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    Great work dude. Much needed.
  1. TheWolfof2K


    Use GIMP, Photoshop, or Paint.NET has it too. You may need to download additional plug-ins for it to work. I use GIMP as its all free and pretty feature packed.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    **PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE DOWNLOADING** Hey guys, Uploading the 2019 Portrait Pack that goes with my 2019 Roster. It is a work in progress, as with the roster, and is the same as the one included in that upload. Putting up a separate file for those not interested in the roster. The updated list of teams is below. Using 2019 ESPN Images for ALL 25 Roster Members. Enjoy!: Updated: LAA OAK HOU TOR ATL STL CHC MIL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Thats a problem on your end with the roster editor. All changes I made had to be done in game, otherwise theres a bug. Its due to the large size of created players as the modes only support the base 2012 guys. Id suggest making those chaned in game and not in an editor. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with exams and such. Ill be working on new updates very soon. Hey sorry for the late response. Honestly I wouldnt know how to handle that error, if you create the player in game rather then the editor it may work? I know everytime i make any moves with an editor it crashes, was like that with the base roster I used to create this one. Wish i could help more.
  4. Correct. The base roster had updated for the minors but I personally didn't touch any.
  5. I used all current MLB.com depth charts. I believe its because hes injured he was removed. Some may auto assign at franchise start. Appreciate the comments!
  6. I'm not editing stats for the current year. Its a very minor detail. Im focusing on major changes first.
  7. The portrait pack hasn't been finished yet as mentioned in the description. You'll be able to find the link on this page once it's completed. iI'll be updating every player so a previous one wont be needed.
  8. Fixed some issues, try the new update,
  9. I noticed some crashes after the schedule update as well. Working to fix those now. What players did you attempt to move?
  10. Yes, the 2019 schedule is now included!
  11. Just some extra comments, there is a 2018 portrait pack which if used with my last year trade deadline portrait pack will give the majority of these guys their pics. It might take me a while to get the new ones done so in case you need something to hold you over, that should do.
  12. Version 1.2.0


    **PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE DOWNLOADING** Hey guys, welcome to the 2019 season!, First and foremost, I appreciate everyone for taking a look at this project. Hopefully, I can deliver a high-quality product that will satisfy our 2K19 craving. This roster is still under work and will be going through four major steps as the season continues. It's worth mentioning this is a 2019 Schedule - MLB only roster, meaning while many AAA/AA/A prospects are included from the base roster (I honestly forget who's it was, but my best guess is @DaSteelerz,) I am personally not updating any of those. The steps I'll be taking this roster through: 1 - Off-Season Transaction Accurate (complete) 2 - Full Opening Day 25-Man Roster, Line Up and Rotation Update, using MLB.com (complete) 3 - Full Portrait Overhaul, replacing all 25-man rosters using ESPN png images and template (in-progress) 4 - Full Rating Update, using the TrueSim Roster Project spreadsheet, credit to Cycloniac at OS (incomplete) I have run this roster through Franchise mode, seen no crashes at Home Run Derby, Spring Training, or Staff Signing. I have also run through a MyCareer and am in the 2nd year with no crashes as well. If you find any issues, please surf the forums to see what the issues may be. It's really hard to reach and diagnose everyone's issues myself; although my inbox is always open. Additionally, I do have hopes of completing accurate contracts, positions, stances, etc. eventually but its a lot of detailed work and my main focus is being able to replicate the 2019 season for any careers, play nows, or one-year franchises. That all being said, I hope y'all enjoy. My sincere apologies for any mistakes I make, it really is a tough grind for a college kid. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: I'm uploading a portrait file, IT IS NOT THE FINAL ONE. I will be updating the teams one by one and reuploading after a couple teams. If you want to download as they come or wait for the final version, that choice is yours.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Finished the first pack for the 2018 post trade deadline portraits. Listed below are all the players added, some are from trades others were called up. If I missed someone please message and let me know. Rest of the teams are being done as we speak. How to install attached below. LAA: - Jose Briceno - Francisco Arcia - Hansel Robles - Blake Wood HOU: - Roberto Osuna - Ryan Pressly OAK: - Ramon Laureano - Jeurys Familia - Brett Anderson - Trevor Cahill - Edwin Jackson - Lou Trivino TOR: - Tyler Clippard - Ken Giles - Jake Petricka - Luis Santos - Sam Gaviglio - Ryan Borucki - Brandon Drury ATL: - Adam Duvall - Ryan Flaherty - Anibal Sanchez - Darren O' Day - Jonny Venters - Kevin Guasman MIL: - Joakim Soria - Freddy Peralta - Wade Miley - Dan Jennings - Jonathon Schoop - Mike Moustakas - Erik Kratz - Jesus Aguilar STL: - Francisco Pena - Yairo Munoz - John Gant - Chasen Shreeve - Jordan Hicks - John Brebbia LAD: - Manny Machado - Brian Dozier - Max Muncy - Walker Buehler - Tom Koehler - John Axford - Daniel Hudson How to install:
  14. Updating the portraits for the post trade deadline MLB. Almost done with the first half of the league, will try to work my way through the rest asap. Using a post trade transaction-accurate roster, however with no ratings. Will be released soon.
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