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    Thank you so much for your excellent work on the rosters, portraits and faces. I have a question, I play the Phillies and the announcers continue to call players names from 2012, is there any way to fix this. Again thank you.
  1. Louvass

    Roster 2021

    Thank You for your work on the rosters, it's much appreciated
    Very nice update of rosters and portraits, thank you for your work.
    Downloaded the portraits(fsh files) ... would help with some instruction on how to implement these portraits.ice work on the portraits thank you
    I was hoping to see some instructions for the install of this team.
    Well thank you the import program seemed to work, I just don't know where to find the teams once "imported" I started the game but see the same teams. Thank you for your work on this. Never mind I figured it out... thank you again
    Thank you for keeping this updated great work by you guys !
    I downloaded the 14 rar's but they all say they are bad ?? Am I doing something wrong ?
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