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  1. Nice! The ID's can now be included with his roster he will be releasing soon. Without these numbers, people would have had to wait to use audios after the release of the next version of the roster. I have seen the audio; I have some of the audio. Some are done. The roster Alfre2jose will be releasing (when he is ready) may rival some of the greatest rosters ever created for MVP 2005! If not, it will be the most thorough for sure; he has researched every minor league player from AAA to A-Ball, created every MiLB player. This is going to
  2. Yes, my intentions as well. PM me, so we can work together
  3. Hi, No keep up the good work and the roster. I have no intention on working or making a new roster. The only reason i would have needed to release a version Hawks roster was because i was adding faces. Sounds like you are definitely improving it! Portraits can be easily mixed and matched. No biggie Over 1000, that is alot of work, so you have to have lots of great ones. I would like to test that roster, when you get a chance. And, if you are able to release it, you will need all the correct face #'s s
  4. So, the portraits you have made don't have the borders that are used in 1993 mod? I haven't been using that border either, but I do crop them all. I try for good quality headshots unless I can't find one. With the older photos it's nearly impossible to do them with a transparent background, so I just make then using a 256x256, 0000-a.bmp instead of the alpha image. My go to are the 1993 Pinnacle Cards. The backs almost always have a nice high-quality head shot - Perfect Portrait photos
  5. Hey, BallFour. Of course man That MVP 98 mod is one of the most anticipated! You could even find more, because through my travels looking for faces for 1993, plenty more could have been used for 1998 I have a list compiled, easy to find who is who I even added some of your early 90's MILB uniforms you created, they look great in game
  6. No problem, will do. But i think me adding faces like I am doing is one thing, But editing Hawks roster and then releasing it may be a whole different animal. You may need to get permission on that one? Not sure, check with these guys on the rules for that kind of stuff But i am all for whatever we can update on this excellent mod
  7. Hmmm, maybe i should pause the release of this facepack? Since you are working on a new better roster update, and I was going to have to release a roster update to accompany the faces anyway. The only changes my roster was going to have from the original was added face ID#'s and a few skin tone changes.
  8. Of course, there is interest. Especially by me, i have been working and updating this mod for personal use for some time now. Making faces for it for the past few weeks. The minor leagues roster is the main reason why. Coincidentally this mod was just being discussed a couple of days ago. And Yes i am interested in your roster, even though I have worked on one, mostly by adding face changes and skin tones. Read this thread, The Mega face pack is ready, I should be releasing it soon, 123 faces
  9. Here is what Hawk said, first line of his readme. So, i don't think he will have an issue. MVP Baseball 1993 Total Classic V1.0 -------------------------------------- ****************************************************************************************** *NOTE: Anyone is welcome to improve this mod or use it as a base for another classic mod!* ******************************************************************************************
  10. Yes, this worked for me. It's the destination of these two files is the key. Here is what I had saved. MSCOMCTL.OCX COMDLG32.OCX If you're running windows 7 64 bit, then you need to drop these files into this folder: Windows\SysWOW64 otherwise they go here Windows\system32 Not sure where i got this information from?
  11. Is this the same roster you are using on all 3 computers and all 3 Operating systems? I am sure you are aware of the 2 files you need to add, if you do get this runtime error. Only thing i see, is maybe the roster file is corrupted in some way. I have gotten this error before, I re-added the two files Re-installed MVPedit and got by it. I tried using the second import .dbf files way. I think there are two different ways to do so in the program? That's the thing, you only have to get it to load your .dbf files one time.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a classic cyberface of early 80's Baltimore Oriolos Ace Mike Boddicker, he played 12+ seasons for 4 different teams. From 1982 to 1993 He was the 1983 ALCS MVP His career spans 4 different total classics mods. I also included a portrait of him in a Orioles uniform, and if you are interested in his player audio, that can be pulled from the total classic 10 mod #4521 Use MVPedit to re-number him your liking, so as to not overwrite another player in your mod, I gave him #620 which in TC93 is an open slot. Back
  13. I guess i won't be able to pay my mortgage this month. Lol Guys i am not doing this to profit in anyway, I have been working weeks on this type of stuff, ever since I spent 3 weekends downloading every face ever made. No, I mean every patch and mod ever made. Then came the sorting, So, it seems like a go then? Update: The 1993 Mod i am @ 103 faces now Should be finished with these in a couple of days, Thanks
  14. This all fine. I did these for my personal use anyway.
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