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  1. Tony Conigliaro No matter how you measure it, Tony Conigliaro’s career got off to a terrific start, but tragedy repeatedly intervened and the great promise of his early years remained unfulfilled. A local boy made good, Tony was born and raised in the Boston area, signed with the hometown team, and made his major-league debut in 1964 soon after he turned 19 years old. In his very first at-bat at Fenway Park, Tony turned on the very first pitch he saw and pounded it out of the park for a home run. By hitting 24 home runs in his rookie season, he set a record for the mo
  2. My God that guy can just kill a baseball. I hope they all continue this in Toronto. And wasn't it nice that he hit it off of Ottavino? We saw him do that too many times as a Yankee.
  3. The Padres (78-77) have been eliminated from playoff competition. They really fell apart. Personally I blame a lot of it on that self-centered hot dog Fernando Tatis, Jr. He does not appear to be a team player but rather plays for himself. The manager of the Padres (Tingler) could be in trouble. The Giants keep rolling. That Brandon Belt is something else. Hard to believe that the Reds have a winning record this late in the year. Harper hit his 34th home run and has a .313 average. Give him credit.
  4. The 1971 American League Champion Baltimore Orioles at the 1971 Boston Red Sox (3rd in the A.L. East) Using the 1971 Total Classics mod and playing in Fenway Park, Boston. Baltimore Orioles 2, Boston Red Sox 1 WP: Dave McNally 8 IP, 5 hits, 1 run, 1 walk (intentional) 9 strikeouts LP: Sonny Siebert 8 IP, 11 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, 0 K Save: Eddie Watt 1 IP, 0 hits, 1 K The worst hitter in the Oriole lineup arguably had to be Mark Belanger. So naturally he went 3 for 4 with two doubles and 1 RBI to lead Baltimore's eleven h
  5. Tampa wins the division. I won't say I am happy for them because I'm not but as long as Boston doesn't win it then that is ok because there is not a bigger bunch of braggarts than Red Sox fans. The Rays used 61 players (including 18 rookies) to win the division. They had a lot of injuries but survived it. I know of one Yankee team that can't say the same thing. Well, let's see what happens in the playoffs.
  6. My God Jim when that guy gets a hold of one he sends them a long way!
  7. I had a feeling you were talking about that and you are fine. Don't worry about anything happening like a banning. Forget that. It's not like you came running in here and said "go there and there and get this and then this is how you do it. " Keeping it out of the forum is very important so thank you for that. Now, go enjoy your game!
  8. There is a Windows 10 thread here that can be of a lot of assistance to you.
  9. I agree. They need as much as they can and since I am not filled with confidence I am expecting nothing. And the Rays DESERVED TO WIN. They played better and that is all there was to it. I remember when this team used to play better. Cashman will never take the hint in avoiding the big money players. He is going to make the same mistake this winter.
  10. No game until Friday. So on Saturday we will see what happens.
  11. What the heck are you talking about? Every time Sanchez puts on the catching gear he scares me. He's going to pull something this weekend I can feel it.
  12. And the Rays make the playoffs again. They deserve it. I don't buy that David and Goliath comparison between the Rays and the Yankees. Instead I see it as smart baseball compared to stupid baseball. Can you imagine how dangerous Tampa would be if they had the money the Yankees have and the baseball intelligence puts that they already possess? Again, they deserve to make the playoffs and they deserve to win the division because they are the better team up and down the lineup and they prove to everyone that you do not need someone with a $300 million contract to win baseball gam
  13. If that's all it took then they should have joined this website months ago.
  14. How do you attach something from Twitter in here?
  15. Ah, forget him. The next time he'll be back will be in March.
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