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  1. Well, then, you answered / solved your own question.
  2. Was as low as $43 dollars on ebay earlier in the month. Keep checking there.
  3. Not to much going on around here for 2003. Maybe run it in compatibility mode.
  4. I think this thread got a bit off the rails, but I think the original indication here was that update was predominantly focusing on what caused this problem. You'll have to look up the original purpose of that update and decide if this is something you actually need or not. I don't use my Win 7 computer for much other than MVP baseball any longer and have found no ill outcomes. Ultimately, no one can tell you what to do on your own computer.
  5. Agreed, dedicated graphics card would be best.
  6. But be careful as they will probably be using different official IDs than what are in the rosters. You could end up putting Bregman's face on someone else. Always check ID nos. and change the 3 files to those numbers as part of the cyberface zip file if you need to first.
  7. I put together a simulation pack (how the game looks and plays) a while back and posted these most recent sliders for it: Here is the set up:
  8. Make sure you have the accompanying files (I think they're driver files, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong).
  9. 2015 was the last total conversion mod from this site. MVPCaribe has a later one, but there's no guarantee that will work since cyberface nos.,etc. could be labeled wrong. You'd have to update cyberfaces minimally from that point from the faces section of the downloads, or you could get crashes.
  10. Hola gordo, 

    Hi, fat, I hope and you can help me download the 2019 mvp, but when I create a season with San Diego when it comes to changing the pitcher, I get the game

    Love that we can still get these! Dennis' stadiums are tremendous!
  11. You won't find files in the forums. You have to search in the downloads, but this seems pretty obscure.
  12. Do these ever get converted into actual faces? You upload stuff like this constantly, but I don't ever see it being used.
  13. Logitech P2500. Haven't used anything else because of the 6 buttons on the front. Love it. I'll update the .cfg file in a bit.
  14. It's gets easier the more you play, but still has continual challenge. Partly the reason I did this is it became too easy not to strike out and wasn't getting realistic strikeouts on my end vs. the PC, not that I was necessarily winning more, just making too many outs in the field. This definitely helped. Also, minimally, I'd suggest turning off the hot/cold zones ... you wouldn't normally see that in a broadcast. Personally, I hate that they show the K zone box all the time .... makes it look like a video game imo. Also the attribute indicators and names constantly on continues to makes it look more and more like a video game versus a broadcast.
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