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MVP Baseball 2020 1.0.0

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MVP2005, The best baseball video game! Not said by me, if not by the same MLB.com page, the best video game for its playability that is the best! ... MVP2005 is anniversary, number 15 and I am pleased to work on this edition (MVP Baseball 20) which I hope you like, 100% functional without any errors ... With more than 1,000 updated portraits, all uniforms (MLB ), updated audios (Menu, Al bat, Entreining, Players name), new faces, updated roster + attributes, appearance, images and more !! ... My thanks to Nectaly for his faces !, Umachine for the San Diego Padres uniforms, Luti57 for his audios (Player names), Alfred2jose for the schedule of 60 games and 162 games, Ballfour for the jersey numbers for the uniforms, Gordo for allowing me to use his roster as a base for me to make mine, Omarito12 for giving the ids and of course also those modders who before this edition had already made faces, stadiums, audios etc ... And I with Much love I made the uniforms, portraits, the audios (menu, training, al bat, players name), roster, appearance, images (splash, bkgns, license, loads), some faces and solve errors that came from previous versions !! ... Well friends, it's time for the PLAY BALL !!!!! I hope you enjoy it a lot ...


I leave my paypal account in case you want and it is within your reach to donate something to me, I would appreciate it very much: williamsvelasquez2016@outlook.es





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· Edited by tbmetsfan

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While I can appreciate the work that must have gone into this, there are some things that make this frustrating to play.

-Stadium select screens are captioned only in Spanish when everything else is in English.  And, it's in the graphics, so not easily adjusted.  Why not at least make it bilingual with both English and Spanish?

-As noted by another reviewer, "Soundtrack is terrible, and I could definitely do without the futbol celebration homerun call." 

(To get rid of the home run call, replace this file with the default version:  (MVP Baseball 2005\data\audio\cd\hmrn_sfx\hsfxdat.big)

-The songs have a lot of cursing, and lines about sucking on things (you get the idea).  I occasionally play this game with my kid, so I will have to mod this.

-Some stadium cameras are messed up, the replays have me staring at the back of the fans' heads or the walls.


TLDR- Great in some areas, maddening in others, and not appropriate for smaller children.


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Absolutely Beautiful! Thank You 

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I’m still new to this, how do I get this to work, I have it downloaded and into the “MVP Baseball 20” folder but I’m unsure how to actually make it work, can anyone list the steps or point me towards the steps to take?

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spectacular mode friend an ecxelente contribution..time of effort and dedication .. thank you very much friend for the credits (nectaly) (in mvp caribe)

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Super fun to play after a few tweaks.  Soundtrack is terrible, and I could definitely do without the futbol celebration homerun call, but overall amazing mod.  GREAT JOB!  


Has some ghosting and choppiness for some reason at times, but otherwise working great on Windows 10 for me, even in franchise mode!  


Thank you!!!

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Juego Maravilloso si Maravilloso

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Me encanta esta edición la verdad estoy muy contento, sin embargo tengo un pequeño error y es que los logos de los equipos no me aparecen y no se como colocarlos. Alguien podría ayudarme?

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Hi. I really appreciate your work. But I cannot find download link in the file. How can I do this?

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Thank you!

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This mod has given me hours of enjoyable play. Thanks FantasmaMVP. Addressing some issues:

  • Some English-speakers have complained that everything is in Spanish. I found I was able to keep most everything in English by not replacing the original FEENG.LOC and IGENG.LOC files with the ones provided in the download.
  • There are times that some things like the scoreboard and the ribbon at the bottom of the screen don't update properly, which is a bit annoying.
  • Another irritation is that the count and outs disappear from the scoreboard between pitches and don't reappear until just before the pitcher releases the pitch.
  • When free agent SPs are signed in dynasty mode, they are unavailable to insert in the rotation. When I signed a starting pitcher and he was assigned to my AA team, the player showed up in the depth chart, but didn't appear in the team's rotation. He also failed to show up among the bullpen pitchers so he couldn't be moved into the rotation. After the dynasty was saved and reloaded, the signed SP disappeared entirely. I tried signing another SP and the result was the same. Is there a solution to this problem?


Despite these shortcomings, I find that game play is engaging with only a few adjustments. I recommend this mod.

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Spectacular!! It’s like a whole new updated game. Definitely not 2005 anymore, Graphics are beautiful, and the added features since I played last are great. Appreciate this.

Thank you very much

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I think MVP is the best baseball video game, I used to be a baseball player and it runs quite real


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Very good, as others have stated I changed a few things based on my own preferences but on a whole it's an excellent TCM. 

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currently running a braves dynasty and everything looks good, thanks for this!

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