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  1. When i make portraits (i watched Wolf of 2K video), i delete background in my image, then i save it as .dds. That's all. After installing my potraits pack i see all portraits in game correctly.
  2. Why background is not transparent? I made it transparent and all work correctly. Here is that red ...
  3. Interesting, forum users know what a spoiler is ....?
  4. Kacnep87


    Hey. Try to look at the identifier of the portrait of this player in the roster editor, maybe there is an error (another id or something like this). Or, as an option - there is one id in the roster, but in the folder with the portraits of such id 2, they only differ in that there is a number 0 in front of one, and 0 in front of the other.
  5. Thank you very much. I don't know how i did not see it, because i watched a lot of them in youtube and as i said before there were part of tutorial here, part of tutorial there, 75% tutorial and etc. This one is good tutorial. I want to create some cyberface, but now my result is like from horror movies.
  6. Dear Wuilmer26f, show me please this one goood tutorial, where is clearly understand, how to create cyberfaces. Part of tutorial here, part of tutorial there, 75% tutorial and etc ....
  7. Google+Photoshop+Blender+Tutorial (from internet)+Time=Face. I tried to make one face, but a monster came out of horror films. P.S. Don't ask very much here about faces (it's like advice, no more), because some of stuff on this site may be unhappy with this and read moral.

    If a person is dumb, then this is forever.

  9. I will try. My right shoulder still pain, so it's a little hard to use mouse by right hand ))
  10. Is it mandatory to use Blender when creating a cyberface? And what kind of program is it better to use - 3DM NBA 2K MOD 4.83 or NBA 2K 2012 MOD tool 0.198 (what is the difference between them, except for the presence of the Chinese interface language in the first program)?
  11. The greatness of the emperor in the ability to forgive.

  12. Version 1.0.0


    Boston Red Sox portrait pack 2020. In this portraits pack are missing next players: 1) Jonathan Arauz NB! If you have troubles with using this portrait pack like for example you see old photos of players in game, the first of all check the portrait ID of this player via MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1, because portrait ID in folder Portrait>2x for player and player ID in roster editor maybe different (you need to correct it by yourself).
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