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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! That's the last one I was hoping to find until next year's round of prospects. Already starting on these now.
    Always produces some of the best faces!
    Another great face pack...but getting a little concerned that most of the faces you do lead to the actual player getting injured or traded! haha It's the Wuilmer26f curse.
  2. Gracias my friend! Any chance of a Braves facepack coming? (actually just Michael Harris II haha)
  3. Oh rad! Thanks for producing these for the community my friend.
    Another quality face pack. Thank you! Here's hoping for a Braves pack.
    Great job on the Giants faces. Keep up the good work. Always appreciated.
  4. Thank you sooo much for releasing these my friend! Very much appreciated!
  5. Thanks friend. Looks great! Appreciated.
  6. Any chance I can trouble you for the Strider and Michael Harris II faces? Was hoping you might release these. Pretty please. Oh nvm Harris, thought you had posted him earlier.....guess not.
  7. Same here (not a Yankee fan) but trying to update my game to be as accurate as possible. As mentioned with Cortes though, the moustache guys I create look off.
  8. Hello friend, any chance you are working on a "Mr. Moustache" Matt Carpenter?
  9. Anyone know if it's possible to update the featured player audio? I mean the player referenced by the commentators when they state "join us next Sunday for a matchup featuring Robinson Cano and the Padres vs........" I'd like to be able to change the referenced player to Tatis as Cano is on the bench. Anyone know if this is possible?
  10. Thank you sooo much for the Shane McClanahan my friend. Looks great.
  11. I noticed the same and figured that might have been the case. Nothing like spending your time working on a mod only to find out that someone else is also working on the same project. Frustrating indeed, even if we all do the work with the best of intentions.
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