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  1. I think Nick Madrigal (CWS) is still needed? Major contributor this year.
  2. I can't believe you all are allowing someone to upload something like this. If it's legitimate, then why does it have to be on another site?
    Thanks for your tireless work on this. Consistent modders are appreciated enough by the leechers.
  3. Or you have 1 computer, but with either 2 separate HDDs or your 1 HDD is partitioned (basically 1 HDD is made into 2). You'd have to then boot into your Windows XP or 7 side to play the game.
    Nice adjunct to PhilThePat's amazing work!
  4. No. I don't believe so. I don't think editing and creating players in game is the way to go. If I recall correctly, you can corrupt a roster easily and then all of the work you've done would be wasted. When you are editing a base roster in game, it saves to a single file, not to the 19 .dat files that make up the base roster. This is why MVPedit is so valuable to this game.
  5. I think you mean generic faces. I believe that is hard coded in the game. You have to add custom faces. If you are playing friends online, your critical files, like models.big and of course the rosters, need to match.
  6. You probably have to find some type of key remapping app then. GL
    Very good ....maybe it's your screen capture as he looks a little skinny here compared to real life. https://imagesvc.timeincapp.com/v3/fan/image?url=https://jaysjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/getty-images/2017/07/1131426492-1.jpeg&
    Wow! This is some feat!! Tenacious work man!!!
  7. Gordo

    MVP 2005 buy game

    Amazon currently $120. Yes, that's high, but if you consider that since 2005 if you had even paid $30 ea. year for a game, that would be about $450 by now. Even if you would have bought one every other year, that's still $225. Other option would be to get an original Xbox, get it modded and then you can import the latest rosters (with some modification) AND play in true wide screen format. The Xbox version of the game costs peanuts.
  8. I would recommend telling users to delete the existing .dat files first and then unzipping these to the same location. Simply overwriting might not have the rosters show up as the default. Just my 2c.
  9. Nooooo, I meant the actual game, not MVP. We actually turn crowds off for online play just in case it's sucking up any bandwidth.
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