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    Thanks very much for all of your contributions this year!
  1. There's nothing stopping you from using other operating systems like anyone else is which has been talked about here ad infinitum over the years. As far as your discs, that's on you man. A 15 year old game and apps close to that old can't anticipate running on newer operating systems.
  2. It's not like there's a whole bevy of solutions. Chances are if you can't run it, you're not going to. At this point, you may have to consider either partitioning your HDD and installing either Linux, Windows XP or W7 or buying a cheap computer and installing one of those OS on it like I did.
  3. As soon as you said "I downloaded the game" you made a fatal error around here.
  4. So doing one last bonus major tweak with pitchers' pitch type, trajectory and pitch speed. AL is done and here is the relative ranking. Interestingly, 6 of the top 7 teams made the playoffs and Cleveland could've easily made it. Still got 8 NL teams to do. HOU BOS NYY TBR CLE MIN OAK LAA CHW KCR TOR TEX BAL DET SEA
  5. Working here on Opera.... try a different browser.
  6. After deleting the 19 .dat files and replacing them, reboot your PC. When you go into the manager's section, the game has to read those files since they are now the default. It's nothing more than that..... unless you have more than one install and your accessing the wrong one.
  7. Or just buy an older computer as you don't need a lot of processing power or a super charged vid card. Probably would cost you about the same as a modern day video game!
  8. After you installed them, when you go into the manager's section is this where you're seeing the correct up to date rosters or are you talking about in a season / franchise you started earlier?
  9. Gordo

    FACE MVP 2019..

    It would be good to post the official ID nos. next to the players name in your description as other face makers have done. Thanks.
  10. You can absolutely do that (and make sure you get the managers' faces too). Of course, once you find faces, you'll need to change the corresponding face numbers back. Keep in mind that a few face makers along the way didn't pay attention to the official list and just assigned their own willy nilly (I'm not even British!) PM me.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a .sav file only, meaning you need to place this in your MVP/documents folder in order to see it in game. These are the current matchups using the BaseUp! end of season rosters with one major change...... Teams pitchers reflect more accurately the pitch types, speeds and trajectories used during the 2019 season (pitch control was done previously). Of course, playoff rosters are not set as of the release of this, therefore you are playing with rosters that will not reflect those rosters. Initial team controlled is Houston. You will need to use the Team Changer mod to control another team. Please don't PM me for support on that. Go to the forums or check in the downloads if you need that mod. **Note: Anderson replaces Kittredge for Tampa Bay **Note 2: Before starting your series, check that DH rule and Energy level options are set the way you want.
    Thanks again for working on faces. Not sure Jose Ruiz merits a face as he is very much a below average pitcher.
  12. Minor "patch" #2: J. Familia, LRP, NYM, stamina should be set to 47. Stay tuned as there may be one additional release focusing on pitch types, pitch speeds and trajectories for 2019 data using this new amazing feature site from mlb.com: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/pitchmix#592094_2019
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