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  2. Yeah you're right gotta keep it 2012. Does the import csv feature work for schedules?
  3. Some of these milb teams have built in double headers which is hard to capture.
  4. I used import.io to scrape all the games from the milb website and then moved the excel file from that into a sql database. I'll fix the mismatch teams since its 3 teams in charlotte and a few with "FRE" abbreviation for Frederick and Fredericksburg.
  5. I have created the complete MiLB schedule. But I don't have reditor access to do the import. I attached the csv for you guys to try the import. Schedule_Minors.csv
  6. I can assist with updating the MILB schedule, just created a sql table for it.
  7. Incredible work here man! Is there any programming ,web scraping involved or is this all manual?
  8. Excellent job with these rosters and mods , it was hard to get the game but definitely worth it.
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