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    Very nice update of rosters and portraits, thank you for your work.
  1. I did try downloading the portraits but was told they were not for my version. They were from the mlb2k forums, so I guess I'm confused that they were not for my version. My question is.. is there more then one version of mlb2k ? They were fsh files per my first post.
  2. So sorry didn't mean to insult anyone. I played both and found 2k12 to be a very decent game, even though it's 9 years old. Seems to be the best PC baseball. Again I apologize for my remarks. Thank you for your reply.
  3. So Gordo tell me isn't the MLB 2K12 the best version of baseball for the PC. why would anyone be playing MVP 2005 and moding it also. I have MLB 2K 2012 and been updating it with rosters front end and stadiums for a couple years. I'm wondering why there isn't any portraits to go with MLB2K. THANKS for your reply.
  4. Where and how are these implemented into MKB 2k. Thank you MVP mods for keeping us up to date.
    Downloaded the portraits(fsh files) ... would help with some instruction on how to implement these portraits.ice work on the portraits thank you
    I was hoping to see some instructions for the install of this team.
    Well thank you the import program seemed to work, I just don't know where to find the teams once "imported" I started the game but see the same teams. Thank you for your work on this. Never mind I figured it out... thank you again
    Thank you for keeping this updated great work by you guys !
    I downloaded the 14 rar's but they all say they are bad ?? Am I doing something wrong ?
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