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  1. This is an odd question, has anyone ever turned a triple play in MLB2k12? I've been playing this game for going on 10 years now, not a single triple play (yet)! So just putting it out there out of pure curiosity. Is the game simply unable to tag out a runner/ step on third in order to start a triple play? It just happened to me yet again today. Had a ton of time to get all three runners but ended up with a double play as the third baseman (Biggio in this case) didn't step on third. MEH. It's almost funny now....but also slightly irritating!
  2. I know for me (using an XBox controller), it's a matter of going into your Controller Options and pressing down on the left thumb stick. This is where you find the various ways of pitching and fielding. Cheers.
    My friend, I have no idea how you do what you do...but thank you a ton for doing it! I've been trying to figure this out for months now but your jerseys always look so much better than mine. Impressive my friend, keep up the truly amazing work! Very much appreciated. These Cards jersey are phenomenal. Thanks for showing love to my Cards.
  3. I'm private messaging you RIGHT NOW! Thank you.
  4. Yep, riding nostalgia only works if nothing better has come out since then. I played a little bit of SMB3 last night, good call on that and thanks again for the suggestion.
  5. Oh really? I watched the trailer and I guess the cartoony animation threw me off. I was expecting it to be something like RBI Baseball. If that's not the case, I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. @ Kccitystar, tried that route already and even contacted Steam, no such luck. And yep @Yankee4Life, supply and demand. Who would have guessed it would be the last truly great baseball game for PC? Back in 2015, we could still find copies but in recent years, I've had more luck following leprechauns to their pots of gold.
  7. Yep I know my friend. The PC copies of the game are elusive. Even back when it came out, I believe it was a limited run as most people purchased this game for either the Playstation or Xbox. But I'm a PC gamer and with the mods (on here and the ones I've done myself), I'm more pleased with MLB2K12 than any of the recent The Show titles. Plus when you have THIS MANY hours invested into one title, it's borderland heartbreaking when you know it's just a matter of time before the game dies. I'm so paranoid about this now that I don't even take it out of the DVD drive anymore. haha
  8. I'm with you on this one! I'm not looking to download an illegal copy, just prolong the life of my existing copy or obtain a new one. I'm hoping someone on here might wish to exchange the funds for a copy of The Show 21 (as in I'll pay for it) for a copy of MLB2k12. hehe
  9. I was thinking of going this route but didn't know if it would still recognize my serial number if the disk wasn't in use. I'll give this a try. Thanks.
  10. I figured as much and worded that pretty badly. Any newer copy (with less scratches) will do. I realize this might be an impossible ask. I've been looking for a newer copy for some time now and they just never show up on EBay.
  11. My dvd copy of MLB2k12 isn't looking so good anymore (to be expected when played for almost 10 years). I'm hoping someone might have a legit digital copy of the game to sell me. Willing to pay $50 USD (or more, I know how rare this find can be). Just dreading the day this copy is scratch beyond being playable, that day is approaching quickly.
  12. Hey Bull, I ran into the same issue. My suggestion would be to ensure that all rosters (more specifically batting orders and pitching rotations) are set correctly. ***Don't forget to also check A to AAA, any "blank" will cause the game to crash
  13. Anyone know how to or where to find the crash logs for MLB2K12? Figured they'd be in Event Viewer but to no avail. I'm trying to investigate how come some of my games (in Franchise mode) crash after I complete 9 innings of ball. A win and stats don't count if the game crashes before I can get back to the "lobby". It's very random, it will crash the first time the game is played but I can replay the exact same game without a crash afterwards. I know I've run into this issue in the past if a player gets injured mid-game but I want to see if I can determine the exact cause of these crashes in ord
  14. Oh my god, why did I not think of this! Literally took 4 minutes and it's done. Thanks for thinking for me. haha (sincerely appreciate it!)
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