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  1. It probably means that the controller that you have is not supported by Mvp 2005. A lot of people have had good success with a Logitech or Saitek P880 controller
  2. From the file description I thought he face chatted with someone.
  3. I got this message when I tried to view both games: An error occurred. Please try again later.
  4. That seems like more than enough to run the game. Do you still have the box? If so, check out what they recommend but I think you are ok.
  5. Another game against the team I love to hate the most. This game was played in the Fort Lauderdale spring training stadium that is home of the Orioles. The Big O made this one and it is an outstanding piece of work. The Big O was a loyal Oriole fan who happened to live in Massachusetts. The wind was blowing out this game and there were some home runs that shouldn't have been but that is how baseball is. And for those of you who were expecting me to bean David Ortiz I did not let you down.
  6. Yeah, you are. Unless you buy Mvp 2005. The 2004 mods stopped when 2005 came out. Every so often there was something but not for many, many years and certainly not an up-to-date roster.
  7. English only on this website please. If you need help and can not write in English then please go to Mvp Caribe for your questions. They are a Spanish speaking baseball gaming website.
  8. Thank you for the explanation of what this is. So if I follow this right you can buy your way to win games just because you have the extra money to buy these card packs? It doesn't seem the best way to have kids play a video game but what do I know? Can you imagine them doing this with a new version of Mvp? Having people go out and try to get a Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig card just to win a game? No thanks.
  9. Well, that makes sense now that it's explained to me. And when you think about it I have to agree with you. EA hasn't impressed me in years. Even with Madden, a game every football fan plays basically because there's nothing else out there, is really nothing but a new roster and some unneeded bells and whistles. I mean I don't want to unlock stuff. I want to play the game. If EA made Mvp again they'd have us unlock certain pitches that a guy throws or some nonsense like that. By the way, what the heck is Ultimate Teams?
  10. I always wondered about that. I know it wasn't downloadable when it was first released but after that? I mean why not? They could have made more money.
  11. No, you can't legally download this game and EA doesn't sell it anymore. Try Amazon and eBay but as I said in the shoutbox be prepared to pay a lot for the game. By the way, please read this rule that you agreed to when you joined here. Thank you. Discussions and requests for illegal downloads (via admission or open discussion) or making them available to other posters is explicitly prohibited. This content includes (but is not limited to): CD Keys (MLB 2K or MVP Baseball or otherwise) & Serial Numbers No-CD cracks Warez Original Game Files
  12. After studying the graphic and then consulting with various medical experts they have come to some conclusions. First, the player in question does not seem to be Gleyber Torres but instead A. Torres, whoever that is and they are in desperate need to get in contact with this player because he did strike out two times, which is another sign of the coronavirus.
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