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  1. Gradually, friends, we are on our way to complying with all these suggestions and requests for cyberfaces
  2. Vale hermano thank you very much boss
  3. greetings friends, this time there will be this forum to see the possibility that someone help me in terms of a tutorial to make faces for 2k12 and thus contribute to the 2k19 mlb I've always done faces for mvp baseball but this time I want to lean in the 2k12 some tutorial in Spanish and what tools I need would be to my liking for the realization of faces
  4. ecxelente work friend can you make these faces of players please thank you I would appreciate it david fletcher los angeles Danny Jansen Toronto tommy edman san luis Carson Kelly Arizona Oscar Cleveland Market asutin nola Seattle harol ramirez miami jeff mcneil met new york Elias Diaz Pirates willie calhoun texas niko goodrum detroit Jacoby Jones Detroit hunter dozier kansas nicl senzel red cincinati jesse winker red cincinati willie adames tampa bay tommy pham tampa bay
  5. yes, friend is already published the id and who replaces the players
  6. yes thank you friend, if I agree but I should make a backup just in case brother
  7. The new pack of faces has already been uploaded. I would not recommend the rebuild icon indexes the models file
  8. Version 8.0.0


    ID OFiCIALES: Ronald Acuña jr bravos atlanta Aaron Nola Filis de Filadelfia Trey Mancini orioles boltimor Kirby Yates san diego padres franchy cordero san diego padres Cheslor Cuthbert Kansas City Johan Camargo bravos atlanta
  9. ah ok, I simulated a 52 game franchise until I reached the Playoffs and had no problems use 2k19 last mod
  10. friend, are you using the recently loaded 2k19 list a couple of days ago or did you use the last list of Headtrip47 found in the download sections? Which one did you use before this game blocked you?
  11. logos ecxelente brother 3d
  12. excellent work is an impressive mode of quality
  13. FACES ALREADY MADE FOR ronald A. jr, aaron nola, trey manciny, frenchy lamb, Kirby Yates ......
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