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  1. Yeah that's what I'm using as well.
  2. I did message him but he doesn't have the list for the IDs yet. I don't know how far along it is but obviously I'd love to contribute to the project. Make sure the folders are set up portrait>2x>file.dds. Be sure all files have 4 numerical digits and not more or less characters. Run TIT2K10 as administrator. Could be the reason.
  3. Great work on the player movement man. However, there are a lot of retired or free agent minor leaguers with high OVR that ruin the 25-man roster. I know you didn't work with the ratings but I'd consider removing all those guys even as MLB only roster. Cheers.
  4. @Bostonnico Thank you brother! And yeah, I realized it would be much easier to just wait. Going to take this down and release a bunch when his comes out. Appreciate the ideas.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hey y'all Posting up some 2020 updated ESPN Portraits for 2K12, but before you install please take time to read everything. While every portrait from the MLB 26-Man Rosters (https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-depth-charts) are included, they are not Portrait ID'd, but rather sorted by last name. This is to avoid any misalignment and ID confusion between rosters. Simply rename the files to your corresponding portrait IDs and the rest is ready to go. Included in the download is a folder containing all properly formatted and exported .DDS. Also included is another folder placed to cre
    Thank you so much for doing these , great job.
  6. Look under the "Players" main-tab, and search up your player by name. There should be a sub-tab to the right that says "Stats". Click on it, and it will show you the stat ID (581-MLB). Now, under the "Player_Stats" main-tab, search up your player by the ID. To the right all the career stats will be organized as "Batting", "Pitching", "General".
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Created a MLB 2K20 titlepage real quick, enjoy.
    Great work dude. Much needed.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    **PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE DOWNLOADING** Hey guys, Uploading the 2019 Portrait Pack that goes with my 2019 Roster. It is a work in progress, as with the roster, and is the same as the one included in that upload. Putting up a separate file for those not interested in the roster. The updated list of teams is below. Using 2019 ESPN Images for ALL 25 Roster Members. Enjoy!: Updated: LAA OAK HOU TOR ATL STL CHC MIL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Thats a problem on your end with the roster editor. All changes I made had to be done in game, otherwise theres a bug. Its due to the large size of created players as the modes only support the base 2012 guys. Id suggest making those chaned in game and not in an editor. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with exams and such. Ill be working on new updates very soon. Hey sorry for the late response. Honestly I wouldnt know how to handle that error, if you create the player in game rather then the editor it may work? I know everytime i make any moves with an editor it crashes, w
  10. Correct. The base roster had updated for the minors but I personally didn't touch any.
  11. I used all current MLB.com depth charts. I believe its because hes injured he was removed. Some may auto assign at franchise start. Appreciate the comments!
  12. I'm not editing stats for the current year. Its a very minor detail. Im focusing on major changes first.
  13. The portrait pack hasn't been finished yet as mentioned in the description. You'll be able to find the link on this page once it's completed. iI'll be updating every player so a previous one wont be needed.
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