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  1. If it's a roster, it's open game. There shouldn't be any removals. The reason removals happened in the past was because a roster was clearly based off of another roster (typically, mine) in process and permission to do so was never asked. I'm not formally doing rosters any longer, so it shouldn't matter.
  2. Don't overwrite... as already pointed out. Test in a single game first with injuries off. Test in a new dynasty/season with injuries, suspensions and trades off. Report back.
  3. You know what would look better? Use the SIM package I put together a while back.
    Looks good man! Thanks very much..... official IDs I assume?
  4. Wipe it out if you can and put Windows 7 or XP on it.
  5. Pretty sure your question has been asked and answered throughout this and other related threads. Please research those please.
  6. Nice face, but I think you mean Chad Green
  7. It's sure to go up with lots of bids on it, but currently under $20: https://www.ebay.com/itm/EA-Sports-MVP-Baseball-2005-Season-PC-CD-ROM-Windows-Game-2-discs/333561779483?epid=44144385&hash=item4da9d4d51b:g:dEUAAOSwqNdegPJO
  8. Here's another great example of how this plays. Boston's starter Johnson had 9 K's in 3.1 innings, but because of 3 Boston errors he gave up 6 runs, 2 of which were earned, and even with 2 Boston HR's, they still lost. BOS @ CWS 2020 SOS game exh.htm
  9. Version 3.0.0


    In light of the delay of the season and suspension of games, you can use these rosters to set up PC vs. PC games to watch in an exhibition mode. The set up for this is here: One recent change was made to pitcher stamina, since pitch count is difficult/impossible to make realistic without a realistic number of walks. **THIS IS NOT FOR HUMAN VS. PC PLAY. BATTER RATINGS ARE PURPOSELY DUMBED DOWN. SO PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT FEEDBACK SAYING THE RATINGS ARE NOT RIGHT. IT'S DONE THIS WAY ON PURPOSE TO MAKE PC VS. PC PLAY MORE REALISTICALLY.
  10. Maybe it would be helpful if you state what you did in case someone else did the same mistake and needs to figure it out.
  11. There is no need for you to step in like a parent. We're adults and can work it out as such. Thanks.
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