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  1. vanopetrov

    1921 MLB

    Version Final


    Good day everyone. This time I present to you a unique work, the roster of the 1921 season. 10 teams(New York giants, Yankees, Detroit, Cardinals, Cubs, Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The only roster where babe Ruth is present (his best season statistically in his career), Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Walter Johnson. New York Giants with manager John J. McGraw, legends of those times. For realistic games, don't put DH and commentators(radio broadcasts only have one), and place setting home runs in sliders smaller(small ball). Good game! Leave your wishes in comments
  2. vanopetrov

    1982 Postseason Roster

    May be. In that season there were no more teams with a qualitative composition and lineup. For realistic game, you can put any of avaliable teams instead of one wild cards, the will lose (poor lineup).
  3. vanopetrov

    1982 Postseason Roster

    Version Final


    Hi! I have just posted the roster of season 1982(final version). 9 teams(Cardinals,Braves,Brewers,Royals,White Sox,Orioles,Angels, Phillies,Padres). Postseason mode are available. Milwakee play in AL East that year. Start of Whiteyball era First Tony Gwynn Season. Carlton and Schmidt led the Phillies and more othes historic milestones Game in 80s had not so much homer's, configure this in sliders. Good game for you Wishes in the comments.
  4. vanopetrov


    Version Final


    Good evening! This time I present to your attention to Postseason roster of a season of 2008. 10 teams (Red Sox, Tampa, White Sox, Anaheim, Minnesota from AL, Philadelphia, Dodgers, Milwaukee, Cubs, Houston from NL). The victorious season first in the history for Joe Maddon's Rays, the Phillies which has removed a damnation curse of Billy Penn, the bridge to Lidge, defending champions - Bo Sox, Maddux and Kent's last season, the first getting into the playoffs of Milwaukee since Yount-Molitor time, the last ALL-Star Game on the old Yankee Stadium. The mode of a postseason is available fully now, both an old, and new format. With the following work there is no definiteness meanwhile, will try to report whenever possible, it is possible to leave wishes in comments.
  5. vanopetrov

    1995 Postseason Roster Final

    Version Final


    Greetings everyone. I'm sorry but there was a fatal bug in previous version of roster 1995, connected with Yankees. I reload the new version with adding San Diego with Tony Gwynn. So there are 10 teams. Postseason mode is valiable. I'll try to delete pervious version as soon as possible. Good game) Next one will be Postseason Roster 2008, 10 teams(maybe 11). I've not decided about wild-cards yet. You may write your wishes in comments. (Obiviously it would be better if the team, whitch wasn't in play-off, leads qualitative season in 2008)
  6. vanopetrov


    low-quality work.
  7. vanopetrov

    1957 Mlb Postseason Roster

    Version Final


    Hi everyone! This time I want to present you the new version of roster season 1957. There are 8 teams (Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, White Sox from AL, Braves, Phillies, Dodgers and St.Louis from NL). The first of two World series in sequence Braves and Yankees. Mantle and Berra. Matthews and Aaron. The last season for Giants and Dodgers before their arriving to California. Cardinals with Musial, Bo Sox with Williams, Whiz Kids. The classic of baseball, radio broadcasts and the first TV translations. Turn off DH in the game settings for more realistic effect. There are more than 20 years for its introduction. Lineups are correct for the season ending's period. Good gaming everyone. Next time there will be roster 1995, with the funny occasion won too, but in Atlanta, world series for Braves.
  8. vanopetrov

    Rosters v21

    Man, why in your rosters all players with same faces? For example, Bagwell Biggio and Ecksersley. What sense in it? and why you duplicate my rosters (for example 1993 and 2006) which I already spread.
  9. vanopetrov

    1993 Postseason Roster

    in the nearest future I don't plan. On phase 1968th. can be then, hardly this year
  10. vanopetrov

    2006 Postseason Roster

    Version Final


    Hello everyone. This is new version of roster by me. This time I post MLB Postseason Roster 2006 on sam0060 request. There are 9 teams, including 8 teams which have been in playoffs last year (Cardinals Tigers Padres Dodgers Yankees Twins Mets Aces) and the team with the best winning percentage among others (White Sox, 2005 world champions ). There is the first winning from 1982 in World Series for Redbirds in year of opening the new Busch Stadium. There was the best season for Mets for the first time in many years. And something more... Enjoy! New works are around the corner!
  11. vanopetrov

    2003 Postseason Roster

    Sorry, but this superfluous. I create rosters for the end of a season (playoffs) so an opening Day lineup will help nothing to me) but all the same thanks
  12. vanopetrov


    Version 1.0.0


    Hi to fans of baseball) the new version of a roster from me) this time 1987 Postseason a roster ( very much wanted to recreate Minnesota of Kent Hrbek, Kirby Puckett and Frank Viola). 5 teams - Twins Cardinals Giants Tigers (with Whittaker and Trammell) and the best team from not got to the playoffs (the won 96 victories of Toronto). Dare) I Hope my modifications bring you pleasure from game. And very much I hope that you won't have a prokhy impression of the Russian people) Policy - a sediment) Thanks
  13. vanopetrov

    2003 Postseason Roster

    OK. Only I first completed yet, 1987 (he is willing to half) and lay out, and then take for 2006 postseason roster. You in which format it do? As 2003 or have special requests?