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  1. 2018 MVP Portraits

    Hey man, thanks for considering this. Well, the obvious ones to start are the big moves that happened during the off season as those guys will assuredly stay at the MLB level.
  2. 2018 MVP Portraits

    Just starting a thread in case any guy(s) who may be tackling this this year. If so, main request is please make them in the dimensions for how the game is supposed to be originally played, 4:3, not stretched out. I can help figure out who's needed as the season moves on. Thanks in advance.
  3. Modders Of The Week

    I believe it was KG's rosters that were the base from which I started doing rosters because his were that good.
  4. José Altuve - MLB 2k18 Titlepage

    I don't own the game and can really appreciate the look here.... well, well done!
  5. Question about 2005 stadiums

    I was just about to say Dennis did a ton.... maybe they were only found in certain total mods?
  6. Site Issues

    Just noticed when trying to browse the downloads sect on my Android phone using Chrome, I could only get as far as a major sub-section, like MVP 2005. Unless I'm missing something I couldn't navigate any further.
  7. PC vs PC Gameplay Set-Up w/ Sliders

    What exactly are you waiting for? Sliders are subjective with any sports game. You try them out and tweak them to your own liking/satisfaction.
  8. MVPAll-Star Break Rosters Available

    YW, but I think you're responding to very old threads, dude. But, hey! At least you're looking around!
  9. Stats Predictions

    I'll bet he didn't predict that the thread would die that quickly 5 years ago!
  10. MVP Modding Showcase

    Try a real low Gaussian blur and a real subtle glow.
  11. MVP Modding Showcase

    Thanks man! So here's what Schmidt would look like in the 4:3 rez (with a couple of softening filters):
  12. MVP Modding Showcase

    I think these are nice, but the wide screen makes it look cartoony, if you know what I mean.
  13. Mvpedit Errors

    Violation! This was not in response to a comment that was enough of an innuendo!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER!!! This roster incorporates changes/edits made at the end of last season. Additionally, fielders speed edits are now better integrated thanks to MLB stats being tabulated for baserunning speed. Some players had to be adjusted accordingly (e.g., Altuve). Not all new players have been created as of yet as they are uncertain for the start of the season. Moves include up to today (Lucas Duda to KC). This will be the only Spring Training roster. Once again, there will be NO creation or organization for the minor leagues as it is just too time consuming. So when you leave feedback, leave it wisely. If you leave feedback about why the minor leagues are not accurate, I will promptly show up at your door and smackeral you Monty Python style!