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MLB2K19 Total Frontend 3.0

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Just like last year, this mod replaces EVERY 2k12 logo/texture that I could find within the game, including all advertising within every stadium.  Most of the stadium ads are unchanged from last year's mod, except for the ones referencing the 2018 All-Star Game.  Those have been replaced with the 2019 ASG Logo.  The only stadium I couldn't get it to work on was Suntrust Park (Atlanta) since I can't edit textures in @DaSteelerz custom stadium using open source tools.  It's a moot point however, since he's used real-world advertising in his stadiums anyway.  If you see any I may have missed, please feel free to comment and I'll see about finding and replacing it.  As with any mod, remember to back up your files prior to installation.  Unlike last year, I wasn't able to upload it as a single file, so there must be some newer file size limits in place.  The zip file is broken into 6 files, and I recommend using 7zip to extract them.  Just download all of the file parts and use 7zip to extract the first file only.  7zip will automatically extract all of the file parts.

What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


  • Complete re-work of the 2K19 logo for the sake of legibility throughout the entire game.
  • No other changes, so if you prefer the original logo, no need to update.



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not working for me it wont even exact to the game 

Response from the author:

With over 7K downloads, and no one else reporting anything other than a minor issue here and there, you must be doing something wrong.  Do you know how to extract split zip files?  Delete all of the file parts you downloaded, and re-download them.  Then right-click ONLY THE FIRST one and select 7-Zip context menu,  then select Extract to "MLB2K19-v2.2.1\".  7-Zip will automatically extract ALL FILE PARTS into that directory.  Then you can copy all of the files in that directory over to your game directory.

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bro,how to import the proper colors?

I used the roster editor to open the file "uniform",but can't find where i can change the number and the English alphabet.

Could you help me? I came this forum first time.



Response from the author:

Just open the roster editor, click the browse button at the top to find and open your roster. Once your roster is loaded, click the uniform tab at the top right. Then click the import button and select the text file.

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Wonderful contribution. Thank you very much

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Love that this game.keeps.getting updated to the current year. Keep up the good work. U guys are always doing god's work

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excellent job👍

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I couldn’t have done it without you.😀

Thanks for being such a star.
This means a lot to me.

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Excellent work my friend, thank you.

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this version what it is the diferent to the other version??

Response from the author:

The previous versions used stock 2K12 files before I modified the images.  This version uses MLB2K15 Total Mod as a base before I modified the images.  So many people use MLB2K15 Total Mod that it only made sense to use it as a base.

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it doesnt work the files become .002 files and .003 files and cant be extracted wtf is happening

Response from the author:

Everything works fine, you need to use 7zip to extract ONLY THE FIRST archive and it will automatically extract all of them in order.  Giving a one star review because you don’t understand the procedure is frankly ridiculous.  Do you really think there would be over 14K downloads of this if it “doesn’t work”?

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getting rid of all the 2012, and looks nice....

apart from the My Player dates everything is 2019 visually....

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How can I download


Response from the author:

Read the "About this File" section above, then click the "Download this File" button and download each of the zip file parts.

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Heya ! For download the mod i need the game ? or the mod as the game ? cheers !

Response from the author:

You must own the game and have it installed.

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