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  1. Remember, the 901-915 are for cyber (3D) faces and are the default ones for the game. Anything lower than that would have to be a custom cyberface made by someone and they can cause crashes. The portrait (and audio) IDs are 4 digit IDs from 0000 - 9999 (I believe). These have nothing to do with the cyberfaces, only the 2D portraits (and audio).
  2. Found some pitchers that need some updating: Andrew Chafin: Josh Hader: Or you can wait for the update right around the end of April. Working with Laro on that.
  3. I don't think anyone here is comfortable instructing you on how to install Windows 7 other than the conventional way. If you have the install disk, I assume you can get online support about where to find your key if you don't have it. With one internal HDD, of course you can install Win7 on there, but are you wanting to wipe what's on there now? You need to give more information.
  4. Isaac Galloway, OF, MIA, should be a 97 speed per: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/sprint_speed_leaderboard?year=2018&position=&team=&min=10
  5. I don't think messing with secdrv is something condoned around here, not sure. I still think it would be easiest to partition or add a HDD if you can and then install Windows XP or 7.
  6. Gordo

    Site Issues

    April 2019 update looks really good. Like the way you can customize the colors. Had to bump up the zoom to 110% on my browser and it looks perfect. Well done!! Did notice that I couldn't enter anything into the shoutbox, but a shoutbox isn't make or break for me on a website. Still think that the individual pages are way to long. About half the length I think would be ideal. Just my preference is all.
    Completely unexpected, but totally welcomed to keep things going as best as possible with this game. Thanks as always!!
  7. If you are successfully running MVP w/ mods on Windows 10 without any flaws whatsoever, I would encourage you to make a contribution to that thread on how you successfully managed this.
  8. That's your answer. Not even sure how you're running the game at all. Check this thread:
  9. Also consider Krita. I installed it but haven't played with it that much.
  10. One way to find any file on your computer is know the extension if you don't know the name, then simply search the main folder. Remember often times programs/apps/games put additional folders in the Documents area, so make sure you search there too.
  11. Good job man.... you ready to take over next year?! Creaghorn had also PM'd me some tweaks needed: Austin Romine wears old school catcher gear while Sanchez wears the hockey mask. Ingame it's inverted. Gleyber Torres hitting style is similar to Renteria Luke Voit has an open batting stance. Aaron Judge batting stance of Green. Andujar the weird stance, a bit like Kaz Matsui. I'm also thinking Eloy Jimenez with a Jeter, one-hand release stance.
  12. I'm sorry, this is an English speaking site. Perhaps someone can help you at MVPCaribe.
  13. The main thing you have to watch, if anything, with MVPedit is that if you need to move a pitcher from the #1 slot on any team, substitute him first, don't just move him.
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