Ed Figueroa The New York Yankees won three straight American League pennants from 1976 to 1978, becoming World Series champions in the latter two years. Yet even devoted fans might have trouble recalling which pitcher got the most victories for the Bronx Bombers over this period. It wasn’t Catfish Hunter or Ron Guidry — it was Ed Figueroa, the only native of Puerto Rico (as of 2017) to have a 20-win season. Figueroa relied on a good sinking fastball and a variety of breaking pitches. As Guidry described him, “Figgy was a good pitcher. He wasn’t an overpower
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