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  1. Here are some American League players who made their MLB Debuts in 2020, and/or are currently on American League 40-man rosters, who I can't find portrait IDs for. Daniel Tillo (Royals) Edwar Colina (Twins) Ryan Jeffers (Twins) Wandisson Charles (Athletics) Ronaldo Hernandez (Rays) Kohei Arihara (Rangers) Wes Benjamin (Rangers) John King (Rangers)
  2. I'm so sorry if these players are already listed, but I couldn't find them on the ID spreadsheet or the subsequent thread updates after considerable searching..........Oliva and Marquez made their MLB debuts in late September right at the tail end of the regular season, and Morel could crack the MLB in 2021. Thanks in advance for your assistance! ---Christopher Morel (Chicago Cubs) ---Brailyn Marquez (Chicago Cubs) ---Jared Oliva (Pittsburgh Pirates) ---Zach Pop (Miami Marlins) ---Yasel Antuna (Washington Nationals)
    Fantastic job! I went through all of these stadiums yesterday and the attention to detail is remarkable. Every current MLB stadium, all updated! Nice work!
  3. Good morning all, I am writing to see if any of the uniform gurus on MVP Mods would be interested in doing me a huge favor...........As I continue working on the 1987 Total Classics Mod, there is only ONE uniform that we don't have...........That would be the road uniform of the 1987 New York Mets. As you can see below in the pic of Keith Hernandez, for one season the Mets went away from the "Mets" cursive across its road gray uniforms and replaced it with cursive "New York." In 1988, they went to the block lettering, all-caps "NEW YORK" that they had throughout the l
  4. Version 1.0


    Total Classics 1987 v1.0 by Savoy Special Inspired by Ace152’s MVP 1987 1.0 rosters, and after figuring out how to load in rosters, portraits, stadiums, music, background and stadium select screens, I have created a functioning version of what could reasonably be called MVP Total Classics 1987 Version 1.0. ------------------------------------------- *** NOTES *** - Divisions are broken down as follows: AL East (Yankees, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Orioles, Tigers) AL Central (Indians, Royals, White Sox, Brewers) AL West (Twins, Athl
  5. Hello All, I've spent the last couple of months building what can be described as a working version of MVP Total Classics 1987, version 1.0. Taking the Ace152 rosters already on here on the Downloads section, I built in all the uniforms, portraits, stadiums, stadium select screens, music, background screens, etc., to create a unique experience specific to the year 1987. My son and I are having fun with this modded-up version I've been creating, and I figured others in the MVP Mods community might want to take a look. The problem is I'm having trouble downloading it! T
  6. When I joined this community in the winter - literally weeks before COVID 19 hit America - I purchased an old Dell desktop computer that already had Windows 7 installed on it. I bought the original MVP 2005 game on Ebay for 75 bucks and found this amazing website. From everything I've read, the biggest key in my situation is simply to avoid connecting this computer to the web. I have multiple laptops and other desktop computers, so I don't need this specific computer for the web. I have this Windows 7 computer specifically for gaming. So I've disabled wireless connecting and I'll never, ever c
  7. Here's a few images I just took of a 2020 Cubs-Royals game in Kauffmann Stadium without fans..........Cubs wearing their 1974 road uniforms and the Royals their 1971 home uniforms
  8. I would love some assistance/tutorial help on the uniform preview screens...............Since I purchased MVP 2005 PC in March (thanks to large swaths of free times thanks to the quarantine) I've mastered moving stadiums and uniforms in and out of different mods, modifying and importing/exporting rosters, creating my own stadium select screens with old vintage pics, and I even figured out how to compress portraits and load my own portraits into the mods. The tutorials and information on this forum is simply amazing..............However, the one and only thing I cannot for the life of me figure
    This is a really neat ballpark concept. Makes one wish Montreal would have figured out a way to make this place happen for real I've been playing games in the "Best of the '80s and '90s' mod with the 1986 Mets and I just had an epic three-game series playing the 1994 Expos in this place. Awesome work!
  9. Thanks so much! I followed your instructions and I now have several TC mods up and running, including 1951, 1962, 1984, and 1988. I also re-loaded 1956, and since I kept all our .sav files, we can play another season or pick up in the middle of the season we already played............Once again I want to thank the good folks here for all their hard work and their advice. I would have never figured out how to do this on my own. Considering that America is basically shutting down right now and our family is basketball crazy living in North Carolina, the timing on this couldn't be be
  10. Hello, After having an amazing time playing the 1956 Total Classics mod and the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers with my son, we decided to try our hand with a decidedly less successful team - the infamous 1962 New York Mets. Honestly, I should have just left the 1956 TC game on there because we were having so much fun, but we made the mistake of trying to play the 1962 TC instead. So after wiping the 1956 Total Classics mod and uninstalling everything, I carefully went through the process of re-installing a fresh install of MVP Baseball 2005, and then extracting the files
  11. Hello All, I just wanted to take a brief second and sincerely thank those who contributed on the 1956 Total Classics Mod.............Not only did I have no issues extracting and downloading the files, the gameplay was absolutely amazing! Having Ernie Harwell, Vin Scully, and Mel Allen providing broadcast coverage made it all the more realistic. It was the closest thing a child of the 1980s could ever come these days to living that Golden Era of baseball........... I played through a season with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and managed to win a tough 7-game World Series agains
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