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  1. Taking on a project of updating MVP 06. The plan is to fully update all teams with up to date textures and rosters. I've attached some pictures of some work in progress uniforms. This is being played on PC using the xbox emulator. Its running the game flawlessly and looks pretty good for a game made in 2005. Would love to get you guys input on this project as well as some insight on some things that are still currently unknown by our mod team. Any information on custom overlays/scorebugs,updating game logic, faster roster editing instead of editing in game and any useful knowledge anyone is wi
  2. Yea everything is being done on PC.. its just gonna be played using upscaled Xbox emulation.. Thats the go to nowadays for mods of this kind.. old console emulation has revived the sports gaming community over the last year or so.. love to see it man.. so far we got CFBR, MML, NCAA 06 Next, just to name a few... big following for these things.. if you haven't i suggest everyone check it out.
  3. Oh man i love the work they done on it great stuff for sure.. also Im finally making some progress with textures after a quick test.. gonna take a deeper dive later on
  4. I've already got it working on Xbox emulation with a few of the original mods installed.. No disrespect at all to this particular community as I'm just here to get some of your guys insight because I know you all know what you are doing. As far as my statement on the community wanting some college baseball absolutely. With the recent developments in emulation and teams like College football Revamped and March Madness legacy having updated NCAA14 and NCAA 10 basketball , there is certainly a ton of interest in college baseball via MVP 06/07.. as far as the MVP mod for PC I personally have been
  5. Looking for some insight on how I can reimport textures for xbox xsh files. I am able to find all the textures using EAgraph but was wondering how I can created updated textures then reimport them into the xsh to be played on xbox and xbox emulator. I know there is a way because I was able to import KADO456's conversion mod posted in the forum.. any help would be greatly appreciated. The community has a huge want for some updated college baseball so thats what the aim is beind this current project. Thanks
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