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  1. This was a tough read. I do believe you can add a face to an already started dynasty, by changing the number with MVPEditor. I could be wrong? I am yet to try it, but MVP editor is used to edit existing dynasties from what i have read, and i hope that includes editing the face ID# as well. That would be all that would be needed to add a face, because updating or adding a face to the models.big with an already started dynasty doesn't cause a problem. Post a few screenshots of the 80 guys you created Even supply a download link so
  2. This posted yesterday, https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=mlb+2k+2012&_sacat=0&rt=nc&Platform=PC&_dcat=139973 $159.98 + shipping Ridiculous price for a used copy, that may not even have a usable key code? I know where you can get brand new sealed copies for $100-$140 depending on how many you purchase. PM me for more information
  3. That's not the game, that has been on E-bay forever. Its mislabeled, that copy is for the PS3 How much are you willing to pay?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a classic cyberface of Dominican Republic Legend, Hall of Famer & 10x All Star Juan Marichal *This face replaces the 04 face that came with the game and is of Billy Williams not Marichal. Remember this is a 05 Face, Known for his high leg kick, variety of pitches, arm angles and deliveries, pinpoint control, and durability, he pitched 52 career shutouts. Marichal played 16 seasons for 3 teams, prominently with the San Fransisco Giants where he played the first 14 years of his career. From 1960-1975 His career spans 9 differe
  5. For player audio? Nothing, just make sure you are installing to the proper 4 files. For faces, uniforms and portraits. You open the same .big file with BigGUI and compress them all, wait a little bit then hit close. Do not rebuild the file. The reason for the error you keep on getting is FIFaFS doesn't play well with one of these programs? EAZip FshTool ImpBIG Gfxpak These are the tools that TIT uses to do its quick and excellent work, just one of them doesn't play well with it after the Fifa program is used.
  6. Remember the Tip: I gave you in your other thread. Not to use TiT to install the player audio. I hope you backed things up as you went along? Because once you do this, You will be receiving this error every time you try to install anything afterwards using TIT. My advice if you did back up your files, go back to the point right before installing audio with TiT and start installing from that point for everything. When installing the player audio, use EAGraph editor The reason for the error you are getting is becau
  7. Dirtdog

    Quick Question

    That roster will crash as well. Most likely your crashes are cyberface related. alfre2jose's roster doesn't crash at all But You will need to download and install every face released since MVP 2020. was released. I also recall that 2020 TC mod crashed frequently for me as well, leading me to make my own total conversion for personal use. Not sure all the crashes were all cyberface related? Take your time, be careful about the few faces that were not numbered correctly, and make sure they are all compressed. Also check your por
  8. Same here, Leaving out the fact, that i have tried this game and have already given up on it, because of this reason. Does anyone know why? What needs to be done for the roster, all portraits and faces to match? With the Total conversion mod 2k15. It all seemed to work well, that mod was excellent! What has happened since then? Can it be fixed? I would like to know, so maybe i can fix it and give the game another try
  9. Dirtdog

    Jose Miranda

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is a cyberface of Twins outstanding rookie 1st baseman Jose Miranda ID Official Jose Miranda 766, replaces Jarrod Dyson Use TIT or EAGraph to install
  10. Dirtdog

    Rob Refsnyder

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is a cyberface of S. Korean/American, former Yankee 5th rd draft pick & Boston Red Sox outfielder Rob Refsnyder ID Official Rob Refsnyder 694, replaces Kyle Kendrick Use TIT or EAGraph to install
  11. Version 2.0.0


    Here is a classic cyberface of Hall of Famer & Cy Young award winner Ferguson "Fergie" Jenkins *This face replaces the 04 generic face that is being used in all total classic mods from TC67 to TC79 Talk about a workhorse, in 1971 he pitched 30 complete games! Fergie pitched 19 seasons for 4 different teams. From 1965 to 1983 His career spans 9 different total classics mods as well as TC10 I have given him face ID #447 which is the universal # being used for all 9+ TC mods But you can use MVPedit to re-number him y
  12. Comment on version 1.1.0 "I've added a unique in game face for every major league player and for hundreds of the minor league players." This may cause crashes, if someone has an empty slot in there models.big file that you had given a face # to. Have to be careful for crashes, I was testing it out and an A-ball minor league game crashed the first time I played. The crash may have just been a my models problem, since I have may made so many changes to mine. Also some players will have white faces on black bodies and vice versa, depends o
  13. I don't do many current player faces, my focus are on the classic faces ID # for outstanding rookie Jose Miranda (Min) Rob Refsnyder (Bos) Please, I am not allowed to start my own preview thread, so you will have to take my word that he is done.
  14. I wish i could help, but i have zero knowledge of how-to mod MLB2k12. But i am very excited and interested in what seems to be the first TC classic mod for 2k12
  15. Wow! 200 downloads "Already" That is an incredible feat here in 2022 The MVP 2005 community has dwindled down to just the faithful since its day, to be expected since the game is almost 18 years old. MVP downloads don't sniff 100 anymore To get to 200, it has to be amazing! I am happy to see that people are appreciating and using all the hard work you put into this. Alfredo is a legend, not just rosters but player audio and schedules as well. He should be in the Hall of Fame!
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