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  1. You are doing the lords work...amazing. Cannot wait for this to drop and the effort and hours of hard work is well appreciated.!
  2. I tried the Link patch, which I own Links, and it didn't work for me either. I run a Nvidia 980, and the patch still did nothing for me.
  3. Read your post about 2016 and beyond. What are your thoughts about putting a staff together and start writing pieces about actual baseball, starting in the spring?

  4. To this day I still have a burning hatred for Steve Garvey -
  5. Great write-up Y4L, and I couldn't agree more with your thoughts. Firing this mod up took me back to that year. I spent that summer glued to the TV watching the Cubs, unless I was at Wrigley doing the same thing. Couple that with the fact that the Cubs ran onto the field with Jump, from VanHalen, and that is on the soundtrack - just an awesome, awesome mod!
  6. Incredible - my favorite Cubs team of all time gentlemen! Can't express how appreciative I am of this mod!
  7. Great idea(laptop w/ Win 3.1) - and thank the maker for DOSbox - still love playing Old Time Baseball, HH5, and TL 2 and 3 - DOSbox plays them perfectly.
  8. I should have done the same thing, but like an idiot I built my PC and installed windows 7 - It took me awhile to get HH 2004 to work on my PC, but I finally got it to work and now runs flawlessly - live and learn I guess.
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