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  1. @Yankee4Life, I have to agree, that is a great way of communicating. If only others took the same approach. @scottybilly, check you PM bud Want to thank you also for these amazing contributions.
  2. I cannot thank you enough my friend. Very much appreciate you doing this face for me.
  3. Even as a MASSIVE Cards fan, I've always had a soft spot for Oakland. But also a real hard team to cheer for as they bring back painful memories of the Expos and moving along all their players in time. Montreal was by team as a kid (closest team to where I live) but sure glad I didn't buy a named jersey. Oakland trade for prospects though and they have great scouts when it comes to evaluating talent.
  4. Congrats, you got all 12 done before the A's traded, lost to waivers and released one of them. Time to go buy a lottery ticket, you're ultra lucky! haha
  5. And good news, you can use Bader for Brendan Donovan as they look very similar to each other.
  6. Really great job my friend! If you're tackling the underappreciated teams, are you taking on the Pirates next? (not asking, just making a joke )
  7. @Yankee4Life Thanks for sharing. I'm up in Canada and these shooting are foreign to us. Sure we had one crazy killing spree out East last Summer and it has gone without answers as to motive, but it's also not a common weekly occurrence like it is to the South of us. It's scary as you just never know where it might happen next. A concert (like in Vegas), innocent children getting ready for their Summer vacation in less than a week, a craving for ice cream can leave you dead. Like you said, where and when does it end? We sooo often hear the news and hear it simply as a body count, forgetting tha
  8. Wow, some love for Kevin Smith (he of AAA "fame"), now that's attention to details and a love for the A's Good job bud!
  9. Good job! Let's just hope one or two of these players are still on the A's when you're done. I've learned from working on A's updates, work fast as players get traded often in Oakland. haha
  10. Ignore (not updatable). Working with @逸风临雪 we figured out that the Staff Audio ID numbers are totally separate from the normal audio ID numbers. Oh well.
  11. Anyone know how to update Staff audio in REDitor? For example, if Dusty Baker has 1068 listed under Audio 1 in the Staff column, what does the 1068 mean? It doesn't match the Baker last name or a Global ID, so I'm now perplexed. I assume the column is seeking the last name, fair assumption? And if so, does it need Audio 1 or Audio 2? Those familiar with REDitor will understand the question. Updating the faces, fairly easy. Updating the audio, that's where I'm lost. And yes, I have read the tutorial about changing audio. Staff seems to be a little different than updating players t
  12. Nestor Cortes please. Having real trouble creating a good Cortes myself, that moustache always looking awful in my faces.
  13. OMG!, that's all it was! I just updated the Angels and now the game starts properly! I owe you BIG time!!!!!! I cannot believe that's what the issue was, the one thing I hadn't gone through yet. I feel soooo silly now.
  14. Ok, that's kind of what I assumed. I had noticed that I had some disparities when it came to my Staff tabs. But as some teams still worked correctly, I moved on thinking that couldn't be the issue. Will update the tab later today and give it a try. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Been trying to figure out how come 12 of my 30 teams crash after the line up screen. I have well over 20 hours invested into trying to resolve my issue via REDitor. So here are my questions; 1. Does audio for names matter? (as in name accuracy) 2. Can you have two players with the same face? I've gone through my roster file top to bottom soooo many times now that I'm just about to lose my freaking mind. I have no idea where the mistake is. I've done sooo many things to try to resolve this.....I don't know what else to try now? Any suggestion at this po
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