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  1. Gordo

    Cannot upload mods

    Same thing..... happening again.
  2. Gordo

    Carlos Correa an Shohei Ohtani MVP MOD 18

    Excellent upgrades!! Very nice to see you do faces for MVP again! (Any chance for upgrades to Cesar Hernandez and/or Aaron Nola?)
  3. Gordo

    MVP 15 Sound Loop Freezes Game

    On rare occasion, you can run into a manager's face problem. I remember for a while having trouble with Showalter's face.
  4. Gordo

    Pitch Trajectory

    The trajectories in the roster are based on the http://pitchfx.texasleaguers.com site. I'm sure there are pitchers who need pitch types updated, but the trajectories are done along the way. I wouldn't edit too much using the game. Sliders in MVPedit are given a 12-6 option as well.
  5. Gordo

    MVP 15 Sound Loop Freezes Game

    Most likely it's the cybers. You'd need to add cyberfaces after MVP 12 to the mix. PM me.
  6. Gordo

    MVP 15 Sound Loop Freezes Game

    You should post what teams, what stadium, any other mods added?
  7. Gordo

    operating system best to run

    No, I said XP or 7.
  8. Gordo

    operating system best to run

    Talked about it all over the Windows 10 thread. Windows XP or 7.
  9. Gordo

    2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (JUNE Ver. 1.2)

    Ok, will do ...... they'll be in the next update. Thanks.
  10. Hey Gordo really appreciate all your work. I'm coming back to the game after many years. I used to do DDS photos for Madden So I am pretty decent with Photoshop. I just started playing with photos in MVP and planning to upload but using Windows 10 I can't seem to get many of the recommended editors (tit) to work so I'm just doing BMPs and alphas through MVPEdit and fshtool. I've read through "big nasty"and "MVP for dummies" (very helpful) but I know there's an easier way to do portraits I just haven't learned yet. I see that there's DDS downloads for portraits, do DDS load through MVPEdit? Do I need tit for that or is another program? I apologize I know you have probably already gone over all this but any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    1. lumpyjohn1


      No response at all? Did I post this in the wrong place or something? Either way from one Sandlot fan to another,  not sure if you caught it but the cast had their 25 year reunoin at Doger stadium earlier thought you might enjoy that....have a good one

  11. Gordo

    All Things Gary Sanchez!

    Hey guys! Here's the all things Gary Sanchez thread! Get to know him! Talk about his like/dislikes! Your likes/dislikes about him! This is your one-stop Gary Sanchez place on the whole internet!! Stay and talk about the Yankees catcher! You'll be glad you did!
  12. Gordo

    .dds supported programs

    Do you mean the DXTbmp tool?
  13. Right, but this is an MVP mod.
  14. Gordo

    Player Id List

    All great.... now if we can get someone to do portraits .... still looking into the difficulty level of Gimp
  15. Gordo

    2018 MLB BaseUp! Rosters (JUNE Ver. 1.2)

    Keep updating the most recent version. I'm actually updating more than I said I would, but they are in the most recent update.