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    This mod has given me hours of enjoyable play. Thanks FantasmaMVP. Addressing some issues: Some English-speakers have complained that everything is in Spanish. I found I was able to keep most everything in English by not replacing the original FEENG.LOC and IGENG.LOC files with the ones provided in the download. There are times that some things like the scoreboard and the ribbon at the bottom of the screen don't update properly, which is a bit annoying. Another irritation is that the count and outs disappear from the scoreboard between pitches and don't reappear until just
  1. Hi all, The MVP Baseball 2020 TC mod has given me hours of enjoyable play (thanks FantasmaMVP), but I have a problem with a free agent that I have signed but is unavailable to insert in my lineup. I don't know if this problem is restricted to this mod or if it's a general problem. While in a dynasty I created in MVP 2020, I signed a free agent starting pitcher and he was assigned to my AA team. The player shows up in the depth chart, but doesn't appear in the team's rotation. He also fails to show up among the bullpen pitchers so I can't move him into the rotation.
  2. Thanks Gordo. I'll check out 2K12. Edit: one of my requirements was the ability to play with 2020 or 2021 rosters. A quick check of downloads shows only one such total conversion mods, and it gets poor reviews. Perhaps I'll look elsewhere. Edit again: OK, I found 2022 files under miscellaneous, and they do get positive reviews. I do recall now that sometimes files are a little hard to find. I will check it out once I get my new computer. Thanks Gordo.
  3. Well, I've decided to treat myself to a modern gaming computer. My original question stands slightly modified: what modern game would you recommend with game play comparable to MVP '04 or '05 with current (2020 or 2021) rosters and schedules. I prefer an option to have the computer play defense automatically. (I like pitching, hitting, and running only.) Thanks again for any suggestions.
  4. Hi guys, A while back, I played several seasons of MVP Baseball '04 and '05, making use of the mods hosted here and applying a few tweaks of my own. I appreciate all your efforts in providing the mods, tools and advice I used. About 5 years ago I got busy with life and work and dropped out of this world. Now that I've retired I'd like to get involved again, and I'm asking for more advice. I've tried running MVP '04 and '05 on my Windows 10 laptop and failed. I gather from other posts here that others have also failed. I'm looking for an alternative game that will run on my
  5. Thanks for fixing it. I was able to download tonight.
  6. Is the download counter broken? I downloaded one file on Thursday, and I'm trying another today (Monday), and it says I've exceeded the limit. Thanks if you can fix it. - mcbearcat
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