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  1. Ya, but I imagine you are working with newer PC's. Maybe the AMD cleanup tool isn't as picky on older PC's like this one.
  2. Update: Card came in way ahead of time. Uninstalled the old card. Temporarily used the onboard graphics (VGA). Used the AMD Clean Up utility to clean out the old video drivers (in safe mode). Installed the "new" 2GB AMD Radeon card and installed the latest drivers and Radeon software program. Able to play at 1280 x 1024 without a hitch and the processor is only a Dual Core AMD Athlon 2.60 GHz. Using 8 GB of RAM as well. The upgrade even allowed me to play the TW08 game without any lag as well.
  3. Currently only have a 1 GB graphics card for my Optiplex 740 which has pretty much become my dedicated MVP PC. The game plays okay but I do notice some stutters here and there. This may be processor related, but I'm going to start with a better dedicated card for $50. I figure I don't spend money on gaming that much any longer (a game here and there when on sale with Steam), so it's worth it for me. Looks like this guy sells both full height and low profile/half height cards (the latter is my need) and includes an adapter to an HDMI output if needed. Hopefully this will help someone out.
  4. Sometimes if something is packed in a .rar or .7z file, it won't work for me either. Experiment with one file and repack into a .zip file; report back.
  5. I want to play with mixing and matching some glove types/colors I want in game, but I want to back up the proper file. Anyone know which file contains the FSH files of cglv and fglv?
  6. I think you'll have more play in this by setting up a Discord channel. Just my 2c.
  7. It's not about "bothering" me. It's about the oddity of someone who never posts here to suddenly come in an post a non-secure website. You can't see that?
  8. First off, it's an http website (not secure). Secondly, I get this when I go there. 3rd, this is a brand new poster, already posting a link?
  9. I don't think that's true about XP at all. These are the suggestions we have for you, so if you hold out, you'll probably just continue to have to make due or stay frustrated instead of working one of the known good options.
  10. Gordo


    Pretty sure there are support threads for stadiums. Also, you don't want to mix and match questions about MVP and 2K. Just go to the appropriate section.
  11. I've tried virtual box and it doesn't do the job. Don't waste your time. There's versions of XP or 7 on sale on Amazon and Ebay (as well as through your local Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace all the time). I'm not sure but I don't think you have to worry about registering it any longer because M$ doesn't support it any longer. You wouldn't be using it as an actual full operating system, so a pre-owned copy may be just fine. A quick look on Ebay found this: Pre-owned for $10: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254994066842?epid=127777753&hash=item3b5ed4ad9a:g:1xoAAOS
  12. Entire support thread about this. Generally Windows 10 is not going to work. Either partition your drive and install XP or 7 on that partition and play from there. Or install another HDD and boot from there. Or buy a basic computer with lowered specs (like an Optiplex) with a dedicated GPU card (I would have 2 GBs minimum).
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