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  1. Thanks for the compliments. There are some pitchers who tend to make their debuts this time of year, especially with a struggling team, such a Puk, which I did not include. They will be in the end of year roster if they have enough tenure, however.
  2. You should probably talk to Jed.
  3. You're probably going to run into finite limitations (e.g., no. of players to create), but that ultimate no. I'm not sure anyone knows. a) Yes, you can. I have done this on rare occasion, but again, how many tweaks you can do I doubt anyone knows. Always make an extra back up. b) Pretty sure that's a "no". Remember that MVPedit wasn't around when the game came out and it was designed to work with the original cyberfaces.
  4. You're very welcome. Gonna do a pre-rosters expansion set and the the end of season rosters. Thanks for helping me keep up.
  5. Yep. In fact if you know how to import a player via MVPedit, you can do that with this file of him now. Aquino, Aristides.mep
  6. Yes, I've seen Brooks before...... it's too convoluted with all the colors to do things quickly; ESPN data fits easily and perfectly.
  7. Haven't done one of these in a while. Change Vlad Guerrero Jr to: Contact v R: 74 Power v R: 80 Contact v L: 45 Power v L: 40 For End of Season rosters for these guys who are too new to have hot/cold zones, ESPN should have something by then.
  8. Nice new faces wuilmer26f!! The Nola face is a TREMENDOUS upgrade from what we had! I'm not sure why you're not agreeing with rebuilding the models file as I've never had a problem with doing that.
  9. I'm not seeing anything in the official ID list for this pack in that thread. You may want Omarito to publish the list (and which players they are replacing).
    Thanks again for keeping up with this! One suggestion is possibly you suggesting what skin tone should go with a given face.
  10. Version 2.0.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER! *Many new pitchers created *Latest moves completed; injury timelines taken into consideration *Latest cyberface numbers for official faces to show properly *NOTE: I cannot guarantee that rosters won't freeze with injuries, suspensions and/or trades on. I have tried everything I know to combat this and the rosters seem no longer able to handle 25 players/team at the MiLB level. I have no idea why. Tested successfully via simming an entire season with trades, injuries and suspensions off. If you find any mistakes (batting stances, pitching styles, jersey numbers, etc.), please PM me and I'll include the fixes, if warranted, in the next update, or if there are enough I'll upload another version. If you think a player should be created and placed on the MLB team, PM me and I'll consider it. Since "Placeholder" players (last name) were put in to fill the empty slots, these rosters can be used with injuries and suspensions set to "ON" without crashing. Most every team has 24 players. I don't know why at this point, but filling teams to 25 seems to be causing freezes when simming a season/franchise. If you want to use these rosters to create another version or a roster incorporating MiLB, just ask (as someone already has in reference to a standard only roster). If you are thinking of making a MiLB roster set, you can alter the existing "Placeholder" players. INSTALLATION: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA SPORTS\MVP 2005 (or whatever you named it)\data\database subfolder. DELETE the existing 19 .dat files. Unzip this roster file to that location. DO NOT SIMPLY OVERWRITE! **If you're going to give feedback, please make it intelligent. If you don't know what you're doing or you're one of the only few who is having trouble, then don't leave me negative feedback. Ask questions in the forums after searching for a thread!! Please do not PM me for individual help as there are many threads already out there! Thanks.
  11. Sorry to sound naive, but I assume this is a total conversion mod? Every feature and rosters? I'm thinking of re-trying this game again.
  12. This was not going down a splintered political ideology path until Y4L brought in the "Trump bad man" rhetoric which gets us nowhere. And I see that's not going to stop. There's a reason why CNN is a failing network and why they "report" like they do (because of how they are funded). And this is from Snopes who is clearly not a partisan site: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/cnn-and-msnbc-ratings/ This has already gone off the rails. By the way, if you want a straight up news story station, check out OANN. Yes their commentary programs, the few that there are are conservative thought, but their news stories throughout the day are straight up reporting. Check it out.... if you truly have an open mind. I'm done.
  13. Stop. You're just spewing what you were told by Obama supporting networks (CNN, CNBC, MSNBC). Please post exactly what actual reforms Obama proposed. In the meantime, check this out: https://www.thoughtco.com/obama-gun-laws-passed-by-congress-3367595 Secondly, if you're saying the El Paso shooter did this because he held onto sentiments that Trump thinks that Hispanics are bad and terrible people, then all that does is show how insane and crazed he is. Just from the political angle alone, why in the world would a sitting president or a candidate, especially in this day and age, purport that Hispanics are "bad and terrible" simply from the voting side alone? Are you saying because he wants to secure the border between the US and Mexico that that equals he hates Hispanics? Makes zero sense. Lastly, he wasn't just wrong..... HE WAS INSANE!! No sane person is going to carry out an act like this. Minimally, you're just blatantly sociopathic even if you're considered to be competent. This probably sums it up best (video at the top): https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/the-hunt-movie-deplorables (and trust me, I'm not an ardent Fox News supporter)
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