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  1. FYI .... on the Google spreadsheet you have Jeff Brigham and Jesus Sanchez photo IDs as 779.
    Nice Thanksgiving treat!
    Thanks for such a quick response!
  2. Thanks for the Bohm re-do. Man, that was fast!
  3. He doesn't manage the thread and you know he's a cyber face maker. So what's the answer.....
  4. Ohtani and Harper MVP's. At least they're getting something right in MLB.
  5. Looking great man! Any chance Alec Bohm can be redone? Current one looks like a doll's face, sorry to say.
  6. Old app. Try running it with admin. privileges and/or in Windows 7 mode.
  7. This may be the funniest thing I read on the internet all day.
  8. Gordo

    Green Orange Arm

    Can you post a screen shot? Sounds like a glove mod problem.
    It's incredible that no one to this point has thanked you for the tireless work that you put into this. But this is what you largely get around here, unfortunately. So for what it's worth.....thanks very much for everything you've done!
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