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  1. Yes, you don't have a gaming PC for more modern games. You basically have an office PC. If you want to go back to MVP 05, you really don't need a top notch PC, though this has been discussed extensively in the Windows 10 thread.
  2. So, do you care to mention what that might be so that it might help others who didn't consider something?
  3. My 2c would be: "protect your shit"
    Just had a chance to check these out along with the recent NYY faces and all stellar work! Thanks!
    Great stuff as always!
    Great contributions once again!
  4. Stepped in to see if anything's changed. Welp, uh, nope. SOS. I'll see myself out.
  5. Stepped in to see if anything's changed. Welp, uh, nope. SOS. I'll see myself out.
  6. 2021 End of Season roster (V 1.0) released.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    As in the past, this iteration includes players who were out for a significant time for an injury, but had enough of a term or service to their respective franchise, with some exception, to warrant returning to the MLB squad. Most teams will have 12 relievers, though some have 13. Most teams will have players who had a moderate amount of service time available to swap in, sitting usually on the AAA team. Fielders speed ratings and the 4 significant fielding attributes all updated. Latest cyberface IDs added to match the latest file released (1B fielders).
  8. I would suggest using Streamable to upload videos and post for free. Additionally, I ran into the occasional stutter/hesitation while recently getting back into NBA 2K14 for a bit. Found that for some quirky reason that when connected to the internet, it causes this. Sure enough when I disengaged from the internet, 2K14 was smooth as could be. Has anyone tried this simple option with MVP?
  9. About 1/2 way through. Updated fielders' speeds should be part of this. If anyone knows of pitchers who run well, leave their names here and what speed you think they should have. Already have these guys adjusted somewhat randomly (no stats available)
  10. If you're not keeping guys in the majors for being on the 10 day IL, you're gonna drive yourself nuts. They only miss a handful of games, especially pitchers.
    Haven't installed yet and already know they're going to be great!
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