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  1. Right this was done with the NFL 2K5 mod for the PS2 emulator, but they went above and beyond. I haven't seen a Discord community for MVP PS2 mods though.
  2. It isn't..... maybe you just only pay attention to the ones that seem to ... and maybe can't take a joke.
  3. Why would you want to DL this to your cell phone? You may be answering your own question. Try on your PC using a non-Communistic browser, like Brave. Trump approved!
  4. Wasn't this pack released before?
  5. Ponlo en la carpeta MVP en documentos. Estás en la sección de MVP, no en la de 2K.
  6. It has to be programmed into to "snap" to the command you want and it just doesn't function that way. This is the next best thing for people who might have it hooked up to their TV and a wireless controller.
  7. It's not programmed for the controller to directly work on the menus like a lot of game ... hard to say why they didn't. You can fake it, sort of, by using Joy2Key. I may have put that in the downloads (misc.?) a while ago. Basically you can do the mouse movements with your controller.
  8. I've used the resolution changer, but I believe it only still stretches the image. My understanding is that for some odd reason, true wide screen was only available on the original Xbox version (which I had for a time and did notice a true widescreen).
  9. Once again, you didn't read exactly what I wrote/said, Yankee4Life, and that's why I really don't care for your commentary on what I'm saying. I'm speaking to donations in general --- not about what happens specifically on this site. I haven't responded to you in a long time because I don't find the rebuttals useful or salient. But I thought I should clarify my statement here for others, lest they think that your one of many diatribes represents me. It doesn't. Okay, back to not typically commenting on what you say. If anyone needs clarification on my opinion, please PM me. But wha
  10. Or you could just turn the crowds off and pretend it's still covid empty stadiums.
  11. I may be of the unpopular opinion, but asking for donations for doing mods I don't believe is wrong. Think of it this way. People had nothing before a modder decided to put his time into making a mod (in rare cases, never even thought of a particular mod being possible). If you don't donate, you could still get the mod. If you don't donate but believe it's not right to get the mod without donating, you've lost nothing. If you outright charge to get a mod, I think that's completely up to you. Either way a website, which is typically not the property of the modder, does not ha
  12. First mistake: having Norton (or McAfee) on your computer. System hogs and overkill. Dump it. Good luck.
  13. PCSX2 is an emulator for the PS2, therefore it works on a PC. Otherwise, you play on a PC using the PC version via installing using the discs you purchase. You'll have to search the rest.
  14. You can't. pcsx2 emulates PS2. This is for PC version. Not compatible.
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