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  1. Yankee4Life

    Poll: Which team would win the World Series?

    I voted for the Dodgers. Of course I voted for the Dodgers. I mean, what else?
  2. Damn, I remember this thread from early last year. I thought someone made a new one. 😀 For future reference the Xbox downloads are an area that is hardly used. You won't find many (if at all) new mods there. Maybe a roster every so often but that is it. If it is not there that means you don't need to ask from now on. I would recommend you buying the PC version. Then you'll be able to have these parks and so much more.
  3. Yankee4Life


    I understand now. Thanks!
  4. Yankee4Life


    it's an odd way to upload a mod, isn't it?
  5. Yankee4Life

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Damn man, you're my hero!
  6. Yankee4Life

    Old file help

    Glad to help out here. 🙂
  7. Yankee4Life

    Old file help

    Check your private messages. I did not want to upload this file to the site and please don't you either only because if it gets uploaded a lot of people will think this is the Mvp Edit for Mvp '05 and they'll have problems.
  8. Yankee4Life

    Old file help

    I got it. You got to wait later on today for it. I am surprised anyone wants it. Not much attention for Mvp '04 these days. That was a good game too.
  9. Yankee4Life

    Poll Championship Series

    Astros and Brewers. Just keep Boston out and I am fine.
  10. Yankee4Life

    mvp 08 total conversion mod

    That's true Jim. A lot of them were rosters from KGBaseball, Kraw's portraits for Mvp, Spungo's uniforms, etc.
  11. Yankee4Life

    mvp 08 total conversion mod

    It is not here.
  12. Yankee4Life

    General Question

    I use this one too and I promise you that you'll really like it. OTBJoel did a great job here.
  13. Yankee4Life

    MLB Gameday Thread

    Gary Sanchez went deep for a staggering 479-foot blast over the Green Monster, his second of the game for a three-run home run as the Yankees defeated the Red Sox in game 2 of the ALDS on October 6th, 2018.
  14. Yankee4Life

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    What the heck, it can not hurt to try. Thank you.
  15. Yankee4Life

    Fenway Night Crash

    Here are some of them. A few of these are not even on the site anymore.