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  1. My friend, he has a lot to do already! If I were really skilled at it I would attempt it but I'm not.
  2. Hello I’m Bryce Harper and most of you know me as a discontented, dissatisfied and bad tempered ball player. That’s ok, so does my family but I make thirty million dollars a year so if they still want to be in my will they had better be quiet. Since my opinion is the only one that counts, I believe that I am the greatest baseball player ever. That includes Babe Ruth. I’d kick his ass if he wasn’t dead and show him that I could hit better than him. And everybody in Philadelphia better agree with me here or else I’m not playing! Today we are going to try something a littl
  3. Thank you Ty. Nice to see you around again!
  4. Will tywiggins be getting credit for this?
  5. You're right, it's on your end. I have been able to download everything in that mod with no problem.
  6. Show me some files that you have been trying to get and I will test them out myself.
  7. I am not buying his excuse at all.
  8. I'm confused here. You say you got hooked up with tywiggins but then you said "you can paypal me at tywiggins@hotmail.com or send an amazon gift card to tywiggins@hotmail.com" Are you or are you not tywiggins?
  9. Holy ****. Hell of a first post you had.
  10. First of all you have been asked to put your mod descriptions in English. Secondly, you could have waited for Odor to get in a Yankee uniform so he could shave his beard.
  11. 61* (2001) Starring Barry Pepper and Thomas Jane Film trailer.
  12. Oh, quite all right. It was nice of you to check for that guy. On thing you need to know is that if today you can not find the game on eBay or Amazon it doesn't mean that tomorrow it won't be posted. Sometimes you just get lucky.
  13. I have a question about the Madden 2008 game. Can I change the sound tracks like we can in Mvp ‘05? Because holy **** these songs are terrible.
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