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    good working thanks brother
  1. Yes brother. It has not been uploaded yet but here it is does not have correct identification !! unofficial id C. pache Braves atlant.rar
  2. of course brother face made by me jejjej and I hope to do several
  3. ok brother thanks and the rest you leave it in 0 ?
  4. Greetings friends, would you like to ask what sliders do you have for mvp baseball? I have heard that it is better to leave everything at 0. What experience do you have with the sliders and if you could share those controls on the forum !! and what datafile or camera would be better to use in baseball mvp?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    faces for the caribbean 2k 20 21 It contains Dominican and Venezuelan players that can also be used in the 2k mlb 20 as they make life of the mlb or in its lower categories. among them alexis ogando, cristhian adames, fernando abad, jairo asencio, jesus sanchez, jhan mariñez jhonny pereda, jordany valdespin, jorge mateo jose rondon, juan nicassio, keibert ruiz Lisalverto Bonilla, Luis Alexander Basabe oneil cruz, ramon e ramirez, Reymin guduan richard ureña, ronald guzman, sandy leon alcantara arena, wilin rosario, wilkin castle yamaico navarro .. note: when used in the
  6. Hello, can you do me a favor? I'm going to do a mod called mvp asia 2021 that brings together the leagues of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, if you can help me, please, I hope you answer me.

    1. wuilmer26f


      si te puedo ayudar con faces

  7. getty images https://www.gettyimages.es/fotos/turbica-venezuela?family=creative&license=rf&phrase=turbica venezuela&sort=mostpopular#license
  8. te aseguro mi pana final venezuela korea jajaja
  9. thank you special Savoy and to my friend Larroquece for thanking my work.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings to my people here the semi update of the mlb stadiums NOTE: (not all images were included due to time limit and connection) 20 semi-renovated stadiums: in its version day and night except medium white stadium (daytime only) Boston Stadium (day only) san francisco stadium (day only) I could not update these three stadiums for the night version because it gave me problems. the rest if it is updated are 20 in total. Update work on my part and especially the contribution of Guaro ... who gave me the go-ahead to use his material that I use in the 2k20 in the stadiums.
  11. thank you very much brother..
  12. hey yes, thanks my corduroy jjaaj .. if I am also going to ask your permission .. to see if I can upload these stadiums !!! If my corduroy are the style of the 2k20 stadiums that you made .. only for this occasion it is for the mvp 20
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