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    I have had these for quite some time, forgot you never released them. Excellent audio pack, top notch quality as always, so many needed player audios and 2022 rookies included, 49 of them. A must download, that everyone must have for the new year. With this and his updated roster, MVP baseball couldn't be more up to date than it is right now. Thank you,
  1. alfre2jose Yes confirmed, the same ID's are used as the Master list for MLB And that would be great if you could do Tate and Martinez. I will have to look again for Logan Webb and Will Smith, i may have overlooked them? I did do a search, i will have a look again. Thanks
  2. Alfredo, Excellent stuff! with Version 1.0.3 You got it in before the New Year, Lol A work of art and a 2022 historical recap. Perfect for moving forward to next season. Have a Happy New Year!
  3. Next face is of Nick Martinez - Team USA/San Diego Padres relief pitcher. He plans to pitch for Team USA in 2023, he also pitched for the US in the Olympics 2 years ago. I believe he is Cuban and could also pitch for Cuba if he liked? He has a very difficult headshape, i tried my best to get it to look like him; I may try again? Let me know what you think? And if anyone would like to edit it some more, let me know and i will send it to you. But for now, here is his current cyberface, this now leaves no missing faces for all 32 players w
  4. If anyone is looking to help out with this mod Here are the 4 player audio files for Team USA that are needed: Will Smith Logan Webb Nick Martinez Dillon Tate * Mookie Betts could use a player audio update as well
  5. Dean Kremer - Israel/Baltimore Orioles
  6. Marco, this is a nice article (Link below) that documents the entire USA team for the WBC and who has agreed to play as of a couple of days ago. The US team is stacked! The list has 32 players, so i don't think much more will change or be added? I am still compiling player audio, but not adding or deleting any until i can get my hands on the actual .big files you intend to use with the mod. On this list 10-15 players may or may not have audio, or incorrect audio from older player ID's that were in the WBC 2021 file, the 2021 files are the ones i am using to
  7. Andrés Muñoz - Mexico/Seattle Mariners Since arriving in Seattle he has grown a rather large beard and facial hair. So that is the look i went with. His 2022 look Now if he goes back to clean shaven for the WBC, i have one already made without the beard. I did my best with this one, beards are not my specialty. Let me know what you think and if its good enough? Marco, i am currently working on the audio file as well, team by team so i don't miss anyone.
  8. Step 5 worked fine for me. Osbel's portrait pack. i think it contains all the portraits needed to match his roster fully. Some great work by Headtrip47 and then by Osbel as well to finish off the needed faces and portraits all matched excellent. The only face i noticed that didn't match was Vlad Jr.
  9. I gave up on this game earlier in the year, because i couldn't take the swinging with the stick or the pitching. Then i learned you can change everything to classic mode, and now the swinging and pitching are almost identical to MVP 2005. After these changes, i think the game is amazing. Especially the presentation and other new 2K features that were added to baseball games from 2005 to 2012. I am using headtrip's sliders, with a little bit of tweaking of my own. I still love MVP, especially for its modding capabilities and total clas
  10. What i did was a nice clean install, then added the patch. 1. Total conversion mod MLB2k15 by raidersbball20 as a base (Perfect mod), this way you don't miss anything. 2. Then the 2k19 Conversion mod 3. Then all the Front-end stuff for 2020 & 2022 4. All the newest stadiums & uniforms after the MLB 2k19 total conversion 4. Next the updated end of season roster by headtrip47 5. last the faces & portraits update packs by osbel to match headtrip's roster. Now i have a pretty much complete update
  11. Good, now i just need to get the full rosters for all these teams. Then i will slowly work on all 4 of the audio .big files The Cuba Independiente & USA reserves teams i will need to know who you will be adding to these teams?
  12. junior1617 I see the Bobby Jones portrait you just posted, I thought i would share a Bobby Jones face i did for TC93 but never released.
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