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  1. Gordo

    Asian professional baseball

    Does this mean you developed it or you know of it or are you asking for someone to do it?
  2. Gordo

    FACE for 2018

    The lack of official IDs hurts this face pack, but thank you for all of your time and effort.
  3. Gordo

    Audios luti57 14

    Love this addition....always look forward to your releases!!
  4. Gordo

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    True ... but no one likes to be accused of something before the facts come in. And he wasn't trying to hide the fact when asked directly.
  5. Gordo

    2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (Trade Deadline)

    You need to post in the proper thread
  6. Gordo

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    That might be a tough find online....good luck.
  7. Gordo

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    Do you need a PAL version? Did they make a PAL version? If it's NTSC, then those are available on ebay, Amazon, etc.
  8. Gordo

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    Yes, I think we need to stop defaulting around here to a new user having downloaded the game before really exploring what's going on or reading closer. Essentially you're accusing someone of doing something before that's admitted or discovered.
  9. Gordo

    2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (Trade Deadline)

    Note: Jhan Marinez (BAL RP) control numbers are off. Should be: FB - 51 Slider: 40 2FB - 29 Ch - 18 (I'm not uploading another version just to correct him)
  10. Gordo

    2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (Trade Deadline)

    You're very welcome. This was going to be my next suggestion..... I usually tell people if MVP15 isn't working, install 12 and mod up from there. Have fun!
  11. Gordo

    2018 Roster

    What you see is what you get in the downloads. The only 2018 total conversion mod is or would be done through MVPCaribe. As far as full minor league levels, you're welcome to take my roster and have at it. It's a massive amount of work and you'll have trouble figuring out who to keep on only a 25 man roster. Good luck.
  12. Gordo

    2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (Trade Deadline)

    jbuck ..... where are you looking for the changes? Have you already started a season/dynasty and going back to that and expecting to see them there? Have you gone into the manager's area (prior to going into a game or season or the like) and looked in there? The steps you're describing above are all correct.
  13. Version 1.3.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER! Incorporates latest trades and significant moves to the trade deadline Call up players who had major injuries Send down players with major and season-ending injuries Create new players who have debuted and are impacting Please PM me for any changes needed. I'll most likely be tweaking this over the next few days. Since "Placeholder" players (last name) were put in to fill the empty slots, these rosters can be used with injuries and suspensions set to "ON" without crashing. Most every team has 23-25 players. If you want to use these rosters to create another version or a roster incorporating MiLB, just ask (as someone already has in reference to a standard only roster). If you are thinking of making a MiLB roster set, you can alter the existing "Placeholder" players. INSTALLATION: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA SPORTS\MVP 2005 (or whatever you named it)\data\database subfolder. DELETE the existing 19 .dat files. Unzip this roster file to that location. DO NOT SIMPLY OVERWRITE! **If you're going to give feedback, please make it intelligent. If the rosters are not working for you, then don't leave feedback and rate the rosters down simply because you don't know what you're doing. Ask for help! **Also, don't just be a leech around here! .... give feedback to ALL modders from whom you download files. Make comments. Give suggestions.
  14. Gordo

    Jacob deGrom 2018

    Do you honestly think that looks like Jacob deGrom?
  15. Gordo

    Can't simulate season in MVP 17

    What does "stock rosters" mean? Besides, MVP 17 was not generated from this site. You need to get support from MVP Caribe for that total conversion mod.