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  1. New team roster limit changing from 25-26. Can't be done in MVP.
  2. Gordo

    MVP on new computer

    I think I read that since you started off with Windows 7 you're going to have an easy time partitioning and then installing W10 if you want to for dual usage.
  3. Gordo


    My choice:
  4. Gordo

    MVP on new computer

    Look for the stickied thread for Windows 7 fix. It might be a W7 update causing that.
  5. Gordo

    MVP on new computer

    You're better off spending $75 dollars on a computer with Windows XP or 7 on it that will run it with no problems.
  6. Gordo


    With all due respect, you were pretty vague in the question.
  7. Gordo


    Wouldn't it be better to indicate what kind of controller you have? I doubt there's an exhaustive list anywhere.
  8. Gordo


    If you're talking about straight up gaming controllers to use, there's a good number of threads about this already.
  9. Gordo

    Hyun-Jin Ryu

    Grainy and ridiculous.
  10. You can play IP 2 IP with PC's, but you basically should both have the same exact install. My brother and I have been playing for years this way, even with the classic pitching mod (i.e., no meter on screen for distractions) The other thing is you'll want to ping each other's address. Anything over 50 and you may have some lag/stuttering when playing, which you'll get anyway.
  11. Gordo

    starting agian

    This has been covered in multiple threads. But basically after you patch it, copy the whole folder and mod that folder to whatever options you want. Mainly the last official TC mod was 15. But you'd have to add cyberfaces from that year forward to make the rosters work. Everything else is your choice. PM me.
  12. Gordo

    starting agian

    Typically the files will have a how to install. In order to back up what you have, if you want to, you need to go to that same file location, so just search that within the main folder. Otherwise, the rosters from here do NOT go into the doc save folder. Check my roster page for install instructions. Good luck.
  13. No chance. It just became too time consuming. It was a good diversion as well. There were a couple of guys releasing rosters from my version, but they were pulled because they never asked. Maybe they'll kick back in and at this point I don't really care who grabs them and updates them. I appreciate the sentiment though.
  14. Speed is from here: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/sprint_speed_leaderboard?year=2018&position=&team=&min=10 And a made a corresponding chart that I think is in the downloads. Pitcher control I started to base on WHIP, not ERA. The site for estimating trajectories has changed unfortunately, but there is a pitch arsenal from baseball savant as well, so you may need to come up with your own. With control I just pick that control number on the chart I made that corresponds to WHIP and assign it to the highest used pitch, usually a FB, then reduce by about 10-12 for each additional pitch that's used less and less. Not perfect, but it works. For the elite pitchers I don't subtract as much. (If you look in mvpedit, you get an idea of what I mean). Also, the game translates the actual speed too high for all the pitches so I subtract certain amounts depending on the pitch. For defense I used FanGraphs and, yes, made my own chart. The only thing I never found a gauge for was throwing strength for fielders.
  15. Haven't as of yet, other than this one I did last year:
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